Chapter One

"Ah, Major Samantha Carter."

"It's 'Colonel' now."

"Of course, my apologies."

The conversation seemed to go stagnate at that point in time. Sam took the opportunity to assess her situation. It wasn't exactly good. She stood in the middle of the control deck of a Goa'uld Mothership. She was unbound, but at the same time she was unarmed and alone.

Her gracious host was an ornately dressed blonde haired Goa'uld with dark eyes that glittered with an air of superiority. He flashed his eyes at her and she briefly considered using the trick Gabriel had taught her and flashing her own right back at him. Thinking better of she continued her inspection of the room instead.

There was another Goa'uld standing off to the side a few steps back from the throne like control chair where the first sat. This one looked young. His host was maybe in his late twenties, with a lean build that spoke of athletic grace rather than brute power. However, what caught Sam's eye the most about him was his girlishly long, jet black, straight hair that was marred by a two inch gleaming white streak that started at his right temple.

After looking around Sam brought her murderous glare back to the blonde Goa'uld. He spread a smug, self satisfied, look onto his face that made her want to rush forward and ring his neck. Controlling herself she simply slung a smile across her own lips and crossed her arms over her chest with an air of defiant confidence.

" know my name, sort of, but I can't recall ever having heard of you."

"I am Anshar."

"Anshar...Anshar." Sam repeated to herself. "Nope, not ringing any bells."

"Pity." Anshar shrugged. "I'm sure your Sho'va friend would have known me...unfortunately he's dead."

"I wouldn't place any bets on either one of those statements being true." Sam said casually. "However, here's something you can bank on: release me unharmed, or face the consequences."

"Have friends in high places do you?"

"Don't need them...I'll tear this place apart myself."

Anshar stood causing the other Goa'uld in the room to tense slightly. He was oddly submissive, like an abused dog that still loved his master. Sam didn't have time to worry about the snake in the grass, it was the one directly in front of her that took up her attention right now. Bluff and bravado were the only weapons she had at the moment and she figured she might as well use them.

Anshar fearlessly stepped up to Sam and smiled in a way that twisted her stomach. She glanced quickly to either side to see how far away his Jaffa guards were. Thinking she had time to get in one good strike Sam lashed out at Anshar. With lightning reflexes he caught and held her wrist.

Not easily discouraged Sam went for him again with the other hand. Like all of his brethren the Goa'uld was deceptively fast and strong. With both writs now restrained Sam grit her teeth in frustration. She hadn't really thought she could kill or even hurt him. She just wanted to demonstrate that she wasn't afraid, even if that wasn't true.

"I am pleased to see that all the rumors about you are true." Anshar purred as he drew her closer. "I have heard many tales of your spitfire."

"Have you heard the ones where any slimy Snake that touches me tends to come to a sticky and unpleasant end?"

"Yes, I have as a matter of fact." Anshar admitted "Which is exactly why I'm not keeping you."


Anshar pulled his lips over his teeth in a half sneer, half smile. He pushed his captive back and she quickly found herself in the arms of a powerful Jaffa guard. The second Goa'uld was now staring out the thick glassed window at the stars beyond, looking completely disinterested. Sam's attention was brought back to Anshar as he ran his hand through her short hair.

"Put a nice ribbon on her." Anshar ordered with a chuckled

"My Lord?" The Jaffa asked confused.

"It will make her a more presentable gift."

"A gift?" The skunk haired Goa'uld suddenly spoke.

"For Lord Ba'al."