Rihanna (yes, she was named after a superstar singer-- she wished she knew what the problem was with that, seriously) Como was sitting in the car, heating up because it was way too hot-- she understood the Sahara Desert and Libya, but 115 degrees Farenheit?! Her parents had gone into the store to get something for lunch for her. Then her mother (her father, actually, was conversing with men in the auto-slash-hardware shop across the street, so only her mother was in the store) would come back to get more money for something for herself and Rihanna's dad. Rihanna huffed, crossing her arms. Darn this stupid trip to Egypt; as soon as they crossed the border out of Libya, they'd be as good as lost in the desert!

Meanwhile, Tozokuoh Bakura, in a totally different time, five thousand years in the past in Egypt, was running from the law. He could have just left good enough alone. But noooo, he just had to steal again and make the Pharaoh be not trust him. He darted into a cave. He'd be safe there. But suddenly, he had a tingling feeling all over, and he was in a world different from his own-- much, much different.

There were strange vehicles that made noises and the smell-- the smell was most unpleasant, it made him want to be sick to his stomach, almost. The road was paved with some kind of black stuff. Quickly, Bakura raced across the busy street-- getting a few "Hey!"s, and also something in Libyan that he couldn't make out at the moment, as he ran-- and stopped on the other side, in a large space filled with many of the noisy vehicles, most of them empty, and a few people. He darted to a vehicle that was an indigo color, and silently climbed into the back of it-- not the very back, but the last place where there was a door, and to his surprise and delight it was not locked, like many places had been back home.

There was a young woman (by her height and body development, Bakura guessed she was in her early child-bearing years, around sixteen years or so) in the back as well, no one in the front, but she was staring out the window on her side. Bakura curled up in a ball, hoping not to be seen by her. But the girl did see him. She turned away from the window, and reached toward his head. Only when she picked up a small, square, blue-silver box did he realize she was reaching for that, not his hair. But now she saw him.

Rihanna opened her mouth to scream because of this intruder, but nothing came out. The man covered her mouth. "Be quiet, girl, and don't you dare yell."

Rihanna nodded, keeping her mouth shut. She flipped open her GameBoy, and the man took his hand away from her mouth. "Who are you?" she asked as quietly as possible, starting a duel on her game.

Bakura sighed. This girl was extremely exasperating, asking that question when she should already know him! "My name is Tozokuoh Bakura, but you can just call me Bakura-- where am I?"

"My family's car."


"You mean you've never heard of a car?"

"Alright. Let me rephrase that question, girl. When am I?"

"The twenty-first century."

"That's not possible! There haven't been twenty-one centuries yet. The one I live in is merely the first or second, I believe."

"Wait-- so you're from the past?"

"I believe the year exactly is 2993."


"What does that mean?"

"Before Christ."

"How do you know it is simply not the year 2993?"

"Because that year hasn't happened yet, Bakura. It's only 2007. And the B.C.'s go backwards. If you were in your own time, the next year would be 2992 B.C." Rihanna wanted to know who this man calling himself Bakura was and what he was doing in the car.

"Listen, girl--"

"No, you listen. I don't think you get it, Bakura. My name is not 'girl'. It's Rihanna Como, and 'Rihanna' is what you will call me, no more, no less. Oh, how rude of me for interrupting-- you were saying?"

"You have to let me hide here-- ah, Rihanna. I'm running from the Egyptian government. I'm in big trouble."

"Ancient fugitive. Typical, for if this happened in a book." Rihanna rolled her eyes sarcastically. "If you're in this time, Bakura, you'll be fine. They wouldn't be looking for you after five thousand years."

Bakura did a double take. "Did I just hear you right, Rihanna? Five thousand years?!"

"Yep. 2007 minus 5000 equals 2993 B.C. Well, technically, it equals negative 2993, but that would be 2993 B.C."

"You're very smart."

"I know." Rihanna looked out the window. "Oh no! My mom's coming-- Bakura, you gotta hide! She can't see you! I'll be grounded till I'm thirty if she sees you in here with me!" She threw a blanket over him, and also a knapsack full of something heavy, which Bakura was sure he didn't want to find out what it was.

Rihanna sat there playing her GameBoy, dueling and kicking someone's butt (she forgot who she was facing), as if nothing had happened. Her mother leaned in the car. "Here, Ri-Ri," she said, handing Rihanna a hamburger and a soda. "I got you your favorite. I just need some more money and you can go back to dueling without your old Mum distracting you. By the way," she said, reaching into her wallet, "would you happen to know where that father of yours is?"

"Across the street at the auto-hardware store," Rihanna answered pressing a button to activate Hinotama, taking out 500 of her opponent's Life Points. "Oh, but don't interrupt him. He's having a riveting conversation with some of the men over there. They're debating about monkey wrenches now, I believe, and it's very fascinating." She made sure that the sarcasm practically dripped from her voice.

"That man." Her mother smiled and kissed Rihanna on the cheek. "Bye, sweetie. You just sit here and play your little game, and stay out of trouble." She patted her on the head and left.

"Phew, that was close!" Rihanna put her game down and lifted her backpack off Bakura, then held up the part of the blanket that was over his head. "You want some of my lunch, Bakura?"

"Heyyyyy, don't let that woman see me!"

"She left, Bakura. She went back into the store to get her and Dad something to eat. Now, do you want some lunch or not?" She divided the hamburger and gave half to him. She used the straw and drank half of her Coke, then gave the rest to Bakura to drink out of the cup (well, the way he drank it, he practically gulped it down, actually).

Bakura suddenly realized he was very hungry. He ate the food that Rihanna gave him (it was good and that made him happy ) and drank whatever was in the cup, which was fizzy and a bit odd-tasting. "What is this?"

"The food is called a hamburger. The drink is soda, and that type of soda-- there are lots of them-- was Coke, my favorite. Did you like it?"

"The soda was a bit... eccentric to taste."

Rihanna laughed out loud, and Bakura decided that he liked her laugh. "Yeah. Your first taste of it usually is that way, Bakura. It's carbonated, whihc is why it tastes weird the first time. What about the hamburger?"

"Meat makes me happy."

Rihanna laughed again. "Mm-hmm. We'll probably be in the hotel in Egypt by tonight, and we'll get dinner there. You can stay in my room, and I'll sneak you food up there. If you don't like what I bring you, I'll pretend like I'm still hungry, go get different stuff, and bring it to you."

"Your parents let you eat in your room?"

"Don't yours?"

"My parents are long dead."

"Well, did they ever let you when you were younger?"

"Only when I was sick or not feeling well."

"I see." Rihanna gently stroked his hair. "Do you feel alright now?"

"Just very sleepy." He yawned and rubbed his eye tiredly. "By the way, where are we?"

"Libya, my home. As soon as we cross the border-- which will take about a half hour, or thirty minutes-- we'll be in Egypt. From there, it's about a four-hour drive to our hotel-- which is basically the modern equivalent of an inn, okay-- in Abydos."

"Abydos is still a city?" Bakura shook his head, and pushed some hair behind his ear. "It was a city when I was alive, and it's still standing?"

"Yeah, but it's been, like, rebuilt and stuff 'cause if they didn't restore it, it would have fallen down." Rihanna looked out the window on her side. "Mom just came out of the store, and Dad's walking across the street to come back to the car. I'll cover you up with a few blankets. You're cold, aren't you?"

"Yes." He shivered, rubbing his arms. He made a noise that signified he was cold.

"Alright. Prepare for darkness for another four and a half hours till we arrive in Abydos, honey." She swept three blankets over his body. "Just rest, Bakura," he heard Rihanna's voice say. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Rihanna," he mumbled, feeling himself succumb to the dark of sleep, which he needed very badly.

Somehow, he felt Rihanna smile at him, before turning her attention to her approaching parents.

The last thing he heard her say before he fell asleep was, "Mummy, Daddy, you're back!"