The jewel

Kagome sits staring at the jewel. Slowly she rubs her fingers over the small crack in the jewel where Kohaku's jewel shard would be. She had sent Sango off to find her brother but hadn't told her why.

The sad truth was that Kagome planned to remove Kohaku's jewel shard to complete the jewel. She had known that Sango would refuse to get her brother if she knew Kagome's plans.

"I'm back and so are Kohaku's memories." Sango yells cheerfully as Kirara lands on the ground.

"That's great, Sango. Hi Kohaku how are you feeling?" Kagome asks looking at the boy.

His brown hair is pulled up into a ponytail and his brown eyes stare at the ground. Kagome looks at the freckles across his face and his grey outfit that looks like only a shirt.

"Fine, Miss Kagome." He mumbles not looking at her.

"I'm going to tell the others you're back. Just stay here with Kagome." Sango commands Kohaku before walking off into the village.

"Take it!" Kohaku yells out of nowhere while looking at Kagome.

"I know you want it and I don't want to live with it anymore. So take the shard and complete the jewel." Kohaku says reaching for his weapon.

"Stop Kohaku! I can't do it and if I could I would first make sure you could be brought back to life." Kagome explains pulling the weapon away.

"Don't bother! I can't live like this anymore." Kohaku say swinging the weapon towards the spot on his back.

Kagome' grabs it and brings the mostly complete jewel to the spot instead. Kohaku watches as the jewel fuses together inside his back. Kagome smiles as it sinks into Kohaku's skin. Just then Sango walks in and sees what's going on.

"What are you doing to Kohaku?" She yells angrily at Kagome grabbing her Hiraikotsu.

"Merging the jewel together in his back. I want him to live for you Sango and I want the jewel to never be used for evil." Kagome explains removing her hands from Kohaku's flesh.

"Why would you do that Kagome?" Sango asks unsure if this is the right thing.

"Yeah, Kagome why would you waste the jewel on that kid?" InuYasha snarls barging into the hut.

"He deserves to live InuYasha. This way the jewel won't exist but to keep him alive. That's what Kaede said when I asked her about it. Besides you're strong enough." Kagome explains looking at him with her gentle eyes.

"The truth is Kagome; I didn't want it for me anymore. I was going to use it so that you could become human again. I know that being a demon is making you unhappy." InuYasha explains trying not to look at Kagome.

"So you can do selfless things." Miroku says walking in, with Shippo on his shoulder.

"Thank you, InuYasha but I'll be happy as a demon and I'll be happy here with you. I can't go back without the jewel. That's another reason I gave it to Kohaku. Yesterday when you weren't around I told my family and they were sad but they didn't mind. So I'm staying here in the feudal era." Kagome explains walking over to InuYasha.

"Kagome!" He mumbles, when she suddenly hugs him and he returns her hug.

"Well now Sango! Since the journey is over shall we head off? We did make that promise you know." Miroku says sheepishly.

"Not quite yet Miroku. I want to stay here for awhile before we go our separate ways." Sango says looking at the pair before her.

"I fear that I must agree with you Sango. I can't quite part with my lovely Kagome." Miroku kids pulling Kagome out of InuYasha's grasp and into his.

"Hey don't touch my woman." Koga growls and that's when the group realizes that he is still there.

"Your woman! I already told you that Kagome isn't a prize." InuYasha snarls grabbing Kagome back from Miroku.

"I'm sorry Koga but I'm going to stay with InuYasha. I gave up my life in the future to stay here with him." Kagome explains looking at Koga seriously.

"Fine but if you ever get tired of the muttface you know where to find me." Koga says flatly before walking out and leaving the village.

"I didn't think I would ever see the day when Kagome would tell him no." Sango murmurs.

"Technically she didn't tell him no she just said she was going to stay with InuYasha." Miroku chimes in breaking the silent mood.

"Well then Kagome now what are we going to do without Naraku around?" InuYasha asks looking into her amber eyes.

"Let's go visit all the places in Japan that aren't destroyed or we could go and hunt demons down. Or we could stay here and live together. Your choice." Kagome suggests smiling as she looks at him.

"I think I'll take the second choice of hunting demons. The other two sound boring." He says unenthusiastically.

"What's so boring about seeing Japan or staying together?" Kagome snaps at him.

"Sightseeing isn't my thing and staying in one place will make me restless." He explains by yelling at her.

"So are you saying that being with me is boring? Thanks a lot you jerk." Kagome snarls turning away from him.

"I didn't say anything like that stupid." InuYasha barks glaring at the back of Kagome's head.

"Oh so now I'm stupid! Make up your mind! Am I stupid or boring?" Kagome hisses turning around to face him.

"Neither you're beautiful and I love you." InuYasha snaps but then covers his mouth.

"Did I just hear him right Sango?" Miroku asks staring blankly at InuYasha.

"I think so because I heard him too." Sango says with the same look of surprise on her face.

"InuYasha, I had no idea you felt that way about me. All this time I thought you were stuck up on Kikyo and now I find out that you love me too." Kagome whispers as tears stream down her face.

"Why are you crying now?" He snaps at her.

"Because I'm so happy. I'm finally good enough to beat Kikyo. I gave up my life like her. Well in a way I gave it up. And that is what finally made you forget her." Kagome sniffles hugging InuYasha again.

"Kagome, you didn't have to give up your life to win my heart you already did that every day we were together. Kikyo was clay and you are flesh. She was off hunting Naraku alone. While you stood beside me. I guess I just didn't realize what I already had." InuYasha murmurs embracing Kagome in his arms.

"Thank you, InuYasha." Kagome mumbles into his chest, then she repeats her words again and again.

Author's Note:

I've decided to make a sequel! This is the final chapter of this story and I'm sorry it took so long to update. I was a little busy. So enjoy the final chapter and prepare for the sequel, 'Demon's heart.'