So, I finally got the inspiration to add to the family series. This follows New Addition though I guess it's technically not necessary that you read it first. A tiny father-son moment, a bigger father-daughter moment and the requisite DL at the end, enjoy.

And before you all start asking about Dancing I'm going to tell you that I have absolutely no inspiration for writing it. I've tried, a hundred times to write the next bit and it just isn't happening. You guys deserve better than a half-attempt (for those of you reading this that also read that!)

Anywho... enjoy!

Lindsay Messer had been having little pains all day. She couldn't find a comfortable spot on the couch and her frustration was making her cranky. Her pregnancy with her and Danny's second child had been a fairly easy one in comparison to Braden's. Their little baby girl was much calmer than her soccer player of a brother.

She groaned as she stood, looking for a glass of water from the kitchen. Maternity leave had been a blessing in disguise. She loved her work and she loved the lab, but walking around with a bulging stomach and the overprotective nature of each and every one of her colleagues had deteriorated into a screaming match with her husband more than once. But Danny had been a trooper.

Another pain passed through her back and abdomen. Lindsay grasped the edge of the counter as she waited for it to pass.

"Mommy, we're back!"

Lindsay smiled at the sound of her son's voice. Stella, with a day off and no pressing cases, had taken Braden for the day instead of sending the boy to daycare. Lindsay didn't mind. Braden loved spending time with the lab family.


Lindsay managed a half decent smile at her son, even as the pain ripped through her again. "Hey sweetheart. Did you have fun with Aunt Stella?"

The little boy nodded enthusiastically, glancing up at the curly-haired woman. "We went to the park and then we went to the lab and I got to see Uncle Adam do a fingerprint!"

Lindsay laughed, her eyes meeting Stella's only briefly. The next thing she knew she felt the wetness in her pants. "Braden?"

"Mommy, did you have a accident?"

If Lindsay hadn't been dealing with the fear of having her baby right that second, she probably would have laughed. "Honey, I need you to listen for a minute, okay?" At Braden's nod, she continued. "Remember that bag in the closet that Daddy showed you? I need you to run and grab it, okay?"

When Braden scampered off, Stella took no time in approaching Lindsay. "You okay to make it to the SUV? I stole it from the lab because I have the early shift tomorrow morning."

"I can make it down there on my own," Lindsay promised. "Can grab my purse for me?"

Soon, the three of them were making their way down into the NYPD car. Another contraction hit just as Lindsay was buckling Braden in and she cried out.

"Mommy?" Braden's voice was small and scared.

Lindsay winced, feeling guilty for making her baby scared like this. "I'm okay, honey," she tried to reassure him, even as her knuckles went white on the door of the car. "We're going to the hospital, okay? Your baby sister wants to meet you." Making sure her son was completely strapped in, she made her way to the other side. It drove Danny nuts, but Lindsay would never sit up front in the passenger's seat when she was pregnant. It had started with Braden and this one was no different.

She leaned her head back against the headrest as Stella started the car and the sirens. She laughed to herself at the abuse of power, but was thankful for it. There was no way this baby was coming in the car and there was no way she was letting Braden see her in any more pain than she was.

The next contraction hit and she cried out again, softly swearing as she waited for it to pass. When her eyes opened, the locked on Braden's terrified gaze and she gently stroked his stomach to calm him, like she did when he was an infant. "I'm okay, I'm going to be fine." She dug around in her bag for her iPod and handed it over to the four-year-old. "You stick those in your ears and we'll be at the hospital before you know it."

Lindsay met Stella's eyes in the rear view. "Do you think you could call Danny? Hearing me in labour will probably be more dangerous for the people of New York than you calmly telling him."

Stella laughed slightly pulling out her cell and relaying the message to Danny. "He'll meet us at the hospital. You okay?"

"I'll be better when they give me those glorious drugs," Lindsay joked, wincing at the aftermath of her last contraction. "I just feel horrible that Braden has to see this."

The little boy looked terrified as he watched his mother wince and cry out in pain. Lindsay tried to keep it in, tried not to cry out and scare him anymore, but labour, she found, was painful. It had been with Braden, and apparently her second pregnancy wasn't going to be much different. She groaned as she waited for Stella to grab a nurse and settled herself in the wheelchair when it was brought to her door. Trusting that Stella would bring Braden in, she relaxed into the chair and let the nurses steer her into the maternity ward.

Ten minutes later, a frazzled Danny raced in. "Montana?"

She smiled as she relaxed against the sheets having just coached herself through another contraction. "How many speed limits did you break?"

"All of them," he conceded with his half-smirk-half-smile that never failed to melt her anger.

Lindsay nodded absently. "Have you seen Braden?"

Danny shook his head. "I kind of raced in here. I didn't make a stop. Is he okay?"

"You didn't think of your only son? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Danny took a deep breath in, reminding himself of the mood swings she had displayed during labour with Braden. She'd cried, screamed and afterwards had told him he was the greatest man in the world and that he'd make a brilliant father. "Did the doctors do the epidural yet?"

"No, they were going to wait until you were here."

Danny nodded. "I'll go find Braden, you try and relax. I'll be back."

Said four-year-old was quietly sitting beside Stella, his fingers tracing over the edges of what Danny knew to be Lindsay's iPod. "Hey buddy," he said softly.

Braden threw himself into his father's arms. "Mommy wouldn't stop screaming. What's wrong, Daddy?"

Danny smiled at Stella, whatever information they had passing through their eyes. It was a neat trick the whole team had developed through working together. Stella stepped outside to make the calls to the lab, and Danny knew she'd probably be heading back there to cover the end of his shift.

"Mommy's going to be fine," Danny tried to reassure his son, tucking the small body as close as he possibly could. Braden started sobbing in Danny's arms, shaking violently.

"She was yelling bad words," Braden managed in between sobs.

Danny sighed. "It hurts when Mommies have babies, bud."

Braden's tearstained face looked into the identical eyes of his father. "Why?"

"I wish I could tell you. I haven't had to go through it so I have no idea."

Stella chose that very opportune moment to come back into the waiting room, smiling apologetically. "I have to head in."

Danny nodded, running his free hand, the one not wrapped around his son, through his hair. "D'ya think Mac'll mind if you take Braden? I think he's seen enough of Linds' pain for one day."

Stella smiled. "I doubt it. He was there a couple of hours ago and Mac didn't say anything. I'm sure Adam wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him for a bit."

Danny sighed gratefully. "Thanks Stel."

She nodded. "Go be with Lindsay. And call us when the baby's born."

"I will," he promised.

Hours later, Danny stood over the little bassinet, holding his new daughter. Gabriella Taylor Messer was tiny, smaller than her brother had been at birth. Yet, she'd been stubborn in coming out. The labour had lasted much longer than Braden's had and Lindsay had fallen asleep almost directly afterwards.

Her little eyes flickered open and he could see Lindsay's honey brown irises already starting to take over her bright blues. "Hey there Princess," he said softly, rocking her against him to try and let Lindsay sleep just that little bit longer. "I'm your daddy." He felt tears welling in his eyes as he looked down at her. He loved Braden dearly, but he'd always wanted a little girl.

"Do you think you can be good for Mommy? I know, it's probably a lot to ask of a little person like you but your Mommy gets tired easily, even though she won't admit it. You big brother used to scream bloody murder when he wanted anything. Do you think you could be a little nicer than that?" He knew talking to the infant was probably pretty pointless, but he continued anyway.

"If you can do that I promise to keep my badge and gun hidden for the first boy you bring home. It won't be happenin' until you're like, forty, but I'll do it anyway." He took a breath here, looking down at the little infant and remembering the fear he'd felt the first time he'd held his son.

"You know, you're almost scarier than your big brother was," he said softly. "You're my baby girl, my princess, and if you look like your Mommy now, I can only imagine what you're gonna to look like when you're older. Your mother is still beautiful." He rocked her gently in his arms as she started to fuss and she calmed. He chuckled. "A daddy's girl already, huh? That's alright. Braden was a mommy's boy since the minute he met us both. He can play your mother with a rightly placed pout that boy. Mommy says it's because he reminds her so much of me. I guess then you remind me of your Mom. She could get me to jump of a building if she tried hard enough."

"Well we wouldn't want that."

Danny turned carefully, Gabby still cradled against his chest, to meet Lindsay's tired eyes. "Hey."

"Hey," she responded with a smile. "Are you teaching her bad habits already?"

He grinned. "We're just havin' a heart-to-heart, that's all. No need to worry."

"The last time you had a heart-to-heart with your son he scraped his knee and elbow jumping off the end of the slide in the park," Lindsay pointed out, though the teasing smile on her face told him he wasn't in any trouble.

As if sensing her mother was now awake, Gabby started fussing again and Danny willingly handed the infant over. "We wanted to let you sleep."

"This one was a little more exhausting than Braden," she acknowledged, smiling at the small child in her arms.

Danny took in the picture of mother and daughter and felt tears spring to his eyes. He wasn't one for crying, but the love and affection that filled his chest also closed his throat. He loved his family more than life itself. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed as Lindsay shifted to feed the infant. He stroked Lindsay's head absently, shifting his fingers through her mussed curls. "I love you."

She smiled up at him brilliantly. "I love you, too."

Danny kissed Lindsay's head and watched mother and daughter. This was his life, this was his family.

This was his everything.