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Motoko's hands worked rapidly as all her remaining chakra spilled out from her hands and into Kakashi's body. She poured all her energy into her work for an entire minute before she stopped and pressed her face to his chest.


Closing her eyes with relief at hearing his heart beat, the medic nin allowed herself to fall backwards as she forced herself to breathe properly. He was alive, that was all that mattered to her for now. She was so exhausted that her body shut down and fell asleep on its own.

When Motoko reopened her eyes, the sunlight was streaming through the trees, turning the once spooky area into a peaceful meadow. Well, as peaceful as a meadow can look when its entire fields are scorched in ashes and soot.

As she shifted lightly, a dark cloak rolled off from her shoulders and fell onto the ground. Blinking the sleep away from her eyes, the medic nin sat up wearily, only to fall backwards and moan in pain as a treacherous wave of nausea attacked her. Dizziness numbing her spirit, the woman felt herself spinning even if she knew she wasn't moving an inch.

Suddenly, a cool hand pressed itself on her forehead and a male voice said, "Calm down. You've used way too much chakra last night. You have to rest."

Locking her eyes with Kakashi's, the woman suddenly struggled to get up again as words tumbled from her lips, "I-I'm so sorry about yesterday! Itachi had controlled my body and I couldn't do anything but watch while he tried to kill you! I can't believe I didn't have the strength to stop him, Kakashi, I'm so sorry!"

When she stopped for a quarter of a second to catch her breath, Kakashi placed a finger on her lips and murmured a simple, "It's fine. It wasn't your fault, I understand."

Subdued, Motoko nodded weakly as she whispered, "How can you be standing? He… he nearly killed you…"

"You healed me," Kakashi said with a light smile. "I have no clue how in the world you did it, but you did. Not completely, of course, but enough so I can stand."

Glad, Motoko sighed and nodded lightly before she closed her eyes again. She barely felt Kakashi picking her up and starting to run. She barely heard a door open and close and she barely reacted when he placed her on a bed, then draped covers over her shoulders. But when his lips pressed upon her forehead, she was fully conscious of it.


"Good-bye, Hokage-sama! And thank you for everything!"

Motoko waved high as Tsunade and her subordinates returned her goodbyes. Turning her back, somewhat sadly, on Konoha, the medic nin began her walk back home. Back to Mist village and back to her family.

The day was clear, with no treacherous clouds in the sky that would slow her down. She knew that Itachi wouldn't return to bother her again; he had much more important things to do. In fact, rumors said that he had been ambushed by Sasuke the night after the episode in the forest, yet no one could verify that fact or could say the outcome. Future would have to give them that piece of information.

As she walked along, she thought back to the last two weeks. When Kakashi had brought her back to her apartment, she had fallen into a long sleep, only to awaken to see a curious Tsunade beside her. They had had a long talk before the Hokage had left her behind in the care of Sakura. The pink-haired kunoichi had fixed whatever had been originally wrong with her and had been thanked profusely.

Kakashi had also made a great recovery. Both physically and emotionally. They had both talked about a potential relationship between the two and they had decided to give it a shot despite the long distance. It was worth it.

Just as she was thinking of him, the Copy nin appeared suddenly in front of her, making her jump while he grinned. Stalking towards her, he forced her to drop the small bag she carried and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her close.

"I'll miss you," he admitted in a whisper.

Motoko buried her face in his neck, looping her arms around his shoulders loosely before answering, "So will I, I can't believe that I've met you only weeks ago.

The silence that spread between them was far from being uncomfortable. They both knew that they'd be fine, even if they were apart. They stayed in that position for minutes on end, neither wanting to break the comforting embrace that they had both wanted for so long. Fate wouldn't be tearing them apart now.

Kakashi was the one who broke the silence by murmuring a soft, "Thank you."

But he didn't need to thank her. Almost to give his words some action, he raised his left hand to his face and pulled off one of his mask that covered his jaw.

Just before he pulled off his second mask, Motoko closed her eyes. Their lips met in a loving, sweet kiss, taking their time to savor the moment. She didn't want to see his face right now, she didn't need to.

Simply because she was absolutely certain that she already knew who the man behind the mask was.