"I've got one," said Fiyero. "There's a body found, dead body, in the middle of the road, a dirt road, at night. The road leads only to a farmhouse, where three people live, two men and a woman. No one else. The police go to the body, find a set of double tracks across the body, obviously the cause of death; well, not the tracks themselves, but whatever made the tracks, by crushing the body. Anyway, they trace the tracks back to the farmhouse and immediately arrest the woman. Why?"

"That's all?" exclaimed Galinda. "How are we supposed to know?"

Fiyero grinned. "That's all. You can ask questions if you want."

"Hmm," mused Boq, "One set of tracks there… so it must've gone to the farmhouse, else there'd be tracks leading away… But how could they tell who's been driving the carriage? Unless there'd been witnesses… Were there witnesses?"

"No, just the three," answered Fiyero.

"Well, then the woman must've confessed," said Nessa, "Her conscience would have been driving her crazy."

Fiyero was about to answer in the negative, but Elphaba beat him to it.

"Of course she didn't," she said, "I'm surprised Nessa; I would've thought you'd be the first to get it. Can I say it?" she asked, turning to Fiyero.

"Sure, unless anyone wants to ask anything first," he said. "Galinda? Boq?"

Both shook their heads no.

"All right then. The woman was in a wheelchair; the tracks weren't from a carriage at all."

"I'm impressed," said Fiyero. "Impressed, but not surprised."

"I don't like that riddle; the answer is too random," said Galinda, pouting. "You can't expect anyone to come up with that."

"Elphaba did."

"Well… but… that's Elphaba," said Galinda. "You can't expect a normal person to come up with that."

"Hey, I take offense at that," Elphaba said, smiling. "No, it's really due to Nessa. When I think of tracks on dirt roads, I think of them as left by Nessa's chair."

"Well congratulations to you, Elphie," said Boq, raising his glass in a toast.

Fiyero laughed and joined him. "To Elphaba!"

"To your riddle!" replied Elphaba.

"To wheelchairs!" said Nessa, laughing.

"To good friends in good times," finished Galinda, and with a final cry of agreement, they drank heartily, the spirit of the moment infecting them all.