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The Transformation

A young teenage girl is sitting on a rock. Her long black hair drapes over her shoulders, and down her back covering parts of her long sleeve sailor top. Her left elbow digs in her left thigh, and her hand gently supports her head. Her green mini skirt lies flat against her legs. Her long white socks are pulled almost up to her knees. The brown shoes she's wearing are scuffed and covered in dirt from weeks of journeying all across Japan. Her brown eyes are gazing at the crescent moon above.

'All he ever thinks about is her. She's nothing, but bones and graveyard soil. Why does he care about her so much? I'm actually living flesh but he loves her more than me.' The girl thinks as she slowly pulls her legs up onto the rock. She wraps her arms around her shins and buries her face in her knees. Tears begin to stream down her face.

A small black cat appears before her. It mews loudly and the girl looks up at it. She lets go of her legs, and slowly lowers them to the ground. She slides off the rock, and crouches down. She wipes the tears off her face quickly before the cat can see them.

"Hey little kitty, what are you doing way out here?" The girl asks the cat. The amber eyes of the cat look up at her expectantly.

The girl scoots a little closer then, reaches out her hand towards the cat. The black cat looks at her hand then sniffs it. The girl lets the cat get better acquainted with her smell. Suddenly she feels two sharp fangs sink into her skin. The cat releases her then, steps away smiling.

"Thank you very much. I only needed to bite one more human to get my second tail." Mews the cat as another long black tail grows right next to the other one.

"I'm sorry that you'll have to suffer the consequences of…Well actually I'd rather not tell you." Mews the cat once more then, it disappears into thin air.

'That darn cat. What did he mean by me suffering the consequences?' She thinks as she feels something flowing through her blood straight to her heart.

She clutches her shirt right over where her heart would be. She slowly gets to her feet in pain. Slowly she takes her hands off her shirt, and pulls them away from her body shaking. As she looks at her palms she feels extremely peculiar. She turns her hands over, and sees that her nails have grown longer. Her hair suddenly brushes against the side of her face, and she can't hear anything. A shot of pain shoots through her body as two black cat-like ears emerge from her hair. Her hair lies around them neatly.

She starts taking deep breaths as a black tail slowly emerges out from underneath her skirt. She can feel fur on the back of her legs. She reaches into her bag that is next to the rock. She grabs a mirror out of it, and slowly brings it towards her face. Her brown eyes lighten to an amber color as she looks in it. The two cat ears protruding from her head twitch slightly at the sound of a twig snapping. She sits down on her tail, and covers her ears then screams.

"That sounded like Kagome!" Says the deep voice of a boy as his amber eyes look off into the distance. His long silver hair runs down his back and over his shoulders onto his red kimono. A pair of silver dog ears twitches towards the sound of the girl's scream.

"InuYasha, since when do you care about Kagome so much more than Kikyo?" Says the voice of a young monk as he looks at the boy. His black hair is pulled back into a tiny ponytail. His purplish eyes gaze at the half-dog demon boy. His black and purple robes resembling those worn by a monk of his time. He is holding a long wooden staff with a gold ring on top of it. His sandals are flat and torn up from walking.

"Don't be so hard on him, Miroku. I'm sure that it wasn't Kagome, InuYasha." Says the voice of a young woman. Her brown eyes glaring at the monk.

Her long brown hair is tied close to the end. As she blinks there is magenta colored eye shadow on her eyelids. She is wearing a light pink kimono with magenta patches on it. Around her waist a green apron is tied. She has on black arm and leg socks. Her socks run from around her toe up her leg. Her sandals are torn up as well, and in her lap lies a two tailed cat demon.

The cream colored cat has black ears and a black diamond on her forehead. Black stripes wrap around the ends of her tails and her paws. Her blood red eyes are shut as she lies contently in the woman's lap.

"Sango's right InuYasha." Pipes in the voice of a young fox demon. His reddish hair is pulled nicely back into a ponytail. A green bow holds it in place. His teal eyes look down at the fire. His teal shirt with white leaves is covered slightly by a furry tan vest. He has on dark blue pants, and out of the bottoms of them are two fox legs. A fluffy tan tail sticks of the back of his pants.

"You're probably right Shippo, but I'm going to check anyways." InuYasha says as he darts off into the night. Leaving his friends around the campfire they had made earlier.

"There he goes again. When will he make up his mind about who he wants?" Miroku asks. Sango looks over at Miroku knowing that he's right about InuYasha.

InuYasha's bare feet quickly hit the ground then leave as he runs to find Kagome. He smells the air, but Kagome's scent has changed somehow.

'Kagome smells more like a half-demon now. Just like me, but how can that be.' He thinks as he dashes over to the rocky area where Kagome is.

He slows down as he looks at Kagome in the moonlight. She's covering her ears, and tears are streaming down her face. He walks over to Kagome and says her name quietly. Kagome looks over at him her now amber eyes focusing in on him.

"InuYasha? Why are you here? Just go away and leave me alone." Kagome snaps. She doesn't want him to find out about her transformation.

"I came to find you. I heard you scream a little while ago. Come on let's go back to camp together." He says calmly.

Kagome slides off the rock, and stands up facing InuYasha. He walks over to her, and grabs her bag off the ground. Kagome still holds her hands over her new ears tightly. InuYasha looks at her then starts to walk away. Kagome follows after him slowly.

They maneuver through the forest together and back into camp. Kagome looks at Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo, and smiles at them all. She suddenly forgets about her cat ears, and drops her hands. The others look at her and gasp. InuYasha looks over his shoulder at her. He drops her bag in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asks them. Her tail suddenly sways out from behind her. She suddenly remembers and forces her tail behind her, and flops her right arm over her head to cover both ears at once.

"Kagome you've become a cat demon." Miroku exclaims as he looks at her.

"No Miroku. Kagome's only a half-demon." InuYasha says calmly. Miroku looks at him, but he knows that InuYasha must still smell human on her. Kagome looks down at the ground with tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's okay Kagome. You're still the same Kagome we know even with cat ears and a tail." Sango says as she stands up, shoving Kirara off of her lap. She then walks over to Kagome.

She pulls Kagome's arm off her head, and Kagome releases her tail. Sango then pulls her into the light of the fire. Kagome smiles as Sango lets go of her.

"See its okay. You're not any different than you were before this happened. By the way how did this happen?" Sango asks as she looks Kagome up and down. The others look at her puzzled as well.

"A cat demon like Kirara bit me. He said that he only had to bite one more human to get his second tail. I was his last victim it seems. I watched his second tail grow, and then I transformed into a half-cat demon." Kagome explains as she looks into the fire.

"I noticed that you smelled like a half-demon when I was looking for you. I saw that your eyes are amber now, but I figured it was the moonlight changing them." InuYasha suddenly pipes in. Kagome looks over at him then back at the fire.

Kagome suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder she looks over into the eyes of InuYasha. She notices that he's looking at her the way he usually looks at Kikyo. She tries to look away, but she can't force herself to.

'Why is he looking at me like that? Don't tell me just, because I'm a half-demon now he loves me. Maybe I'm just imagining that look in his eyes. I don't know though. I feel so much closer to him now that I'm a half-demon too.' Kagome thinks as she looks at InuYasha.

"Is it just me or are they looking at each other strangely?" Miroku whispers to Sango as he gets to his feet.

"No, I noticed it too." Sango says as Kirara stands beside her. The monk and demon slayer look over at the two half-demons, but decide not to say a word to them right then.

Kagome finally looks away, and grabs her bag off the ground. She walks over to the other side of camp, and sets it down on the ground. She rummages through it, and pulls out a sleeping bag. She unrolls the bag, and sets it on the ground. Kagome smoothes out the lumps then, crawls inside.

"Well good night everyone." She says then she closes her eyes and tries to fall asleep.

"What's with her all the sudden?" Shippo says as he looks over at Kagome. The others look at her strangely as well.

'I've never seen InuYasha look at me like that. I just had to get away from that look in his eyes.' Kagome thinks as she lies there trying to fall asleep. As she lies there she can hear the others settling down. She can hear their slow breathing. She opens her eyes, and sits up.

Everyone appears to be asleep until InuYasha opens his eyes, and looks at her. Kagome flops back down, and closes her eyes tightly.

"What's wrong Kagome?" He asks. Kagome opens her eyes again and looks at him. She doesn't want to say what's really on her mind.

"Earlier you looked at me weird. It kind of freaked me out that's all." She says as he looks at her. She blinks then looks at him again.

"Oh that. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that now I feel like I have someone to share my pain with. I've never met another half-demon in my entire life. So having you become one is almost like a blessing for me. You're already so close to me and now we're even closer." InuYasha explains as he looks at her.

Kagome closes her eyes slowly as sleep consumes her. She opens her mouth to speak, but she's already asleep. InuYasha closes his eyes too, and quickly falls asleep knowing he won't get a response out of Kagome now.

Author's Note:

Okay this is by far my favorite chapter. Okay I know it's only the first one but, I'm writing this author's note after typing three other chapters besides this one. Still my favorite after all of those. I guess it's the amount of detail within this chapter. Do you have any idea how hard it is to describe the top of Miroku's staff? I think after I mentioned the name it became a little clearer who I was talking about.