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Oh yes. This will be a songfic.

While Bella,Alice,Rosalie,and Carlisle were Ring-Shopping

Edward and Jacob Black were running all over the mall searching for Victoria. But remember kiddies,its a mall. Sometimes goths go to the mall. Sometimes little children go to the mall. Sometimes mothers with their little innocent adorable children in strollers wander around the mall,shopping and what not. But then again - who else goes to the mall twenty four seven besides hideous,scary,terrifying,cheese ball preppy heads. Meaning Lauren and Jessica Stanley.

Edward stood in the main section of the mall,in the lobby next to some guy selling watches. Jacob Black and him split up. It was easier,seeing that they hate each other's guts and Jake wanted to kill Edward for hurting Bella. So there Edward was,looking around scanning the crowd for the evil redheaded vampire lady. That was when he heard the random background music start to play out of nowhere. And then he felt someone grab him by the shoulder and turn him around. Before he knew it,he was face to face with Jessica Stanley. Jessica pushed him backwards playfully,and gave a little smile.

" Hey Hey you you I don't like your girlfriend." Jessica started to sing. She took him by the arm and started twirling and dancing. Then Lauren came out of nowhere. Lauren shoved Jessica out of the way and Jessica fell to the floor. Edward blinked. Lauren put her hands on Edward's shoulders and sang,

" No way,no way,think ya need a new one." Jessica got up off of the floor and they both sang," Hey Hey you you I can be your girlfriend!"

Edward started to get freaked out. He turned around away from them and started running at human-speed down the corridor. Up ahead he saw a sign that said Abercrombie. A preppy clothes store for rich snob girls. (A/N: No offense to anyone who shops there) He ran in the door to hide from them,and search for Victoria. He ran to the back of the store where he saw someone with red hair. It turned out to be just a teenage girl. He sighed and leaned against a rack full of clothes.

Two hands stuck out from two sweaters and pushed them apart. Jessica's head popped out from the clothes. Edward jumped back. Jessica climbed under the rack of clothes and made her way towards Edward. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself up against him. Edward was about to scream when she started singing,

" Your so fine I want you mine your so delicious.

I think about you all the time your so addictive

Don't you know what I can do to make you feel alright?"

He pushed her off and ran out of the store as fast as he could. He saw a store up ahead called Macy's. That store was just a big department store with so many things to buy and so many places to hide. And look for Victoria. He ran around in circles searching for a place to hide. He thought it was safe to hide in furniture section. There was a big bed and comforter set on sale for $ 699. He ran over and hid behind a sign. Then he saw Lauren's head pop out from under the bed. She climbed out and Edward stared in horror. Lauren put a hand on Edward's muscles,smiling and sang,

" Don't pretend I know you think I'm damn precious

And hell yeah.

I'm the mother fuckin princess.

You like me too and you know I'm right,"

Edward turned around to run but Jessica was right behind him. Jessica smiled and the two of them sang:

" Bella's like,

So whatever

You can do

So much better

I think we should get together now

Thats what everyone's talking about!"

Edward growled. He threw his hands up in the air and screamed. Lauren and Jessica backed up,scared. Edward narrowed his eyes at them and ran his fingers through his hair with frustration.

" I am not dating Bella!" Edward yelled.

" Oh." Jessica said,flushing red.

" And I'm not dating you either!" Edward yelled.

" Oh." Lauren said,humiliated by the scene they were making and the fact that he's not even dating Bella. Or them.

" Leave me alone." Edward growled

He ran off to go find Victoria and wasn't bothered by them anymore.