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Chapter 9: The Battle: Part 2

"TROUBLE! I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" She yelled at the top of her voice. She knew that she had to say it, for if she was killed, he'd never know.

"What?!" Trouble yelled back. They were on opposite sides of the room now.


Trouble stared into Holly's eyes.

"I promise you!" She shouted over the chaos. "There is nothing going on between me and Artemis!"

Trouble looked at her again and came to a conclusion.

"Holly! Will you marry me?"

The whole room seemed to freeze. Actually the LEP officers just managed to capture Opal so her army surrendered but to Trouble and Holly it looked like the room had frozen. Artemis, who was next to her, gave her a little shove.

"Don't ruin the perfect moment." He whispered and that was all Holly needed.

She ran across the room and threw her arms around Trouble.

"Yes." She whispered in his ear. "Of course I'll marry you."

Trouble felt a strange emotion in his stomach. At first he didn't realize what it was but soon it dawned on him. The feeling was absolute happiness. He leaned down (he's a little taller than her, remember?) and kissed her.

"Kind of a weird place to have all this mushy romance stuff, isn't it?" commented some random LEP officer.

Artemis, Doodah and Mulch glared at him fiercely. The officer gulped and left the room to get away from them. Artemis became aware that Foaly was yelling in his ear.

"What is it, Foaly?" Artemis asked.

"Finally! I've been yelling at you for 5 minutes, mud boy." The centaur said. "Butler says that your parents are coming home in 3 hours. You need to hurry. Bring everyone back to Police Plaza."

Artemis nodded and looked at Holly and Trouble guiltily.

"Um...sorry to interrupt but we need to get Opal back to jail and I need to get back to the surface."

Holly pulled away from Trouble.

"He's right. We'll talk later."

Trouble nodded still grinning. He didn't care what anyone said, he'd be grinning for the next 2 days.

"Thank you so much, Artemis." Holly said hugging the mud boy. "For your help capturing Opal and...other things."

Artemis grinned at her. "Happy to help Holly, though next time I want a break first."

Holly smiled, happy about her engagement but sad that one of her best friends were leaving.

"Oh and Holly?" Artemis said.

She looked up at him.

"If you like, you're welcome to have the wedding at Fowl Manor."

Holly's eyes widened. "That... that would be so nice! No fairy has gotten married on the surface in hundreds of years."

Artemis smiled and went over to say goodbye to Mulch, Foaly, Doodah, No1 and Qwan (who were very grateful and are now going to be staying at Section 8.).

Trouble walked over to Holly.

"What were you so happy about?" he asked.

Holly grinned. "What would you say if we had our wedding on the surface?"

Trouble smiled. "I'd say...we better have the wedding sooner. Artemis offered to host it at Fowl Manor huh?"

Holly nodded and started waving as Artemis's shuttle left.

She had been engaged for 2 hours but she still had to pinch herself to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. She also knew that despite the adventures she had had before, she was in line for probably the biggest adventure yet.



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