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Artemis Fowl: Collision of the Worlds

Chapter 1: The Next Adventure

Artemis Fowl II contemplated the newest issue psychology journal. Now at 22 years old, he was already a globally renowned scientist, known particularly for his studies in psychology and his physics theories. Chances were he would be receiving a Nobel Prize in the next year.

But despite these huge achievements, he still personally considered his greatest feat one that had been attained at twelve years old; discovering the fairy people. Artemis smiled, remembering his own audacious plan to abduct a fairy at a magical site in southern Ireland. His plan to attain a metric ton of gold had worked, though not without a few twists, including a troll destroying his entire foyer. Most surprising though, were the emotions he felt. Guilt! Artemis recalled his own amazement that he, of all people, could feel such a normal emotion. He had never felt that way before, despite his criminal tendencies. But then again, only Holly could make him feel so guilty.

That was not his only encounter with the People, however. Several times, he had joined forces with Holly Short, the sole female officer of the LEP Recon unit, to keep their worlds from colliding. Even though certain fairies had been more than eager to wipe his memory, he had cheated their mind-wipe with a gold-plated laser disc to impersonate the perforated gold coin given to him by Holly. He now fingered same gold coin that still hung around his neck.

Bored, he tapped the ring he wore on his right hand. It was actually a fairy communicator he had disguised in order to keep in touch with Holly. It was probably illegal but it was the only way they could avert the fairy Council.

Though his adventures with the People had been in the past for some time now, Artemis couldn't help missing them. The world seemed so tedious no matter how many laws of physics he disproved. He wished that there was some way he could rig the communicator to contact Holly but to the best of his knowledge, it was impossible without a plethora of advanced fairy technology at hand. And the best of Artemis Fowl's knowledge is most likely true.

For once in his life, Artemis longed to have people around him. Unfortunately he picked a bad time to develop a social life. His parents and younger brothers were away vacationing in the Bahamas and Juliet was away touring with a wrestling group in the States. The only person in Fowl Manor was Butler and unless you wanted to strike up a conversation about Sig Sauers, dead loss. There was, however Minerva.

Not that Artemis and Minerva were still together. After his adventure on the demon island of Hybras were time is contorted, Artemis had come back to find that three years had passed when in reality, they could not have been gone more than an hour or two. Before the incident, he had been fifteen and had a crush on Minerva, a fellow child genius. But when he came back, he found that everyone, especially Minerva, had changed, except him. The whole world had moved on without him and things were now inexplicably different in so many ways, on so many levels. For some reason, beyond Artemis's understanding (and that is beyond anyone's understanding), he no longer felt attracted to this older Minerva. Too much had changed over those years and there was no way to regain that, what they had had, momentarily.

However, there was one thing he could do to appease the boredom of having solved most of the problems of the universe. His only real opponent for the Nobel Prize was quite the jerk, to use such wording, having just gone on national television saying that the great Artemis Fowl was nothing but a stupid little kid toying with his hard drive. Not that the lies would convince anyone but himself, but the remarks still stung.

That blubbering idiot can't possibly have a very advanced system, Artemis mused. Perhaps he could do a little harmless hacking, maybe along the way, rid the world of yet another tremendous ego.

Artemis rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He was going to enjoy this.

Two girls in what humans would call their early-twenties in Haven's city square would not have caused much attention normally. But these were hardly normal girls.

The younger was extremely pretty with dark russet corkscrew curls that fell to her waist elegantly. She wore a skimpy miniskirt and tank top, resplendent as she titled her head back and giggled. And she had the most stunning eyes, long-lashed and grey-green— the color of the stormy seas.

The other young woman was slightly older; small, slender and rather stunning, in her sharp looks that barely betrayed her femininity. Her soft, dark auburn curls fell to her shoulders and framed her face, a contrast to her otherwise pointed edges. She wore slightly flared jeans and a simple tee, clothes that scarcely hid her toned body beneath them.

"So, Holly, how's Trouble?" The dark haired girl asked suggestively.

"Those rumors have traveled out of the city already? Seriously, that centaur cannot keep a secret to save his life!" Holly said indignantly as her younger sister laughed. Holly and Trouble had been dating for the past year or so and had intended to keep it out of the tabloids. But you could only make out in the closets for so long before Foaly discovered. And it was saying among the LEP that if Foaly knew something, you could be sure all of Haven knew it too.

"Mari, I can't believe you read that junk!" Holly remarked. "I mean, they don't have anything better to do than write dumb jokes about me?"

"Well," Mariana said, "Since no one the Council has made a fool of themselves lately, Skylar Peat hasn't been arrested on a DUI, and Foaly hasn't invented anything new, then you're the hot juicy news this week. Congrats!"

"So nice to know that I qualify as back-up tabloid fodder," Holly said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Mariana grabbed a couple magazines off a newsstand, "'Crazy Girly Captain Scores New Boyfriend' and a nice photo-shopped picture of you and Trouble making out. Oh and look at that shot of your butt!"

"Drop it, Mari, or I'll spill to your boyfriend about your last midnight escapade," Holly threatened.

"You wouldn't," she replied confidently, still thumbing through the periodical. Suddenly, her eyes widened, "Have you seen this, Holly?! Trouble's running for office?"

"Political office?" Holly snatched the magazine out of her sister's hands, a look of worry crossing her face, seeming older than her years. "It can't be."

"Well, if he hasn't told you, I'm sure it's nothing. It's just a junky tabloid making up something ludicrous as usual," assured Mariana. Holly was still unsure but nodded anyways. Just then, her pager beeped. Holly dug in her jean pocket for it and glanced at the ID.

"It's Foaly, might be an emergency," She looked apologetically at Mariana. "I'll just go check it out real quick; you can come if you like."

The girls ran swiftly down the street to Police Plaza, an imposing building that stood at the edge of the downtown Haven district. Holly showed her ID to the guard, ran through the metal detectors and fingerprint scanners, and went straight to the Operations Booth.

"Hey, Foaly, what's up?" she asked.

"Your boyfriend just has a new recruit to show you," he said, not even looking up from his monitors. Holly ignored the boyfriend crack, "You called me off-duty all because of a recruit?"

When Sool had been drummed out of the force a few years back, Trouble had taken his place. And a couple years after that, when Holly finally managed to return from the demon island of Hybras, she had agreed to rejoin the LEP as a major, with some persuasion from Vinyaya and a few added benefits, to say in the least.

"Well, the way his initiation runs are going now, it is earth-shattering news if anyone passes," Foaly pointed out. He was right. Trouble Kelp was the youngest commander in LEP history, a man in his prime. Going up against him for initiation was no easy task, especially with his practiced skill.

"So I take it that Trouble isn't exactly a push-over?" asked Mariana, feeling a bit left out. Foaly noticed her and asked, "Who's the tag-along, Holly?"

"This is Mariana, my sister. She's in college in Atlantis and she's in town for the summer. You should like her— physics major, no less."

"Oh really?" Foaly was gearing up for a match of wits, "I bet you couldn't figure out my temporal time equation."

"Are you kidding me? Isn't that the same one that the Fowl kid found mistakes with?" Mariana scoffed.

Holly sat back, prepared to be bored half to death. However, and thankfully, they was interrupted by the entrance of Commander Trouble Kelp.

"So you have a new recruit?" Holly asked, "You actually let someone pass for once?"

"Well," Trouble said, feigning disappointment, as he sunk into the couch beside Holly, "I suppose it had to happen sometime. But imagine me, being outrun and outmaneuvered by a cadet!"

"Hey, I could beat your shooting any day, any where," said Holly. "But where is this cadet who finally beat you? He must be some kind of miracle."

"She, actually," Trouble corrected, brushing a lock of hair out of his eyes, "I got beat by a little girl."

Laurel Maple entered the operations booth in the best of moods. She was indeed, little and lithe, her physique much like Holly's, and her darkish blonde hair was swept back into a ponytail. Her eyes were as dark as midnight but her smile was bright as the sun. It was hard to believe that this was the girl who looked barely out of her teens had beaten out the esteemed Trouble Kelp.

Holly grinned at Trouble's embarrassment and said to Lauren, "Thanks so much! I think you might have dented his ego a bit."

"You must be Major Short. My name's Lauren Maple, honored to meet you, ma'am," the cadet was young and excited.

"Oh, don't call me ma'am; it makes me feel so old! Call me Holly," she answered and pointed to the still debating centaur, "That's Foaly, resident genius and purveyor of paranoia. You might want to work on scraping his ego as well."

Upon hearing his name, Foaly turned his head, "You beat Trouble Kelp?" he said, staring at Laurel, seeing a mine of opportunities to mock Trouble.

"Wow, just got the memo, Foaly? And you call yourself contemporary," Trouble retorted.

"Well, I'm not the one who just got my butt whooped by a kid!"

"You want to try going up against Lauren? She's tougher than she looks. You should know that, having known Holly all these years." Trouble defended. "Which reminds me, Holly, I'm putting you in charge of training her."

Just then Foaly's gas screens fired up. "Situation aboveground involving probe of scope satellites." Callers blared from various scenes.

Trouble leapt into action, "Location? And level of alert?"

"The location is in the south of France. And the alert is currently unclassified."

"Okay, boys, enough testosterone fueled sparring," Holly intervened, "I'm officially reactivating myself."

"Are you serious? I don't like this," Foaly disagreed.

"Don't worry, I can take care of myself." Holly said, gearing up, "And there's no better than training than the real thing, Trouble. So Lauren, you better charge up your Neutrino. You're going to need it."

Meanwhile, Juliet was on her way home to Fowl Manor. Her small, red Fiat zoomed along the countryside of Northern Ireland, a green landscape wrought with hills. Sure, wrestling in the States was exciting enough but she could only take so many huge men who talked primarily in grunts. So not cool.

Now twenty-six years old, Juliet was prettier than ever. Her long blonde hair was twined into a braid that extended to her waist, ending in her trademark jade ring. She wore a pastel pink cropped jacket and grey slacks with huge loop earrings and blue-green eyes sparkled with excitement. Ever since she was eighteen, Juliet had joined a wrestling troupe instead of choosing to pursue a career in personal protection like her brother. She hadn't even gone back to Madame Ko's academy to complete her education and receive the coveted blue diamond tattoo. Sometimes she regretted giving up all those years of work but Holly was right; that life wasn't for her.

The Fiat whined softly as it climbed a monstrous hill that culminated in the great walls of Fowl Manor. The Manor had been adapted from a Norman castle but the security was as tight as ever. Juliet grinned mischievously. She hadn't told her older brother, Butler that she was coming and she didn't intend to get into the Manor in an orthodox way. Time to test her skills.

Juliet parked out of the way of the security cameras at the entrance and quickly spotted their blind spots. Small, maybe, but not nonexistent. She would have to tell Artemis about this.

She knew that there would be motion sensors placed randomly on the wall, but not on the iron wrought gate. A bit stupid if you thought about it; the gate may have been 16 feet tall, but the intricate designs made for great footholds. Juliet quickly dashed through the beams of the camera into single blind spot by the gate, which she agilely scaled. She dropped to the ground on the other side and skillfully made her way to one of the side doors. Juliet may have not been home for almost a year but she still fondly remembered practically every inch of the Manor and grounds. The lock was simple, easily breakable, cheated by an ordinary hairpin. And that was exactly what Juliet did.

Artemis could be so brilliant yet so foolish all at the same time, she thought as she peeled off her shoes to tiptoe through the house. Juliet checked her wristwatch. 3:15. Too easy, she knew exactly where Butler would be, meditating. Butler was so unlike her, always so in touch with his quiet place. Juliet had so much trouble sitting still as a child that people wondered if she had ADHD!

She was now at the screen door that separated Butler from her. There was no way she could open it without making a sound but she could at least give Butler a bit of a scare. Juliet cleared her throat, attempting a scary imitation of Artemis's haughty voice, "Butler? We appear to have intruders."

What followed resembled a stampede of elephants. The door slammed open and there stood Butler, in all of his nearly seven feet of height. "Juliet! What are you doing here?"

"Just a surprise visit," Juliet smirked, "I snuck in and you didn't even notice. Time for a new security system?"

"How do you do that? That system costs 10,000 euros, and the imitation of Artemis? That is just scary, Juliet," Butler shook his head, "But if Artemis isn't down here, what is he doing?"

"He's probably in his study. Artemis always cooped up in there doing something or the other."

Artemis was indeed still in his study, for once, actually having fun (which was a major stretch for him).

Holly was getting into the shuttle after successfully having Vinyaya sign for her reactivation when she heard Trouble come up from behind her. The tabloid downtown was still nagging at the back of her mind.

"Listen, I read something downtown earlier today," she began.

"Yeah, what did it say?"

"It was about you. Particularly about you entering politics. It isn't true, is it?"

"Holly, what have got against politics?"

"You mean aside from the fact that they all label me as polarizing and try to catch me on every little mistake I've ever made in my entire life? If that's politics, no thanks, I'll pass."

"Sorry to break it you, Holly, but you are polarizing."

"Thanks, Mr. Politician, I hadn't noticed," Holly said sarcastically.

"I was thinking about it, yeah. I mean, I could really win, you know? And it doesn't have to be like that. Cahertez is just a jerk."

"What's your stance?"


"Liberal or conservative? What are your political views? Pro-choice? Affirmative action? Tax cuts or more benefits?"

"How do you know all this?"

"I'm not an idiot. I may not like politics but at least I'm informed. So don't tell me that it's just them, because that's not true. You have to spin in politics and I don't want to see you turn into that. And, there's also the publicity. You know the propagandists run something about us almost everyday. If you run for office, be prepared for more of that."

"Holly, let's not talk about that right now. It's just a hunch, and I'm not even sure if I will run anyways. Lope's still got a good two years left in his term. We'll deal with it when it happens, okay?"

Somehow his voice gave Holly a feeling of security, the promise that things would stay the same. And for once, she wanted that; she was finally happy, living in the now, not looking back in the past or dashing towards the future. But don't you know it? Things never quite turn out the way you want them to and of course, nothing every stays the same, especially for Holly Short.

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