I'm not gonna be able to update as fast as I would like to this Summer. I'm going back to Paris, France, and I guess I'm gonna be pretty busy... So, to make you wait, here's some spoilers...

Ok, so for those who don't want to know what's going to happen in the next stories, don't read !! You've been warned... :-)

All the updates I make will be in Bold

Episode 09: Miley finds herself in another reality, and she doesn't know how to come back. All her world is turned upside down. Shejust moved in Malibu and doesn't know Lilly. Lilly is dating someone else, Oliver. How will she win Lilly's heart?

Fortunatly, the class has to take care of false babies and Miley and Lilly are paired up. Is it the way to get Lilly back?

Lots of readers are worried that I'll start Liley's relationship at the beginning with this episode, but I won't. It's kind of the same basic idea of ''When you wish you were the star.'' It will be the following of my stories, but something weird will happen and Miley will find herself somewhere else the time of this only episode. Don't worry, I won't change what I wrote, I won't start all over. Liley as you know them will still be there!

Episode 10 :Lilly is turning 16. What will Miley do to make this birthday very special? Lilly gets her driving licence, and takes Miley on a road Trip to Seattle where Hannah has a concert. This is the time for a big and crucial conversation about how they want their relationship to evolve.

Episode 11 :Jake and Miley have to do a piece of Romeo and Juliet for school, while Lilly is stuck with Amber for a piece of Hamlet. Lilly feels threatened by Jake. Is she right? Does Miley still have feelings for Jake? How Lilly will manage to not burn out around Amber?

Six months anniversary.

Episode 12 : the highschool organizes a cruise in the Pacific for a week to celebrate the end of the school year. All the freshmen will go. Lilly meets someone and feels attracted to this person. A karaoke night is organized.

Episode 13 and 14 : Hannah goes on tour, during Summer time. Lola is there too. Hannah will know her first stalker experience. How Lilly will react to that? The girls will have their biggest fight ever. Will they make up?

Episode 15: Hannah comes back from tour, and it's the beginning of the school year. Did Miley and Lilly make up? New Students, new relationships?

I'll update this page as soon as I get new ideas, or as soon as I am willing to give out some spoilers!! I love teasing ! ;-)

If you want to see some special things happen between the girls, or with Hannah, or anything that comes to your mind, just let me know in the review section! I'll do my best to put some of the ideas in my stories ! After all, I write them for you!!