At the Cullen Household:

Shortly after Victoria escaped,the werewolves,vampires,and Bella all headed over to the Cullen house outside Forks to come up with a plan. They all took their seats on the couches with a large poster board set out on the floor,with Carlisle kneeling next to it with a magic marker. The other Cullens were called back from ::insert some place they went during New Moon here:: and told to meet them there. And they did. And when I said taking their seats on couches - I meant the werewolves and the vampires. The still-not-sober-Bella sat on the floor talking to the carpet.

" So here's the plan." Carlisle said. " You three wolves line up the perimeter going down the beach and - "

..doesn't matter where
Doesn't matter when
I will be there for you
Til' the very end
Danger or trouble
I'm there on the double
You know that you always
Can call
Kim possib -

" Hello?" Rosalie asked,finally answering her phone.

" Ha. And you guys thought my ring tone was weird." Jake said,smiling.

Yes,Rosalie Hale's ring tone is none other but Kim Possible.

" Seven days." A childish voice hissed eerily into the phone.

" I think you got the wrong number,hun." Rosalie hung up,scowling.

" Now where was I?" Carlisle asked. " Oh yes - Edward,Jasper,and Emmett will do some tracking based on scent and - "

They were interrupted by the fridge door opening by itself,which they could see because the kitchen door was open. They all looked at each other,wondering how that happened. Jasper got up,walked into the kitchen,and shut the door sighing. He started to walk back to the living room,but it happened again. He growled,slamming the fridge door shut.

Suddenly the TV went on,but was all static. Then an image came on the screen. It was a well. And trees. A well? They all stared at it,completely confused. Then a little girl coming out of the well. The girl's hair was in her face,and only her left eye showing. She outstretched her arms like a zombie as she walked forward,getting bigger and bigger coming closer to the screen.

" What is this? Emmett,is this one of your practical jokes?" Alice scowled at him.

" I know you guys are vampires and everything,but yall' are freaks." Quil said,watching the creepy little girl climb out of the well.

Suddenly there was a puddle of water under the TV. And Quil started getting a nose bleed. He got some very appetizing looks from the vampires as blood dripped from his nose,but his werewolf scent clearly kept them away.

" Turn off the TV. This is ridiculous." Esme sighed.

" I am. But its not working." Carlisle said,pushing a bunch of buttons.

Then the girl was closer to the screen than ever. Her arms stretched out towards the screen,and actually came out of the TV. Ten horrified screams came from everyone,except for Bella who was still totally clue less. They jumped back.

" How the hell did that happen?" Edward asked.

" Di-did-did..that girl just come..out of the TV?" Jasper asked.

Then the girl's head stuck out of the screen,her long wiry black hair coming out also and hanging down to the floor,her grimy feet and legs and her torn and tattered night gown coming with her. They watched astonished as a little girl came out of their plasma screen TV. The girl fell out completely and hit the floor hard.

" Ow." Samara said,rubbing her head.

She stood up in a zombie like way,heading towards Emmett.

" EEEMMEEEETTT." The girl said,staggering towards him.

Everyone looked at him.

" I didn't do anything! I swear!" Emmett yelled.

Rosalie finally decided to take action. She stood up and grabbed Samara by the hair and yanked her backwards.

" Listen chick,we are trying to do something here!" Rosalie hissed,giving Samara a very angry glare.

" I'm sorry!" Samara whimpered,frightened by Rosalie's looks.

Samara turned around and ran back into the TV. As quickly as possible Samara ran across the dead leaves and grass not what not and plunged herself head first into the well. The well closed up and the TV shut off,leaving everyone stunned.

" Hey!" Bella yelled,looking at the TV. " She came to my birthday party two years ago!"

" Anyways..back to the plan.." Carlisle said,shaking his head as if nothing ever happened.

The average day in Forks.



Samara Morgan?

Oh my.