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When Severus woke the next morning, he panicked. He didn't know whose bed he was in and his ass hurt a lot. Then he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist and remembered what happened last night. After his bold action, Sirius had escorted him up to the dormitory. Severus smiled happily, snuggling into his lover's embrace. He turned around and saw that Sirius was still fast asleep. He put his head against Sirius' chest and sighed. Forever he would remember this night, having finally been able to love someone that he wanted with all his heart and soul. Severus laid there for a long time until Sirius finally woke up.

"Morning." Sirius looked down at the blonde haired angel in his arms and smiled. "Last night was a lot of fun, wasn't it?" Severus nodded enthusiastically. (A/N- just wanted everyone to remember, James dyed Severus' hair blonde.)

"I'm glad you know now, Sirius. I'm just wondering…will I be able- I mean… this wasn't a one night stand, right?" Severus' face was a bright red and he looked down at Sirius' chest.

Sirius chuckled and pulled Severus in closer. "No. If it was a one night stand, then by god, I'd have to shoot myself. No, now that I have you, I'm never letting go." He pulled Severus in for another kiss and smiled. They dressed and walked into the common room, laughing and joking until they came upon a pouting James.

"What's up, James?"

James looked up at the two of them. "I never got to see who won last night. I wanted to see one of you humiliated." He crossed his arms over his chest and gave an angry puff, much like an angered toddler. Severus thought he looked extremely cute when he was angry.

"No one won, James. Someone interrupted us and we had to run." James looked up at Sirius and smiled. "And no, no one saw us." James pouted again.

Severus had a thought, and became a little curious. Would Sirius want to make their relationship open and let others know about it or would he want to hide it? Severus bit his lip and asked Sirius to talk with him in private. He didn't want to mess up his only chance with the love of his school life.

"Ummm…Sirius? Do you want…you know- other people knowing about us? Or would you rather keep it a secret…" He looked down at the burgundy carpet of the common room floor with his hands behind his back. Next thing he knew, he was staring at the ceiling as Sirius picked him up bridal style.

"I want the world to know." Severus smiled as Sirius carried him back to James, whispering romantic things in his ears that made him giggle. When James saw them, he just about leapt off in couch in joy. His smile stretched from behind one ear to behind the other.



weddingIt'llbesoooomuchfunandLilywillbethrilledthatyou'rehappySevvie Oh crap, LILY!" After his extremely breathless sentence…s… he raced out of the common room, leaving an extremely confused couple to wonder, "What the…"

After a minute, Sirius said, "I think he was trying to say congrats, just in a very James like fashion." Severus nodded and looked around for a moment. "What's wrong?"

Severus blushed and mumbled, "I can walk, so, could you put me down. Please?" Sirius chuckled and reluctantly put him down. He took Severus' hand and led him to the portrait hole. Severus sighed contentedly as Sirius helped him down on the other side of the portrait. The rest of his day was filled with passed notes in class, sneaking to secret passages to steal kisses, and running down to the lake during their free time to enjoy each other's company.

A few days later, Severus was walking down to the quidditch field with the rest of the Gryffindors. He was still shy around them, but they were very excepting. He was looking forward to see James and Sirius play in the game today and had all his patriotic Gryffindor clothes on.

Before he was able to climb up the steps into the arena, he felt strong hands grab his shoulders and clamp over his mouth. He began to panic, thinking his father finally found him, but was relieved just to see some older Slytherins. He was only able to feel his relief for a few moments however because the two were leading him toward a broom closet on the side of the dressing rooms.

He couldn't shout out as he was shoved in and everything went black. He didn't make a sound as the Slytherins kicked him and punched him, bloodying him up. He didn't move just stayed as limp as possible. He heard the crowd cheer and hoped that Sirius had just made a goal and won the game for Gryffindor and James was knocking Slytherins off their brooms with his beater bat.

After what seemed like ages, the crowd started to leave and the Slytherins gave him one last kick and left. He tried to stumble out only to find that they had locked him in. What am I going to do? I have to go to Sirius and see if he got bloodied up too bad. Oh God, I need to get out of here.

He desperately knocked on the door with what little strength he had left. He knocked and knocked until he figured it must be night. Where's Sirius? Oh God I hope he's ok…

Finally he heard a muffled voice shouting on the other side. He heard the lock blow off the closet and saw Remus' worried face. "Oh God, you're horrible. Sirius' going to be pissed. Come on."

He helped Severus out and let him lean on his shoulder. He helped him up the grounds and shot up sparks when he got into the front courtyard. Then he led Severus to the common room and told him to lie down. He held an ice pack to his forehead and began to bandage his wounds. He sat up with his ice pack on. He grimaced and leaned back into the couch. In his sitting position, he couldn't see Sirius or James. Peter was there, staring with wide eyes.

"Where's Sirius?" He managed to mutter. He heard a crash and a growl from behind him.

"Speak of the Devil and he shalt appear," Remus muttered.

"I CAN'T FIND HIM ANYWHERE! HE COULD BE HURT AND BLEEDING TO DEATH! OH GOD, I WISH I WAS WITH HIM!" He was pacing behind the chair. Severus tried to stand, but stood too quickly and he got lightheaded.

"Sirius…" He groaned and the last thing he saw was Sirius' wide eyes before he was enveloped in darkness…