Hello, everyone! I wanted to give an update on this story since it has been sitting so long. I have been really flattered by the many readers who keep putting this story on their favorites or alerts though I haven't updated in quite some time. I want to thank you for your continued interest. Even more, I want to say the positive reviews that I have received for this story have really overwhelmed me as I never dreamed it would be well-received. They meant more to me than I can say and I really can't thank you enough for them.

On to the bad news… I have lost a lot of my inspiration for this story. It's the same tired excuses: life has gotten in the way, new interests have consumed me, etc. This really saddens me because I hate to leave things unfinished and I put a lot of love into this fic. It is what it is, just fanfiction, but I am fonder of it than anything else I've ever written. What really bothers me is that I left it at a rather cruel cliffhanger for you, my readers. However, I fear at his point I will not be able to keep up the quality, live up to your expectations or my own. I'd hate to see this happen so I will try to finish it, perhaps at a later date.

Maybe I will be able to entertain you again... I really hope so. If not, huge thanks to everyone who has read this story; you kept me going. Cheers!