Title: Bijuu may cry

A Naruto and Devil may cry crossover

Summary: Naruto a demon container with a dream to be Hokage. Sasuke an avenger with an ambition to kill his brother. Dante a devil hunter with a taste for action. Vergil a demon with a goal for ultimate power. They don't know that there path's shall soon cross. NaruHina, SasuSaku. No Dante and Vergil yaoi. Naruto X Devil may cry crossover. Contain bad language.

I don't own Naruto or Devil may cry.



"Kyuubi, Gamabunta speak"

"Kyuubi, Gamabunta thought"

Chapter 1: Beginning

It was a peaceful day in Konoha. The sun was just setting in the horizon and life was peaceful, but a small child no older than 7 were running for his life from an angry mob. The small blond child could not understand why they hated him so much. He was just a kid right? Then why did they call him a demon? These were the thoughts running throe the head of 7 year old Uzumaki Naruto while he ran for his life from an angry mob.

"Stop right there you demon!" one of the angry people yelled. "You don't deserve to live you hell spawn!" another shouted. They were steadily gaining on him as his stamina was running out. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. "Why, why, why?" He asked himself over and over in his head.

He made a turn to the right but because of the tears in his eyes he could not see clearly and ran into something. He rubbed his head and looked up; he had run straight into a wall. He was trapped in a dead end.

"No I-I don't w-want to die" He turned around his eyes winded with terror. The mob was standing there with smug looks on their faces. "We finally got you demon" one of them said his eyes were glowing with hatred. Naruto sat their completely paralyzed with fear. " I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" he was screaming it over and over in his head. "Yeah that's right demon". One of them suddenly said. "Cover in fear as you die you weak piece of shit! You will pay for the lives you have taken!" He screamed and the rest were shouting words of agreement. Naruto looked at the group and felt his fear ebb away. Now he felt something else. Anger, and lots of it. He didn't deserve to die he was certain. "Well, if I am going to die, I'm not going down without a fight!" he said in a loud voice as he stood up, his golden hair blowing in the slight wind his eyes filled with determination.

The mob was stunned. Then the man who had talked lost it. "IM GONNA KILL YOU FUCKING DEMON SHIT!" he screamed as he ran straight at Naruto with a club raised to strike.

Naruto pulled his arm back and then when the man was just a little bit away he punched. He closed his eyes and felt his fist meet with something, it did not move. "Damn it" he cursed. "Who the hell are you?" he heard the man who attacked him asked in an angry voice. Naruto's eyes snapped open. His punch had hit something red. When he looked higher he saw that it was a red coat. The man that was wearing it had white hair a sword on his back and 2 strange metal objects in a holster, that was all Naruto could tell because the man's back was all he could see and he was tall 6,0 at least. Then without warning the man turned sideways and kicked the man hard in his gut. The impact sent him flying into the rest of the mob. The man pushed himself into a sitting position and screamed "Why the hell did you do that and who the hell are you?" The white haired man was still silent. Now that he had turned Naruto could get a good look at him. He wore black boots; brown jeans he didn't were a shirt under his coat only a pendant around his neck. It was a red ruby attached to black metal.

"If there is one thing I really hate" the white haired man suddenly said causing everybody to look at him. "It's when you attack a defenceless kid, you guys are no better than demons." He said. He then glared at them letting loose a crazy amount of killer intent. The mob and Naruto included were shocked by the intentness of his hate. Then tree of the ninjas in the group jumped forward and rushed at the white haired man. "What the hell did you say? That monster killed our families" the leader shouted as he charged. The white haired showed no sign of hearing and punched him in the face when he got close sending him flying the other 2 dodged below him and drew 2 kunais each and continued on. The second on jumped and tried to stab him; the white haired man took a quick step back and kicked him in the chin sending him straight up in the air. The third and final one jumped back and threw his kunais at him, the he dodged to the ground and drew one of the strange objects in the holster on his back. He pointed it at the last ninja and pulled the trigger, before he knew what happened the ninja had a hole in his chest. He looked down horrified and then collapsed to the ground unconscious. "This weapon concentrates my chakra into a energy bullet only strong people can take it." The white haired man said. Then he looked up with a smirk on his face "Anyone else want some?" he added. He then jumped and spun around and hit the second ninja who now fell down with a roundhouse kick slamming him into the wall. The mob decided they seen enough and ran for their lives.

Naruto was shocked this guy was incredible; he took care of them so easily. The man put his gun away and started to walk away. "Wait!" Naruto shouted and ran after him. The man turned around and looked at him with a neutral look on his face. Naruto stopped. "Thank you for saving me mister" Naruto said and bowed his head. The man just laughed "No problems kid my pleasure" and turned to walk again. "Wait what's your name mister!" he asked. "Dante" the man said over his shoulder.

"Dante-danna (Master Dante) can you help me be as strong as you?" Naruto asked his eyes shining with hope. Dante sighed and turned around "I'm no..." he was just about to tell the kid off but stopped when he saw his eyes. The shone with so much hope. So he asked him a question instead "Look eh" "Naruto" "Naruto. Can't you ask your relatives for help?" Dante got a felling that he knew what his answer would be. Naruto's face fell "I don't have a family or any friends either." he answered. "But you are a student aren't you can't you train in the academy?" Dante asked quickly not liking where this was going. "I will never be strong quickly enough to survive against the mob if I train there. Beside the teachers hate me" He answered with sadness in his voice. Dante sighed again what should he do? If he said no the kid might die, but if he said yes then he would be stuck with an annoying brat.

Then it hit him. He bent down to Naruto's level and said. "Ok kid I will give it a shot" Naruto's eyes lit up with excitement "But" he continued "You have to follow my rules if you don't keep up I leave you behind got it?" Naruto's eyes shone with determination. "Hai Dante-danna thank you" Naruto jumped and gave Dante a hug "Whoa kid get of me!" Dante half-screamed in shock Naruto just snickered. "And if you can't do what I ask of you I will take you back to Konoha, Agreed?" Dante asked. "Hai" Naruto shouted and put his fist in the air.

"He that was easy all I have to do is take him with me a bit. Then have him do something he can't and I go free" Dante thought with a smile on his lips. "Good lets go." Dante said as he stood up and started to walk away. Naruto hurried after and said. "Wait Dante-danna" Dante turned around "Kid I told you keep up or I leave you behind" he said with an irritated look on his face. "I know but shouldn't I grab some supplies from home clothes and stuff?" Naruto asked Dante stopped and looked at Naruto "Ok good idea kid." So they started making their way to Naruto's apartment. On the way Dante saw a lot of glares directed at Naruto "Does everybody in this village really hate him, I thought he was exaggerating" Dante thought returning the glares of the villagers.

When they arrived at Naruto's apartment and Dante saw that someone painted Demon and monster on his door. " It's ok they do it all the time" Naruto said as they walked in Dante went into the apartment and froze on the spot. This place was a dump. "Whoa this place sucks. How can he live here, I could probably do it but he's just a kid." The apartment was in really bad shape the floor looked dirty and worn out the walls had cracks in them. And the bathroom stanched of sewer. "Hey kid" Naruto looked up "How long have you lived here?" Dante asked with a hint of disgust. "Umm, just 5 days" Naruto answered. "This apartment must have been in bad shape before he moved in." He thought "Ok kid you got 5 minutes to pack Kay?" Dante asked wanting to get out of here really fast.

"Got it." Naruto said happily and started to pack. Dante suddenly felt a hint of guilt "He really happy about getting away from this, I would probably be happy to. AH WHAT AM I THINKING I DON'T CARE ABOUT HIM…right?" He thought. "Hey kid?"

Naruto turned around and looked at him "Yeah" he replied.

"Do everybody really hate you in this village, everybody?"

Naruto lowered his head for a second before he answered "No. Old man Hokage probably don't"

Dante sighed in relief "Good now I don't have to feel guilty when I ditch him." But the feeling would not go away that easily.

After Naruto finished packing they were making their way throe Konoha. "Well this was easy enough." Dante thought smiling. Alas it was not to last.

Suddenly 5 ANBUs appeared in front of them. "Who the hell are you guys?" Dante asked annoying obvious in his voice.

An ANBU with a Dog mask stepped forward "You have attacked citizens of this villages you will follow us for questioning." He answered simply.

"Oh come on give me a break already they were asking for it. They attacked this kid calling him a demon." Dante said and pointed to Naruto.

"Yeah leave Dante-danna alone asshole!" Naruto shouted. "That don't matter your still coming with us." The Dog masked ANBU replied.

Dante grabbed his sword and took a stance. "Make me doggy."

Two of the ANBU immediately charged. The one with the cat mask did a couple of hand seals and shouted "Fuuton kenkaze no jutsu" (Wind element: Blade of wind technique) Dante was immediately surrounded by wind. He jumped into the air and narrowly dodged. Dante immediately preformed his Helm breaker and gave the ANBU a nasty cut in the shoulder. The second ANBU with a Bird mask threw a shuriken then did a hand seal "Shuriken kage bushin no jutsu" (Shuriken shadow clone technique) one shuriken became 20. Dante just smirked and snapped his fingers. "Stand still!" Suddenly Dante was nothing but a blur before the bird mask ANBU could react he was down with a large cut across his chest. Dante appeared in the same spot he stood a second ago.

"I think it's about time we left." Dante said with a smirk on his face. He grabbed Naruto and vanished.

"Damn it" The dog mask cursed

"What should we do sir? "One of the ANBU asked. He dog mask looked at the hurt members of his squad "Take these 2 to the hospital." He pointed to the 2 fallen members.

"Hai" they replied and vanished with the others. The dog mask looked up at the face of the Yondaime: He sighed before thinking in his mind "I'm sorry sensei I couldn't protect your son." He then vanished to give his report to the Hokage.

In the Uchiha district everything was deadly silent. No sound at all. But the air was full with the scent of blood. Then a scream filled the air "Don't kill me Nii-san!" 7 year old Uchiha Sasuke screamed as he ran for his life, terror so obvious in his eyes. His running came to a stop when the thing he was running from appeared before him. The creature that had killed his family, before him stood the form of his brother Uchiha Itachi.

"That's right Sasuke run and hide cling to your pathetic life" The creature said with so much evil in his voice. Sasuke collapsed to his knees and held his head and screamed "Why?! Why did you kill them?"

The creature looked at him with his cold eyes. "To test myself." He then kicked Sasuke in his gut and sent him tumbling a bit. He sensed a presence. "Probably the ANBU it's time to leave." He reasoned and vanished. 

Sasuke lied there on the ground trying to stay awake and not faint. The presence suddenly appeared, after watching everything. "If this child posses the same lineage he could become a useful tool to me." He thought. He walked over to Sasuke. Sasuke slowly raised his head to look at who ever it was. He saw the man in front of him. He was tall 6,0 at least he wore a coat but it was too dark to see much else except the mans white hair shimmered in the black night. He looked Sasuke in the eyes. "Do you want power?" He asked "Power to surpass that man? I can give it to you, but you must come with me. Leave everything behind" Sasuke laughed a cold dry laugh completely wrong for his 7 year old body.

"I don't have anything to leave behind anymore" he answered. The white haired man smirked "Good we leave now. He lifted Sasuke with ease of the ground. "Who are you?" Sasuke finally asked. The man looked at him "Vergil." He answered plainly. Sasuke smiled a bit and said "I'm Uchiha Sasuke" Then they both vanished

AN: First chapter finally redone.