Author's Notes: I know that this story could have ended at the end of Chapter 21 and it would have been fine, but that's the key word, fine. When creating this story it was never about some big grand adventure, it was about a family. This story has been interwoven with so many things that there were a few things that I knew I had to get out and loose ends that needed to be tied before I ended it this story.

First and foremost was when I created BJ's past. It was an extensive backstory where I gave him a past and a sister and when I did that, I could not leave it without her arriving. Then there was also Gwen. I needed her to play a more important role in her family. Before then she was just there, but not really a major character in the story. She's five years old and now part of a huge secret that she has to keep. I needed to draw that out and really show how hard it was for her. It's not easy to do.

When I write stories I let the characters take me where they want to go and this is where they took me.

I am making a third story out of this, since these characters are so complex and this story will go on with another jump in time. The third story will start out when Kiera is fifteen and Gwen is thirteen. I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I have a few ideas. Whether or not you want to read it is another thing, but I will be writing it, because there are so many things that can happen with it.

That's all I have to say and I'm getting off my soapbox now. I hope you enjoy the last bit of For Our Children.

Keegan Eavan.

Gwen stared up at that the ceiling of her bedroom. She had finally decided that she wanted some of her friends over instead of going somewhere, but she wasn't happy about it. Now it was her birthday and she really didn't care all that much.

It still upset her that she had to chose and not get what she really wanted, even though it was her birthday. Everyone would be over in a few hours, but she just wanted to be in her room and left alone while everyone else decorated.

"She's still upset that she had to choose Beej and if she doesn't get over it, it's not going to be a very good birthday for her." Lydia said.

"You want me to go talk to her?" He asked and Lydia nodded.

"I know that we've told her that it's important, but she's getting moodier about it and I'm worried that she's cracking under the pressure." Lydia said sitting down on the couch next to Bella. Beetlejuice turned to go upstairs to talk to his daughter. He didn't want to admit it, but she had been acting out lately, a lot like Kiera right before she decided to run away and that's the last thing that they needed to deal with after everything else that had happened. He knocked on her door and opened it up.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"You're Mom's worried about you Gwenny and wanted me to come up to talk to you." He said coming into her room and sitting down on her bed.

"I'm fine."

"No you're not and that's okay. You can't really understand right now, because I know that you just want your birthday to be the best, but this is something that is very important. We can't go around zapping things and making them move or lifting your friends up in the air because then everyone would know that we are different and eventually they would find out that your mother, your aunt and myself aren't alive and everything would spill out. Everyone right now don't really know if they believe in ghosts or not. Some people do and some people don't and that's the way it has to be." Beetlejuice explained.

"I know that, I'm not stupid you know." She said, not looking at her father.

"I know you're not Gwen, we just want you to know the reasons." He said. Gwen just kept looking up at the ceiling and heard her father sigh and get up off of her bed. "Happy Birthday Gwen." He said and walked out. Gwen sighed and sat up on her bed after her father left and felt a cold knot in her stomach. There would be other things that they would be able to do, it was just that no one else could know about it. She got up to see what everyone else was doing.

"I don't get why she doesn't get it." Kiera said when Beetlejuice walked back downstairs.

"She's young Kiera, so are you." He said simply and shrugged. "Hopefully she'll get over it and figure out that this isn't going to change." Gwen overheard her father and got angry all over again.

"You want me to get over what Dad? Get over being alive? Does it make you made that I'm alive and you're not?" She asked making everyone turn to look at her.

"That's not what B meant Gwen." Bella said looking up at her niece.

"Yeah it was. He wants me to stop being a baby about all of this, but you guys don't have friends that want to know everything do you, so it doesn't matter that much to you." She said and walked down.

"It's really not that big of a deal Gwen. You're making it out to be far bigger than what it is."

"Am I really? I don't know about that. You all are so concerned about everything that it must be a big deal or you wouldn't be freaking out that I almost told Melissa."

"You almost told?" Lydia asked.

"Yup and maybe I should, I know that she'd understand."

"She might understand, but do you think her mother would? Do you think that they would understand that your parents are dead and still let you play with their daughter? I don't think that they would Gwen." Lydia said.

"It's not my fault that you guys are dead, why am I being punished for it? Kiera is the one who ran away and you didn't punish her, it's not fair." She was angry, more angry than she'd ever been and she really didn't know why. Somewhere in her she knew that it was silly to be so mad, but she was and it was overflowing her.

"Gwen you need to calm down." Beetlejuice said. She just shook her head and didn't say anything. Somewhere in her, something was let go and she felt like she was dizzy and started to weave.

"Look at that B." Bella said. They all watched as Gwen started to glow and levitate a few inches off of the floor.

"How is that even possible? She's alive not dead." Lydia said.

"Has she ever been this angry before?"

"I don't think so. She's gotten angry before, but this is the first time she's held a grudge for more than a few minutes."

"I wondered if this would happen." Lydia and Beetlejuice turned to Bella, their eyes drawn in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Beetlejuice asked his sister.

"She is half ghost B. You were dead when you created her and I wondered if maybe some of your powers went over to her. Maybe it just took her thinking about all of this and being angry enough that it was able to show herself." Bella said and shrugged.

Gwen looked down to see that her feet were off the ground and started to panic, she fell down the few inches that she rose, her knees giving way as she fell to her knees.

"What happened?" She asked. She was dizzy and scared.

"You started showing some powers Gwen, has anything like this ever happened before?" Beetlejuice asked.

"Yes." Lydia said. Everyone turned to look at her. "When Gwen was a baby a few strange things would happen now that I think about it. It wasn't anything big, a light blinked or a window shook. Things that I shrugged at then, but now I wonder." She said.

"So what happens now?" Beetlejuice asked as Gwen sat there stunned.

"Either we forget about it or try to help her work on them." Bella said.

"Work on them. I want to work on them, I can do it Dad." Gwen said standing up on her shaky legs.