Somehow I never saw it

And yet you always did.

You saw when I was stupid

You stayed quiet and you hid.

You saw me when I cried

And you didn't say a word.

Convinced that anything you said

Would sound, to me, absurd.

You never spoke to people

I just figured you were shy.

I never thought that you might care

For an outcast and a lie.

We were apart for many days

I never got to know

The sweet and smart and charming girl

That kept her eyes down low.

So now I really see you

In your own beauty's light.

I finally can understand

Why you keep up your fight.

So take my heart and give it wings

Set free, no longer moored

The admiration I feel for

The girl that I ignored.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Naruto and prob'ly never will (tears), however this poem is totally mine. It really can be used for anything, so whatever.