I finished writing the last name on its card and threw in into the hat with the others. I shook it a few times allowing the slips of paper to reclaim their positions. When I felt satisfied I threw the hat to the other side of the long apartment. I waited a second before chasing after the flying object with my eyes closed. I heard a ripple in the air and caught the paper before gravity seized it.


Oh joy, high school again. I muttered as my body began the transmutation. Slight shivers ran down my arms as they took a new, slimmer shape. My muscles contracted sharply leaving only a third of their original mass. My rough hands became small and dainty and my nails grew. The walls seemed to grow as my height decreased. My legs barely showed any muscle as they shrank to their proper proportions. My feet contracted rather quickly and I felt myself wobble a little to catch my balance. My chest grew exponentially and my waistline shrunk. My squared off jaw became less harsh to accompany my round face. My short black hair changed to blonde as it grew in waves to the middle of my back. I watched in the mirror as my yellow eyes turned green and a healthy, human tan hid my extremely pale skin.

Within a couple of seconds I was done and heading towards the closet. As I stared at the clothes my stomach screamed in pain. I had just fed yesterday but my human form disliked the wait. I ignored the sounds and began to search for my jacket. I found it on the bottom of a pile along with a pair of black pants and a green turtleneck sweater that matched my eyes.

I stared at the map searching for the nearest high school in the area. I found one close to my next destination and grabbed my keys.

Forks High School here I comeā€¦