Now we get to find out what Edward did to Micheal

Edward's Revenge

"Hey, Miss, are you okay?" A man with an Italian accent asked. Italian?

"Um, where am I?" I asked the man. He fidgeted.

"Well, you're in Italy," he said. It confused me.

"How did I get here?" I asked him. He fidgeted again and pointed to some cardboard.

"Well, Miss, someone mailed you here," he said. I laughed. When he didn't laugh I panicked.

"Where am I?" I asked again.

"Volterra to be exact, you're in Italy."

"And how did I get here?"

"You were in that box."

I thought about it for a minute. The last thing I remembered was PE. After that I was hit on the head. I ran my fingers where I was hit. The bump throbbed in pain.

"How'd the box get through security?" I asked. He fidgeted a lot more.

"Well, it seems like someone just walked past security and put you on the plane. We called the airport you were flown from; they said that they would try to find the person who did it to you."

I looked back at the box. It was very small. Very, very small.

"How did I fit in here?" I asked him. I didn't believe the story at all.

"Actually, we don't know. Are you a gymnast?"

I sighed and shook my head. "Is there a phone around here?" The man gave me his cell phone and I thanked him. I started dialing Alice's number.

"Hello?" Alice's voice chirped from the other end. I sighed.

"Hey Alice, it's Michelle," I spoke. I heard squeals on the other end.

"Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, he's alive!!!" she screamed. There was some confusion before Emmett grabbed the phone.

"Dude, where are you?" he asked. "We've been looking everywhere!"

"Did you check Italy?" I asked him. The voices stopped.

"Why are you in Italy?" Emmett asked.

"I didn't come here by choice," I answered him. "I was shipped here!!"

I heard bouts of laughter from the other end. I wanted to wring their necks.

"What does the package say?" Jasper's voice called. I grabbed the box and read it.

"To the Volturri; Carlisle told me not to kill it. Will you please do it for me? I'm sure she tastes really good."

The laughing grew.

"Will you guys please shut up and help me out?" I asked. No luck. I hung up and handed the phone back to the man.

"Miss, we are sorry that this has happened to you. The airline has offered to pay for your trip home," the man said. I shook my head.

"I'll pay. I like first class." I gave him Edward's credit card number and left.

ξ Squiggle ξ

I wandered outside. I had nine hours before my plane took off so I decided to do a little sightseeing.

I strolled into a clothing store to get some baggy clothing. If I was going to shift out of the blue I would need appropriate clothes to do it in. I settled for a baggy long sleeve sweatshirt and large stretchy black pants. Edward paid for the clothes and I went on my merry way.

While walking down a street I stumbled onto a tour bus. The guide was extraordinarily pretty so I decided what the heck? Might as well. As I paid her I could've sworn that she smelled me. Her looks far surpassed her creepiness so I hopped on the bus without another word.

The tour didn't take long; it was really just a shuttle to a big castle-like thing. I shrugged as I followed the group into the building. The guide stopped every few minutes to talk about some part of the castle. It was terribly boring. I tried to turn around and leave once but some people stopped me and ushered me forward. They stopped to smell me just like the guide. I shrugged it off as an Italian thing and headed where everybody else was.

Soon we were in front of massive doors. The tour guide opened one of the doors with only one of her arms. When I saw how thick the door was I wanted to bang my head on something.

They were vampires.

We were their prey.

Which would explain why they kept smelling me. I thought. I remembered how amazing this body's blood had smelled, how amazing it had tasted. I laughed when I realized that they wouldn't be getting a taste of it anytime soon.

When we entered the room I realized that it was the end of the line. While most of the people gathered around the tour guide I hung back, ready to change as soon as the first blood was spilt.

My position didn't go unnoticed. Two male vampires hung around me, lightly growling at each other. I sighed and headed towards the crowd so I could change in the confusion.

"Welcome, my guests, to Volterra!" A man with long black hair stood at the front of the crowd. The coven leader. "I hope you have all enjoyed your stay here, because I'm afraid that this is where it ends." The big doors shut on cue and the crowd started to scurry. I crouched down and quickly shifted into Carlisle who could handle mass amounts of blood without going insane. I still had to hold my nose when they started feeding.

I fought my way to some chairs in the corner. I sat there with my eyes closed and nose plugged, but it didn't stop the screams. I felt disgusted to be the same race as these people who were ruthlessly murdering all of those souls. I felt sick.

After the screams had faded I got up to head to the door.

"Carlisle Cullen?" a man's voice asked. I stopped and turned to look at who called. The Man with the long black hair came up to me, eyes bright. "How have you been?" he asked, shaking my hand. He stopped suddenly and looked at me.

"You're not…" he started. A man behind him cut him off.

"Carlisle! How good it is to see you again!" he announced as he made his way over to me. The first held up his hand.

"This isn't Carlisle," he stated. The second man looked at me confusedly before looking at the first.

"Well, who is he then?" the second asked. I shifted into Micheal.

"His name is Micheal," introduced the first one. "Edward mailed him here when he kissed a human male."

The second man looked at me strangely and backed off.

"Well, technically, Edward kissed him," I tried. The first man smiled.

"When you are Edward, you kissed him," he shot. I grumbled.

"What's going on?" the second man asked. I actually didn't know. The first man smiled evilly.

"Watch this," he said as he picked one of the second man's hairs. No! Before I could stop him his hand was in my mouth. Are you serious? I don't even know these people!

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, allow me to introduce myself," the first man answered to my thought. "My name is Aro. The man behind me and, well, the man in front of me too," he smirked. "Is Marcus."

"Will you please switch back? It's rather annoying, talking to myself and all," Marcus asked. Well, not really 'asked', more like 'ordered'. I looked down.

"The funny thing about that," Aro started cheerfully, "is that he can't!"

"And why not?" Marcus asked angrily.

"Because his body needs to get used to your DNA," he laughed. I wondered how he knew all of this.

"He got the DNA from my hair right?" Marco asked. Aro nodded proudly. Suddenly another hand forced its way inside my mouth.

"We're even," Marco stated proudly.

I felt a horrible sense of deja vu.

I started to back away, slowly heading to the door. On my way out I ran into another older man. As soon as we touched I knew everything about him. Every memory he had, every thought he had of that memory, and his name.

"Hello Caius," I greeted him. He eyed me confusedly.


"I think I'm going to go for a walk or something…" He eyed the arguing vampires and grabbed my shirt.

"You two," he said. They both looked up. "Your new pet here is getting away."

Pet? I am not a pet!

Marco appeared in front of us. "Thank you Caius, we'll handle it from here." Caius nodded and headed further into the room. Before he was out of reach Aro picked one of his hairs and shoved in my mouth.

I can't accurately explain what happened next.

I think that because Aro could read me through touch and I was Aro at the time, we were both reading each other at the same time. Either way we both ended up on the ground. Not only was I struck with Aro's memories and emotions, but I was struck with every single memory and emotion he had read from other people. Aro was also struck with his own emotions as he read them through me.

"Well, that was surely interesting," Aro stated. "I had never read my own memories before…"

"I've never read anybody's memories before…" I stated. I held my head. "That hurt."

I removed my hand from my head, catching a few white hairs on its way out. I looked up at an angry Caius.

"Change back," he ordered. "Now."

"He can't," Marcus and Aro both answered at the same time.

"You just have to make him be someone else," Aro explained. Caius thought for a moment before whistling.

"Yes master?" a young girl asked as she entered the room. Aro growled.

"Come here, Jane," Caius cooed. She walked over to him.

"Leave her out of it!" Aro shouted. Caius smiled as he picked one of her hairs. Jane looked amused. Well, until Caius's hand found its way into my mouth.

She stared at me in horror before giving me a death stare. Thanks to Aro I knew what she was trying to do. I winced in fear.

I opened my left eye and loosened up. She looked like she was about to explode.

"Change back!" she yelled at me. I sighed.

"He can't," Aro, Marcus, and Caius all answered for me.

"You have to force someone else on him," Caius explained. Jane smiled before whistling.

"Yes masters?" Demetri asked. I recognized him from Aro's memories. Jane skipped to him and yanked out more than enough hairs.

"It only has to be one," Aro laughed. Jane shrugged and skipped over to me. She took one and forced it inside my mouth.

"Does anybody care what I think?" I asked them all as I transformed into Demetri.

"No," they replied bluntly.

"Then I'm leaving," I announced as I headed to the door. They all cut me off.

"No you're not," they announced. I got out my plane ticket.

"You see this? I need to get on this plane in exactly one hour. I need to go. Now," I explained. They didn't move. I turned around to go out the back door but half of them appeared in front of me. The other half stayed at the door.

"You're not walking around the city as me!" Demetri stated.

"You're our present!" Aro exclaimed. Several of the vampires looked at him confusedly. "Edward sent him in the mail. He said that Carlisle wouldn't let him kill him so he wanted us to do it," he laughed. "Maybe you would taste good…"

"I'm not for Edward to give away," I stated. "He has control over his own body and I have control of the copy I made of him."

"So how long are you going to be me?" Demetri asked. I shuddered.

"Four very very long days," I mumbled. They heard it.

"What!?!" they asked. I sighed.

"Or longer, Emmett was longer."

They looked at me horrified.

"You're not leaving here until you can freely change forms," Marco stated with finality. I groaned, that meant twenty days. Twenty days trapped in peoples' bodies. People I don't even know!

Twenty days… if I was lucky.

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