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Chapter 29: Battle for survival

Naruto glared at his albino opponent. "Ready set go!" The red-clad ninja roared as he flipped his blade, grabbing it into a reverse grip. Swinging it behind him, the Jinchuuriki charged it with his chakra, once it was full he unleashed his attack. "Zenshin!" Naruto roared as he swung the sword in a scything arc around him, unleashing a cutting, demonic wave of energy.

The most powerful of the sound five crossed his arms in front of him. Then, two bone blades grew out through the top of his forearms. Kimimaro lifted both arms as he waited. Once the chakra wave was close enough, the albino brought is dual blades diagonally down in a cross slash. Bone met energy Kimimaro deflected the attack into the ground, throwing up a cloud of dust.

"Impossible."Naruto said, his eyes widening as one of his most reliable attacks were blocked. he was jolted back into the battle when the albino's voice came through the dust

"Hone misairu!" Speeding through the cloud came the two bone blades which had stopped Zenshin. Swiftly, the black-clad ninja dropped into a crouch allowing the projectiles fly over his head.

"That wasn't hard to dodge." The Jinchuuriki muttered, that was, before the sound of cracking bones reached his ears. Naruto twisted his head to look behind him, just in time to see the two bones explode. Sharp bone fragments shot straight towards the Konoha ninja, there was no time to dodge. But who said he needed to?

Naruto disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reveling that he was just one of the many shadows clones surrounding the most powerful of the sound five. One hundred Naruto's that each held a glowing red blade.

"Well if one doesn't cut it." he said.

Kimimaro looked on with a calm expression as the red-clad ninjas yelled "Zenshin!" At the same time, one hundred cutting, demonic chakra waves tore through the air towards the albino. The last of the Kaguya took the attack head on and was caught in a defening explosion of violent demonic chakra.


Naruto smiled and dispelled his clones. "Nothing but a pile of ashes." he said. Just as he said that he was hit by a massive head ache. "OW son of a bitch what the hell?"

"Looks like dispelling all of those clones simultaneously was not a good idea Naruto-chan."Kyuubi said.

Naruto silently agreed with his mother. but he could remember the battle from many different angles now. "Hmm could I use this for training?"

His thought were cut short when a voice spoke up.

"A dangerous technique. If I had been hit I would have been in serious trouble."

Naruto snapped his head to his right and saw Kimimaro standing there completely unharmed. "But how?"

Kimimaro gave him a bored look. "Such a straight attack can easily be dodged with a Kawarimi. Don't think that you can take me down like you did with the other weaklings. I am far beyond them." the albino said and pulled out a new bone blade from his shoulder.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip on rebellion.

They charged each other and began exchanging blows with their respective weapons. Naruto tried a downward slash but Kimimaro created a blade from his palm and blocked it. He stabbed at Naruto's exposed stomach with his free blade, but Naruto backhanded it away with his hand receiving only a shallow cut. Naruto jumped backwards and pulled out a shuriken and threw it as he flashed through hand seals "Shuriken Kage bunshin no jutsu!"

One shuriken became one hundred and flew straight towards the bone user. Kimimaro pulled the blade on his palm back inside his body and grabbed another from his shoulder. "Tsuin Tsubaki no Mai." (Dance of the twin camellia) Kimimaro unleashed a storm of slashes and started deflecting all of the shuriken that might have hit him.

Naruto was getting frustrated; everything he threw at the albino seemed to be useless. "Kuso this guy is way stronger than I thought."

Kimimaro looked at his opponent and noticed the look of frustration on the blonds face. "Is something wrong? If I am fighting on a too high level then just say so and I will hold back some more."

That did it; Naruto saw red and charged his enemy. He leapt into the air and performed a helm breaker. Kimimaro raise his weapons and blocked the strike but was forced onto his knees by the pure power of the young demon. Naruto growled and pushed himself away from the albino and flipped his sword into a reverse grip, he charged it and rushed forward again. Kimimaro gave him a bored look and easily blocked the strike with his bone blade. "Charging head on will achieve nothing."

Naruto smirked "I know. ZENSHIN!!"

Kimimaro's eyes widened and he looked at the glowing read blade "Shimatta!" (Shit) The albino was sent flying by the explosion and collapsed in a pile on the ground. Naruto looked at his fallen opponent for a few seconds looking for movement, then walked towards the coffin containing Sasuke. He didn't escape the explosion unscratched however, his arm had signs of second degree burns and his coat was ripped. The burns were however healing and his coat was repairing itself to his surprise.


"This coat is way better than your old one, you will never need to stitch it back together trust me." Dante said as he handed Naruto his new coat.

Flashback end

Naruto smiled as his coat finished said patch up. "Okay Sasuke now were going to have a little talk." Naruto said before a large bone spike pierced his hearth. His eyes widened in shock as the pain followed through him. He sunk onto his knees and shakily turned around and saw Kimimaro getting back up with a new bone spike growing out of his palm.

Kimimaro walked towards him "Die." The spike flew straight through Naruto's right lung. Naruto fell onto his side and was barely able to pull out the spike that had pierced his hearth. Kimimaro stood towering above him. "You were a worthy opponent, but you will die now." He raised his bone blade over his head.

"KONOHA SENPUU!!" a voice cried out and Kimimaro received a kick in the face and was knocked back. The green blur responsible stood protectively in front of Naruto.

Kimimaro looked at the new arrival with little to no interest. "Who are you?"

"I am the proud azure beast of the leaf ROCK LEE!"

Naruto didn't want to admit it but he had never been more relieved to see green spandex in his entire life. "Nice timing Lee." He said as he stood up with the worst of his injuries healed.

Lee looked at Naruto through the corner of his eye "I'm just glad that I made it. Could you inform me of his abilities?"

Naruto nodded "I think he is a Taijutsu and Kenjutsu specialist who can use his bones in almost any way possible to fight."

"His bones?" Lee repeated confused. He got his explanation when Kimimaro pulled out another bone blade from his shoulder. "I see a Kekkei Genkai."

"We need to beat him quickly and then go and help the others." Naruto said and grabbed his sword.

Lee nodded "Yosh!"

Kimimaro looked at his new opponent "This one is more skilled in Taijutsu then the blond one." He activated his cursed seal and let it spread over his chest. He wasted no more time and rushed forward.

Lee meets his charge head on while Naruto ran to the side. "Konoha Senpuu!" Lee shouted and attacked with a roundhouse kick. Kimimaro ducked under it and slashed upwards trying to hit Lee who pushed the blade away with his foot. Naruto aimed a slash at Kimimaro's face that the albino dodged by bending backwards. Lee tried a sweeping kick. Kimimaro pushed himself off the ground with his hands performed a back flip and landed further away.

Naruto looked at Lee "You know a Katon jutsu right?"

Lee turned his head towards Naruto "Hai do you have an idea?"

Naruto smiled "Just use it when I give the signal."

Lee decided to trust Naruto on this one and nodded as they both looked back at their opponent.

Kimimaro pointed his fingers at them "Teshi sendan (Finger bullets)" his fingers opened up as he sent ten small bone bullets towards the two Konoha shinobi.

Lee and Naruto reacted instantly and jumped to the side dodging the attack. Lee charged with Naruto close behind "First Gate Kaimon KAI!" Lee speed up and circled around Kimimaro creating a miniature tornado "OMOTE RENGE!!" Lee attempted to send Kimimaro flying into the air but to his shock bones sprouted from the albino's chest and caught his leg.

Kimimaro gave Lee an empty look and pulled back his blade to stab him. He was forced to use the blade to block however as Naruto slashed at his face. Lee used the opportunity to pull himself free and jumped backwards. "NOW LEE!!" Naruto screamed as he jumped away.

Lee began his hand seal sequence and took a deep breath "Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!" Lee breathed out a large fireball straight towards Kimimaro.

Kimimaro jumped to the side dodging the attack easily. "Pathetic." He said.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!" Naruto shouted and pushed his arms forward, immediately an incredibly powerful gust of wind breathed new life into the fire and sent it towards Kimimaro again. The albino's eyes widened in surprise as the inferno were upon him.

Naruto and Lee watched as their opponent was engulfed in the flame. "Nice thinking Naruto-kun. Lee said and gave his comrade thumbs up.

Naruto grinned "Actually Shinkumaru was the one who gave me the idea. He did the same thing during the chunin exam remember?"

Lee nodded "Right."

Naruto looked at coffin containing Sasuke. "Now we should deal with him."

Suddenly black smoke started to seep through the lid of the container and was followed by a small explosion. Naruto and Lee stared as a shape became visible through the black smoke.

Naruto's eyes widened "Sasuke?"

The Uchiha either didn't hear Naruto or ignored him. He began laughing and jumped away.

Naruto's surprise was quickly replaced with anger "WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING!!?"

"He is going to Orochimaru-sama." A muffled voice said.

Naruto and Lee snapped around as a large bone capsule rose from the ground. It began opening and revealed Kimimaro who was covered in black lines. "He will one day become Orochimaru's new container." The capsule was slowly being absorbed into his body. "You will unfortunately not be alive to witness Orochimaru-sama's rise to glory. Since you will both die by my hands."

Naruto clenched his fists. "Why won't you die?"

Kimimaro looked down at his hand "I was robbed of the chance to see Orochimaru-sama ascend to immortality. But now I have been given a new chance by fate. I am no longer held back by a sick body, I have been reborn into a new being."

Naruto growled at him "You're not making any sense."

"Naruto-kun go after Sasuke, I will defeat this opponent myself."

Naruto looked at his spandex clad companion "Lee this guy is way too dangerous."

"If Sasuke escapes this mission will fail, you have to go." Lee continued and entered his Gouken stance.

Naruto clenched his fists again "You better not die Lee." He said and rushed off.

Kimimaro looked at Naruto for a moment before turning his eyes to Lee.

Lee raised an eyebrow "Are you not going to try and stop him?"

"No, I can kill him after I am done with you." Kimimaro said

Lee smiled "You won't beat me so easily." He crossed his arms in front of him "Second gate Kyuumon KAI!"

With Kiba

Inuzuka Kiba was not having a good time. Not only was his opponent skilled he also seemed to be completely unaffected by Kiba's punches. "Kuso this guy is though. Akamaru let's hit him with our Gatsuuga." He whispered to his dog companion. He threw a solider pill into Akamaru's mouth of the small puppy that turned red andtook leap onto his back.

Sakon looked on in mild interest as there were now two Kiba. The duo charged him from both sides while they cried out their attack "Gatsuuga!" Sakon smirked as his brother appeared out from his back and they both caught the approaching enemies.

Kiba was shocked at the sight "What the fuck?"

Sakon's smirk grew wider "Surprised? This is our Kekkei Genkai, it allows my brother to live inside of me and extend any body part he wants from any part of me. To demonstrate his point Ukon's fist appeared out of Sakon's face and knocked Kiba backwards. Akamaru was thrown and landed next to Kiba and reverted to his dog form.

Kiba glared at the twins "Shimatta, we need to do something." His companion barked "What but we haven't finished that yet. No it's too dangerous if we miss we are finished."

Ukon put his hand over his mouth like he was feeling sick "We don't have much time Sakon."

Sakon nodded "Kill quickly activate level 2." The signature dark markings began spreading over their bodies.

"You're in rage of my divination." A voice spoke up making the twins snap around "Hakke: Rokujuuyonshou!" Neji said and launched his attack. "2, 4, 8, 16, 32 64 palms!" each one of the strikes landed perfectly.

"Y-you teme!" Ukon growled he separated from his twin who feel over unconscious "OI SAKON WHAT THE HELL!!?" he screamed.

Neji smirked "I sealed of his chakra, it's no surprise he collapsed." He jumped away dodging Ukon's massive claw. He dashed to Kiba's side and entered the Juuken stance "I trust that you are okay?"

Kiba nodded "Yeah thanks for the help." He looked at Ukon who was charging straight towards them. "Well Akamaru since we got back up, we can use it." Kiba said happily and performed some hand seals. Akamaru jumped into the air and began spinning.

Ukon looked up at the small dog in confusion and then screamed in anger as it urinated on him. "WHAT THE FUCK!!"

Kiba smirked as Akamaru ran back to him and jumped onto his back. "You might want to step back Neji." He said and shouted "Inuzuka Ryuu Chinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutou Rou! (Inuzuka Style Rare Beast Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf) A large cloud of smoke surrounded Kiba and Akamaru when it settled Neji could only stare in surprise at the enormous two headed wolf. "Holy shit." He said.

The giant beast glared at Ukon who was blinded by the urine in his eyes "SHIMATTA!!"

The two heads exposed their fangs in a grin and attacked "GAROUGA!!" (Dual wolf fang)

Ukon only managed to see a blurry object heading towards him before he took the full power of the attack and was torn to pieces.

With Chouji and Shikamaru

"Kagemane no jutsu success." The shadow user said proudly. He had managed to catch all three of Tayuya's monsters.

The red headed woman growled in frustration "They don't respond I got to dispel them."As soon as she finished that thought the three Oni disappeared. "Good it's only me and the two...wait where is the fat one?"

Chouji appeared behind her and pulled back his fist to hit her. She had already noticed him and ducked under the blow and spun around to deliver a kick right in the middle of his face. Chouji gasped as the kick not only broke his nose but smashed his head into the tree trunk knocking him unconscious.

"CHOUJI!!" Shikamaru cried out.

Tayuya smirked as she reached into Chouji's pouch and pulled out a kunai, she held it against the Akimichi's throat. "So what should I do now? Shall I kill him?" she asked eyeing Shikamaru with glee.

Shikamaru's throat went dry "N-NO DON'T!!" he shouted at her.

Tayuya gave him a cold smile "To bad." She pushed the kunai into the unconscious boy.

With Lee

"Third gate Seimon KAI!" Lee unleashed the third gate and charged his opponent. Kimimaro summoned one bone on each side of his forearms and blocked the first attack. "Hard as steel." Lee commented and backed off and ran around attacking Kimimaro's back. Kimimaro closed his eyes and tilted his head forward. "Karamatsu no Mai." (Dance of the Larch) bones immediately sprouted from Kimimaro's chest, back and shoulders. He began spinning slicing into Lee with the sharp spikes. He spun for a short while the kicked Lee in the head sending him flying.

Lee bounced off the ground twice before skidding across it and finally stopping. He forced himself back onto his feet and entered the Gouken stance. "I got no choice fourth gate..." before he could finish he jumped to the side dodging more of Kimimaro's finger bullets.

Kimimaro charged him "It would be bad if you opened more of those gates." He said and shunshine'd behind Lee. He drove his bone blade straight into Lee's heart and blinked when Lee turned into a log.

"Fourth gate Shoumon KAI!" Lee shouted and exploded with energy. He flew at Kimimaro and delivered a spinning kick into his head sending him flying. He dashed ahead of the albino and struck him in the back sending him into the air. "I have to hurry." Lee thought as he felt his muscles beginning to hurt. He leapt into the air after his opponent.

Kimimaro narrowed his eyes as blood began dripping through his lips "Enough is enough." He said. "Bara no Mai." (Dance of the rose) Kimimaro curled into a ball and large sharp spikes grew from his body.

Lee looked at his opponent in horror "I can't stop, I'll be skewered." He couldn't use kawarimi in such a short amount of time. "Konoha Senpuu!" he attacked the spike ball with a round house kick. The force of the attack knocked away Kimimaro but the sharp spikes seriously injured Lee's leg. He released the gates and started falling towards the ground.

"Scatter." Kimimaro whispered and the spikes detached from his body and flew in every direction.

Lee watched as several of the spikes flew in his direction. "Kuso my arms won't move. Naruto-kun I am sorry." Lee closed his eyes awaiting his death. Suddenly something wrapped around his stomach and pulled him out of the way of the sharp bones. Lee's eyes snapped open as he landed on something relatively soft. He looked down "Sand?"

He looked behind him and saw a familiar red head. "You're!?"

Kimimaro looked at the new arrival "Who are you?"

With Kiba and Neji

Kiba patted Akamaru's back "Good job Akamaru."

Neji's eyes widened "KIBA BEHIND YOU!!"

Kiba snapped around and saw Sakon lunge for him with a kunai drawn "DIE!!"

Kiba reached for a Kunai but knew he wouldn't make it.

He didn't need to worry as several blades pierced Sakon's body killing him.

Both Neji and Kiba looked in the direction they came from "You!"

Kankurou smiled "Yo."

With Chouji and Shikamaru

Tayuya received a skull shattering blow to the head killing her before she could finish of Chouji.

Shikamaru praised whatever deity that had allowed that girl to make it in time "I never thought I would be so glad to see such a troublesome woman." He said as he landed next to Chouji.

Temari smirked. "Coming from you I will take that as a compliment."

With Lee

"Sabaku no Gaara."

Lee looked at the red head behind him "Gaara-kun?"

The sand user looked down at him "Where is Naruto?"

Lee looked past Kimimaro "He's pursuing Sasuke."

Gaara nodded and returned his gaze back to Kimimaro. "Do you believe that he needs any assistance?"

Lee shook his head "No but we should follow him as soon as possible." Lee attempted to stand only to fall back down with a cry.

"You can't do anything now." Gaara said and walked past the injured spandex shinobi. "I will handle him."

Lee wanted to protest but he knew that he would be useless in his current condition. "Hai."

Kimimaro pulled out yet another blade from his shoulder. "I have dropped an awful lot of blades today." He commented and charged.

Gaara didn't blink and gathered his chakra. His tanuki ears and tail became exposed as his sand shot forward. Kimimaro dodged to the right avoiding the sand, but three tendrils shot out heading straight for him. Kimimaro jumped over them and shot out more of his bone bullets.

Gaara's sand reacted and blocked them.

Kimimaro raised an eyebrow. "I was told that your automatic defence had been disabled."

Gaara narrowed his eyes at his enemy's statement "How could he have known about that?" He thought and sent his sand after the albino again. "Could there be spies within Konoha or Suna?"

Kimimaro continued to dodge while he sent out another wave of bullets. The bullets were again blocked by the sand. "He is a long distance fighter who probably dislikes close quarter combat. But I can't get close to him that easily."Kimimaro threw his blade into the approaching sand. The sand easily caught it but Kimimaro had expected it to. He jumped and landed on the blade he jumped again and sailed over the sand while he created a blade on his palm which shot out with surprising force.

"At this range it could penetrate my sand."Gaara thought and leapt to the side dodging the projectile. Kimimaro didn't stop his assault and sent ten bone bullets towards the former Jinchuuriki. Gaara's sand blocked the attack but it also blocked Gaara's vision of Kimimaro. He sensed a presence behind him and had just enough time to turn around before his heart was pierced by a long bone spike.

"The blond one before you could regenerate even a wound like this." Kimimaro said as he looked down at Gaara with no emotion. Suddenly the bone sprouted more spikes in every direction piercing Gaara even more. Gaara let out a horrible cough and sand leaked out of his mouth. Then his body exploded into sand. "Suna bunshin?" Kimimaro said surprised.

"Sabaku Kyuu." (Desert coffin) the sand immediately ensnared Kimimaro and more came and completely engulfed him. Gaara rose from a small puddle of sand on the ground next to Lee. "Sabaku Sousou." (Desert funeral) Gaara clenched his fist and the sand contracted attempting to crush his opponent.

However, the sand only contracted slightly and stopped. Gaara didn't like this.

The sand started to move. Kimimaro slowly forced his way out of his prison. "What a horrible technique. If I hadn't created a layer of bone beneath my skin I would have died." Even if Kimimaro sounded fine he sure as hell didn't look like it. Parts of his skin were missing and the muscles or bones beneath were clearly visible. "I will not be caught by your sand again."

Gaara glared at Kimimaro and slammed his palms together before beginning a string of hand seals. The ground started trembling and an enormous wave of sand began rising into the air. Not even Kimimaro could keep a neutral expression on his face when he saw such a thing heading straight towards him. He attempted to get away but the sand easily caught him and began slapping him around like a ragdoll.

"Ryuusa Bakuryuu!" (Desert avalanche) the sand crashed down upon Kimimaro and took out a large portion of the surrounding forest as well. Gaara wasn't done however he slammed his palms onto the sand "Sabaku Taiso!" (Desert Requiem)

The area was immediately hit by a massive earthquake, the sand hammered upon the submersed Kimimaro.

"I have no choice, I must use level 2." Kimimaro thought and the cursed seal began to spread. Suddenly an intense pain racked Kimimaro's entire body. He opened his mouth and screamed even as sand began to fill his throat.

Gaara narrowed his eyes "He is very persistent." Just as he got back up there was a violent spike of chakra, the centre of the mini desert practically exploded. Sickly looking purple chakra rose into the air and was followed by Kimimaro.

Both Lee and Gaara stared in shock at the 'thing' in front of them.

Kimimaro's entire body had changed. He had grown to at least 7 feet tall, his skin had become brown. He now also sported a tail, two large bone spikes on his shoulders. But the most disturbing thing was his eyes. His eyes were completely purple save for the black slit pupil. The beast let loose a bone shilling growl and charged the two boys.

Gaara snapped out of his daze and raised his arms causing the sand to rise and form into a spiked wall in front of them.

Kimimaro didn't seem bothered by this, or perhaps he didn't care. He raised his arm and a large bone sphere began to form enclosing his entire forearm. He blasted through the spike wall and back handed Gaara with his free arm sending him skidding across the ground. Lee tried to stand up only to fall back down.

Kimimaro turned his gaze to the spandex wearing shinobi. He sent Lee flying with a bone crushing blow from his tail. Lee coughed up a large amount of blood. "Kuso he broke my ribs."Lee crashed into the ground next to Gaara. "Is this really it?" he asked feeling himself slipping into unconsciousness.

Large shucks of Gaara's sand armour fell onto the ground as the red head rose to his feet. "No, I'm not done yet. Stay awake if you fall asleep you're going to die."

Kimimaro roared and rushed forward again.

Gaara sent his sand forward to try and stop the approaching enemy. The tendrils smashed into Kimimaro with the almost the same force he had used on the two boys. However the beast continued on even after he received a nasty wound across his left arm.

Gaara narrowed his eyes. He began making hand seals "I won't make it in time." Kimimaro was almost upon him when he had an idea. "Okay this is stupid." Gaara spun around and hit Kimimaro Square in the jaw with his tail, and to his surprise sent the Oto shinobi flying backwards.

Gaara's eyes widened in surprise "Not bad." He began making hand seals again.

Kimimaro flipped in the air and landed on his feet. He glared at Gaara with pure blood lust and roared.

Gaara finished his seal sequence and slammed his palms together "Shukaku no Keigen!" (Rise of Shukaku) the mini desert began to rise into the air and flew towards Gaara. It gathered into a large ball and began forming into...

"What the hell is that?" Kiba asked as he arrived on the scene with Neji and Kankurou.

Kankurou shivered slightly. "Even if I know that Gaara is in control that thing still creeps me out."

Neji watched as the sand turned into a large raccoon creature "So what is that?"

"When he trained, Gaara discovered that he could infuse his will into the sand." Temari said as she too arrived. "He can so to speak give the sand orders, giving it the ability to move on its own."

"Yes yes but what is that thing?" Kiba asked impatiently. "It looks like some sort of monster raccoon."

"That is what Shukaku look like." Kankurou answered. "Before Gaara became the new Ichibi anyway."

Finally the Shukaku clone was complete and stood towering above Kimimaro. However the clone was significantly smaller than its real counterpart. Of course that didn't stop it from being intimidating.

It raised its pawn and brought it crashing down on top of the crazy albino. "Sawarabi no Mai." (Dance of the young ferns) immediately gigantic bones burst forth skewering the Shukaku clone destroying it.

Gaara watched in shock as the bones continued to rise in front of him. He cursed and wrapped up Lee in his sand and lifted him into the air while he created a cloud of sand for himself.

The group watched in horror as the clearing became a forest of bones. Gaara was starting to get tired "Kuso this guy is unbelievable."

"GAARA BEHIND YOU!!" Temari screamed in panic.

Gaara snapped around and saw Kimimaro emerge from one of the large bones once again wielding a giant bone spear on his arm. Gaara tried to move out of the way but the attack still connected ripping out his right eye. Gaara howled in pain and fell towards the ground.

The bones began disappearing at a brisk pace. Kimimaro stalked over to Gaara who was clutching his eye in pain. Kimimaro raised his weapon. The group rushed forward to try and save him but they knew they would never make it. Gaara looked up at his enemy who had a look of pure madness on his face as he brought his weapon down. "His wounds are gone."Gaara thought.

"GAARA!!" Temari and Kankurou screamed as a blur rushed past them.

Kimimaro gasped as his own reinforced ribs cracked by a steel bending kick. The kick sent him bouncing off the ground several times before he crashed into and through one of the last standing trees.

Everyone in the clearing stared at the new arrival. "Sorry that I'm a little late." The cloaked person said as he glared at the monstrous form of Kimimaro.

The blow seemed to have knocked some sense into Kimimaro as he got back up again with the blood lust gone from his eyes. He stared at the stranger "Who are you little insect?"

He smirked as he grabbed the cloak that concealed his appearance and threw it aside. Sporting black a black coat with flames on the sleves, black pants and shirt toped of with a large red jounin west matching his Crimson hair "I am the Shinku ketsueki senkou. Shinkumaru."

Valley of the end

"SASUKE!!" Naruto screamed at the Uchiha who had stopped atop one of the two large stone statues.

Sasuke turned around and looked at the blond. Half of his face was covered by the cursed seal making his left eye a sick yellow colour. "Hello dobe."

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Why are you running away?"

Sasuke smirked "I wanted to fight you alone." He drew his Katana "Consider it a going away present." He said as the cursed seal retracted while his Sharingan awoke.

Naruto summoned rebellion and stared at Sasuke's eyes "Since when does his Sharingan look like an atom?"

Cliff hanger no jutsu

Naruto finally catches up to Sasuke who has obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan despite his failed attempt at Sakura's life.

Next chapter: Namikaze family battle