Firstly, I just wanted to say: Wowza, I am amazed, impressed and excited that people are still following and loving this story. It means the world to me, so for that I say 'thanks mate!'

I'm alive and well, but have just been busy and have had life to deal with (excuses, excuses…). But setting that aside, I have to apologize.

And I'll tell you why.

That last chapter (not sure if you've read it… Who knows, perhaps you even enjoyed it) was… Well, there's a funny story behind it. I'm not a drunk, but I 'am' Australian and therefore reserve my right to be a little boisterous at times after one too many gin and tonics. Needless to say, I wrote that chapter when I was plastered. Now I know plenty of you are going to say 'yeah, sure', but the facts are the facts.

Now, here's what's going to happen. I can delete that chapter and replace it with something that actually makes sense, I can leave it for the 'lol's' and as a remnant of a time when my friend allowed me to get near my laptop after I was totally trollied (I'll just rename it 'alternate universe chapter' or I can just… I don't know, work on my actual novel which I intend to one day publish.

So, you're the fans, you tell me!

(Again, I totally apologize. I apologize if you liked it, and I apologize if you hated it. I apologize in total, but I'm damned not done berating it)