Disclaimer: The following fan fiction is NOT in the same time flow as the deathnote series. I am aware that during the time that Light and L are chained together that Light should not have his memory. However, I have taken artistic license and have tweaked a few things in the story line to make it fit my purposes. Trust me, it's much more interesting this way.

Also, I use the name "Light" in my descriptions, but L calls him "Raito-kun" as sort of a friendly gesture. So I kinda use both. Hope that doesn't bug anyone. Hope you guys enjoy it!


"I'm hoping that Raito-kun isn't Kira because…Raito-kun is my first ever friend." And after L had made such an oddly phrased, and socially inept statement, he turned and locked his gaze onto Light.

Uh-oh. Was Lights first instinctive thought. But almost immediately, such a thought was crushed, like a bug beneath his heel. This was not a disastrous situation as his initial reaction indicated. No. In fact, this was much to his advantage. Light offered the socially deprived detective a small grin of encouragement.

Yes. This was perfect. Light had been wondering just how he was ever going to get the upper hand in this battle. His goal to finally get rid of the pesky detective and rise to become the rightful ruler of the entire world as a god was annoyingly delayed as long as L was still breathing. All of his devious plans to gather L's real name in the past had proved to be futile. But now, a window of opportunity was opening.

L viewed him as a friend, despite the fact that he was also his prime suspect in this murder case. That was interesting. Light wondered for a moment on weather L was just stupid, or honest. He certainly wasn't stupid. That much had been made agitating clear by the way he had foiled all of Lights previous plans. Then he was being honest. But why?

Why would L disclose such information to him? Especially in front of all the others? Was he trying to play on Lights humanity, and make him feel bad about wanting to kill him?

No…that couldn't be it. L was only 7 certain that he was Kira. He wouldn't put a pity play into effect on such a low number…

…would he?

If L was indeed trying to play on Lights heart, he'd find himself in grave error. Light almost chuckled to himself at the pun he'd made in his mind. Yes. L would be in a grave indeed. Because of his error.

Light, feeling a little more confident after giving it some thought, went back to his original plotting. Yes, this would work to his advantage. This was good. Let's say I befriend the lonely little detective. Let's say I become his "first ever friend" and make myself fit that part. Let's say we become the very best of friends. Would his suspicions drop? Even if they didn't, I would have the upper hand. What do friends do? They trust one another. And if I can gain L's trust…then I'll have the opportunity to betray that trust. And thus ensuring my victory over him. L will lose.

Light disguised his malicious, snake-like grin into something that may have looked friendly and even a bit joyed to the others in the room.

"That's great Ryuuzaki," he said innocently to his pursuer.