I think it is fairly obvious that I do not own The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, otherwise I wouldn't be writing fan fiction, I'd be making it into an episode or something. Now if any of you have read my HSM fanfic, Til Death Do We Graduate, then you probably know that I like to try to write different things with some of my fan fictions. Different meaning different for me. So, I decided I would try to write a ZackCody pairing and see what happens. If it's great, then good. If it's not then that's okay, too. If you don't like these types of stories then I HIGHLY suggest turning around and checking out a different story because the summary says it has twincest and if you don't like that then why would you click on the title to read this story, am I correct? So don't leave me any flames about how twincest is wrong and yada yada yada because I warned you and this is called fan FICTION for a reason. K? –happy smile-.

Cody Martin sat in the suite that he shared with his mom, Carey, and his brother, Zack, on the 23rd floor of the Tipton Hotel. It was raining outside and their mother was downstairs working on her show for later on today.

Zack had left a while ago before it rained. Cody had tried to warn him that the forecast said it was going to rain, but Zack ignored Cody, telling him that it was sunny outside. Cody looked over at the door and smirked when Zack walked in, soaked from head to toe as he sat his skateboard down by the door.

"I told you you'd get wet," Cody said as he got up and handed a towel to his shivering twin. Zack just forced a smile and mocked a laugh as he started to dry himself off.

Zack sure does look pretty cute when he's wet, Cody thought to himself as he sat back down on the couch and continued to watch tv.

Cody had come out to Zack and everybody a couple months ago and told them that he was gay. He knew Maddie would pretty much accept him; Mr. Moseby would remain the same, and London would probably be too dumb to even understand what the word 'gay' meant. The person who surprised him, however, was his own twin, Zack.

Cody had expected Zack to just laugh and tease him in a cruel way from that point on, but he didn't. Zack just told Cody that he was still his brother- gay, straight or even polka-dotted. Zack did tease Cody a little bit because teasing was in the job description of being a brother, but it was in a fun and joking manner. The one thing Zack didn't know though was that the boy Cody had fallen badly for was him.

Zack had dried himself off and looked at the television, about to sit down before he stopped and looked at himself.

"You know what? Maybe I should change into something dry first."

Cody smiled and nodded in agreement as he watched Zack walk into their bedroom, peeling his shirt off.

Cody let out a sigh and turned back to the tv.

"If he only knew…" Cody said to himself as he continued to watch tv.

I know it's a little short, but this is only the first chapter and I wanted to get some feedback before I continued. Now I know this is a little cliché, but I'm going with the whole "Cody likes Zack but Zack doesn't know and Zack likes Cody but Cody doesn't know" deal, but I'm going to be like all of the other great writers who have done this and put my own little twists into it. So tell me what you think about it!