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Chapter One

Spring 2008~

It had been one of the first warn days of spring. The trees had began to show tiny green signs of life, just barely poking out from their twigs. The sun was covered by clouds and the air was thick. It might have rained by the afternoon, but by that time, his business would be finished at the cemetery. This job was easy in comparison to the rest. A man wanted the gold that his father had the embalmer place in his pockets before he was placed in his closed casket. Family jewels or something like that. Erik could not care less. A job was a job and this one was very clean when comparing to...others he had had.

Slipping in the back door of the funeral home that was located on the grave yard property, he had no issues finding the man he needed. The coffin was already sealed, so Erik had to deal with that accordingly. Once everything was done, he had all the gold and jewels that his stingy client wanted from his selfish father. It was a dirty business at the time, what Erik offered, but he didn't care. He was so far removed from the acts that he did that someone who already was dead was nothing to what he was used to completing.

He had his driver park inconspicuously in a parking lot located at a KFC on the other side of a wooded area that overlooked the cemetery. The trees that kept the cemetery secluded from the city was a nice touch, as well as very convenient for a man who didn't want to be seen. He climbed the hill and once at the top, he had a strange feeling within him, urging him to turn around, nothing morally related, but something else, something he had never felt before.

Turning cautiously to look back down the hill, he found that there was a funeral service that had just ended. There weren't many people there to begin with and once they had left, only the grave yard workers remained. He looked on to see who they were talking to. It was a girl, a porcelain doll more-like, with her light blond hair, a natural light curl at the tips. She wore a simple black dress that appeared baggy as it hardly clung to her body. She seemed to be nodding nervously to the men who held folding chairs.

The men were wanting to remove the outdoor carpeting as well and wanted to cover up the graves. She must have been out there much longer than he had originally thought. He must have lost track of time as well. What was worse was that he couldn't for the life of him figure out why he cared about any of this at all. The girl moved slowly away from the hole in the ground and then, men began to fill it. She looked around, lost, and then begin to move towards an uninhabited field.

This field looked as if it hadn't been mowed in a while, probably because it had no graves yet. She went straight to the center of the field and sat in the middle, looking completely away from the grave site. The grass was as high as her shoulders and Erik needed to move closer through the trees in order to see her better. On his approach he found her bright blue eyes downcast as she messed with her hands. Feeling further drawn to her, he found himself behind the closest tree to her. It was still at a few yards of distance away, but he knew he couldn't go closer.

He now realized that she was making quite the articulate crown of wildflowers in her hands. This was not to be compared with a child's doing, no, this was turning into a work of art. She had taken all the flowers within her arms length, some even made reach to the tips of her fingers. Eventually they were all gone. She looked back to the grave site and found the men finishing up. It made her shudder and he shuddered with her.

Slowly, she walked back to the grave, once again, as if in a trance. He followed again, this time not retreating to the wooded area, but instead seeking shelter behind various grave stones. Even if he wasn't taking the risk of being seen as seriously as he usually would have, she still wouldn't have noticed him.

Her eyes were dry as she sat next to the disturbed soul. She looked at the ground, then to her crown, to the sky, to the crown, never at the man standing mere feet away behind a gravestone. Laying the flower crown over where the head of the coffin would be she then sat back to her knees. It took a few times for her to adjust where the crown lay and she only ever moved it slightly over the soil, as if trying to get it in just the perfect spot, but once she found the spot, she was then lost all over again.

A broken voice of an angel then came from the girl, "Papa I... I'm sorry we couldn't afford all of the funeral that you wanted. I... I would have sung for you but we...there was no money for... and...Papa I...I hope that you're in heaven now like you said you would and... I made a crown for you and..."

From the air above a small blue bird swooped down and attempted to free some of the flowers from her crown. It succeeded in destroying her work before she could try to scare it away. "No!" she cried to it, "Bring it back! Please bring it back!" But it did not. Instead it flew high over the trees where a rainbow could be seen forming some miles away. Sun began to warm her back and allowed for the rainbow to shine even brighter before her.

"Papa?' She looked out towards the rainbow, reaching for it even, before letting her hand drop to the crown. Her eyes turned to the tussled flowers and Erik heard the fallen angel speak musically for the first time starting hardly in a whisper.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

There's a land that I've heard of

One in a lullaby

She now looked back to the rainbow, growing stronger in her vocal abilities and continued using an instrument far older and wiser than she appeared.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.

The sunlight grew just enough to illuminate both Christine and her father's grave as if it were a spotlight just for her. She felt a new found warmth that seemed to radiate within her soul making her skin tingle. It was the first warmth she had felt from anyone since her father got sick and her voice revealed in it.

Some day I'll wish upon a star

And wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Away upon the chimney tops

That's where you'll find me.

Knowing the following words the the song that was her father's favorite to hear, for he had told her this mere hours before leaving her, her voice began to break into shivers, but she was determined to press on. Her father wanted this and she had to figure out some way to give it to him. The man behind her had lost his breath to her in anticipation and now, his commiseration.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Blue birds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow

Why then

Oh why can't I?

Sobs were now erupting from her and she tried desperately to continue, the words only coming out flat. Erik could no longer take it, this angel, this innocent dove needed him. So quietly, that only she could hear, and so gently that babies could fall asleep, he continued the song for her.

If happy little blue birds fly

She looked up from her sobs, mystified. He continued to lull her.

Beyond the rainbow

Her breathing was now returning to normal.

Why, oh why, can't I?

Her tears gone, she breathed in deeply, a faint hopeful smile gracing her lips. Erik lived off of that smile for the next four years, hoping to the heavens he never thought was there, that he could give this angel such sacred peace again.

Spring 2012~

"We now present the graduating Juilliard University class of 2012!"

Cheers were heard and hats flew to the skies of New York. Christine smiled sweetly and took her hat to her heart. She had made it. She had done what everyone said she'd never be able to do: she had graduated one of the finest and most respected conservatories in America with a Bachelors of Arts with a focus in opera. People were moving around her, beginning to tussle her a bit as they were set on gathering with their families in celebration. Christine was in no rush to move. After all, her close relatives had all passed on. Still, the hopeful girl did not feel alone. As a light breeze tickled her nose, she wanted to think that it was her father wishing her a brief congratulations before moving back up to Heaven where he now lived. The seats around her were now emptying out, but she was not stirred until her name was heard from behind.

"Christine!" A skinny tall red head was standing on a chair behind her. She waved her hat in the air to gain more attention up against the mass of matching graduates. Christine looked up to the ceiling in hearing her name as if it had actually come from the clouds, but on hearing her name a second time, she laughed at herself and turned around.

"Christine!" the girl called again now dodging those around her with a grace that could have been ungodly, "get out of my way!" She, after pushing a few other stragglers out of her way, ran up to Christine and gave the petite blond a big warm hug, her arms easily showing powerful muscles as she did so. Pulling away, her green eyes peered down to Christine's blue ones. She was easily half a foot, maybe more, taller than Christine, but Christine was quite used to coming in short. She always tried to embraced her whopping 5'1 with as much pride as she could muster.

"Christine, we did it! We graduated! Isn't that great?" The skinny dancer had taken Christine's hands and was now hopping with excitement. All the blond could do was smile. She was still coming to the realization of what she had done. Everything around her always seemed to happen too fast for her to recount. Before she could realize, things were ending and she always had a slight pang of guilt in the feeling that she missed them somehow.

"Come on Christine, me and some of the other dancers are going out for a real night on the town. We were talking about finally checking out Cielo. You have to come with us this time!"

"Oh Meg, I couldn't…" she said hesitantly.

"Christine, I told you, you're not going to lose your virginity by going to a club."

Christine tried to cover her blush.

"I know, but I can't dance either. And there would be so many people there too and – "

"You've performed in front of ten times that many people!"

"But they're all so close – "

"Christine!" Meg yapped at her friend. Christine's head fell low to the ground. Meg always wanted to party and Christine never was the party-social like her. The most she ever did was go to a bar, order a water, and leave before 11:30. Meg looked to her friend and tried to sway the innocent Christine to her side.

"Come on Chris, it's your last day being a care-free crazy college kid. Why don't you spend it like every other college kid would?"

"Because she's not every other college kid." Came a friendly tenor voice from behind Christine.

A smile lit the young girls face as she turned around.


She leaped into his strong arms for a hug. The younger looking boy-next-door type picked her off her feet easily as he was just a smidgen taller than Meg. He set her down gently and gave her a peck on the forehead. Putting an arm around her shoulders he addressed Meg.

"See Meg, if my Christine here were like every other college kid, I would have never liked her."

"Raoul, why do you always have to come into the picture every time I try to get our Chris to have a little fun?" Meg said dryly, she really was getting annoyed with Raoul always seeming to hang over Christine like a big boring cloud.

"Because your fun and Christine's fun are different after midnight. Besides, I have a little offer for Christine myself."

"Do you Raoul? What is it?" Christine asked happily clapping her hands together.

"How would you like to go dining with me and my family tonight?"


"Let's just say it's a new five star restaurant that serves up Italian."

"That sounds wonderful!"

"So you want to come?"

"Yes! What time – "

"Um hey! Christine! What about your best friend? Are you just going to drop me so easily? After all we've been through?" Spit Meg who had obviously been forgotten next to the pretty boyfriend. Christine came back to Earth and apologized.

"Oh, Meg, I – I'm sorry, I just – "

"Yeah, yeah, why don't you go off with your great boyfriend? I mean it's not like we ever hang out – " Meg said sarcastically.

"Oh, Meg, I'm sorry, we can be together tonight, can't we?"

"Girl, I may not come back tonight! I'm going to party like hell till I see the sun twice!"

Then it hit her.

"Oh Meg, we're not going to share a place anymore after this! I'm going to miss you so much!" Christine abandoned Raoul's arm and flew to Meg with a hug. Without Meg these past four years, Christine wouldn't have known what to do with anything. Meg stumbled a bit at the surprise embrace, then returned the girls affection. "Meg... Meg. I'm going to miss you so much. I don't know what I'm going to do without you to talk to! I need you!" she cried on Meg's shoulder.

"Hey, hey, Chris, we're still going to call each other right? You got my number and all…"

"That doesn't seem like enough."

"I think I'll just meet up with you two later… I have a few people to say goodbye to…" mumbled Raoul walking off, recognizing that he had lost the attention. Such swings in attention and mood were common with Christine. Everyone who knew her, while it was sometimes annoying, saw these swings as part of her strange charm. She was the shy sweetheart of the stage and people soon lost any anger they could ever even think of holding against her. She could only focus on one thing at a time, it was just how she comprehended things. Thankfully, this had yet to hold her back from her studies in opera.

"Chris, you know we can always have lunches together and stuff. Don't cry like this, especially after I did your make-up this morning. I mean, we're still going to be living in New York, right? I know we'll be running into each other more than once."

"Where are you staying?" Christine asked hopefully looking into Meg's emerald eyes.

"In a two bedroom apartment off of… Wait Christine, where are you staying?"

"I… I don't really know…"

This was the exact problem with Christine's thought process. She was very, very capable of focusing on one particular thing and doing a grand job of completing it, but things such as future plans were easily lost next to present problems. She had excelled at her juries in the past semester because that was what she could focus on. Now there was another problem to focus on that she hadn't thought about because of that.

"Chris I told you, you needed to get an apartment before school ended and we end the lease." Meg sighed and looked to the ceiling for an answer. Without fault one came to the lucky girl and she literally snapped. "Wait! Wait!"

"What?" Christine looked up hopefully.

"I'm staying with Colleen, you know the blond dancer, but we could share a room for a little while if we keep our twin beds. It would make rent so much cheaper and I'd be just like it is now just a different place!"

"Really? You wouldn't mind?"

"No, not at all girl. I'll talk to Colleen about it. I don't think she'll care. She likes you and all. We'll just split rent three ways"

Meg looked down at her friend.

"Oh Chris!" she gave a hug, "you're my best friend, girl. I've got your back you know that. So help me if anyone ever hurts you I'll kick them one they won't soon forget. You know these dancer legs show no mercy. And now we'll be living together too! Oh baby, I can't believe for a second I thought I could live without seeing you every day either!"

"Oh Meg you're the best!"

"Hah, so are you kid."

They hugged again.

"Now about tonight – " Meg started.

Christine had already switched her thoughts over.

"Raoul!" Christine gasped.

"I was about to say – "

"See you back at our place, Meg!"

She was already running to find her boyfriend. Meg watched after her in astonishment. The girl truly was something else entirely. Yes, Raoul was lucky to get her, but what a piece of work she could be at times like these! Sighing it off, Meg turned the opposite direction to face her family. She was not looking forward to her Giry family reunion.

That night Christine lay alone in her shared apartment. She couldn't get over the events of the day. What a wonderful way to spend graduation night, she thought, I never knew Italian food could taste so perfect! And Raoul, oh he's wonderful too… The boy had clouded her thoughts for two years now. He had transferred from North Carolina School of the Arts in 2010 and since then, they had been inseparable. He had pretty features with his wavy blond hair and soft blue eyes. He was also a few years older than her, having taken a movie deal straight out of high school before auditioning for colleges. Raoul was an actor and the two would often spend late nights together working on different pieces. She had come to know him as the most caring and trustworthy man on the campus. He had never forced her into anything she wasn't comfortable with, but at the same time he never took any chances with her, always playing by the book, as if she wouldn't be able to handle anything further. It was a nice book he played by, but a book nonetheless. In his mind, that was what Christine needed. Too much of a surprise would surely frighten her and she could act so young sometimes. Christine still considered herself lucky knowing that hardly any men (especially in a liberal conservatory in the middle of New York) were nearly as respectful as Raoul, particularly since he was such an easily outgoing an actor.

That night after the dinner with Raoul's family, Raoul took her to the gelato place where they had their first date. He had reserved balcony seating for just the two of them, just how he had done on their first date. The two of them looked out on the Hudson Bay as they ate their gelato. Raoul, smiling gently, laughed lightly as one of Christine's strawberries fell from her spoon and landed back in the bowl. She looked up at him, first embarrassed, but then laughed along with him.

"You were eating strawberry the first time we came here." his eyes sparkled in the lights of the city that made their own picture in the water.

"And you were eating chocolate-toffee." She smiled a moment at him, then went back to her gelato.

"I was. You have a really good memory, you know that?"

"So do you."

"I'm an actor aren't I?" he said dramatically making her laugh again.

She nodded, look out at the Hudson, and sighed. She was happy, there was no denying just how happy that he had made her. Finally full, she set her cup down and looked to him, expecting that he hop up and offer to take her home as usual.

"Is that all you're eating?" he asked, a bit nervous.

"Yeah, I'm stuffed from dinner. I can't remember the last time I've had duck and they cooked it so well."

"Are you sure you don't want just a little bit more?" he nudged.

"No, I'm sure." she smiled simply back at him.

He looked in thought for a moment or so, then said, "How about I eat the rest of yours and leave the last bite for you. That way we don't waste it."

"Okay." She watched as he took a huge gulp of her gelato, as if he was trying to be rid of it as quickly as possible. "Be careful, you don't want a brain freeze-" but she was too late. His face had already scrunched into unhappy horizontal lines. She tried to cover her giggles with her hand as he placed the cup in front of her again.

"Here," he winced, looking at her through one half-open eye.

She took the cup from him and noticed its light weight, "But Raoul, I don't think you saved any for me-" her words broke as she saw something inside the cup.

"What is it?" he asked.

"There are...I think someone wrote in the cup."

"Really? Did you win anything?"

"I don't know..." turning the cup around and scraping the melted gelato to the side she read aloud, "Will you marry me?" Looking over it a few times, trying to make sense of what it said, then coming to a conclusion, she looked up and found her boyfriend kneeling before her with a diamond ring in his hand.

"Christine," he said, his well trained voice strong and confidence while remaining sincere and gentle, "I have loved you since the first day I saw you. And I think I've wanted to marry you since the second time I saw you two years ago. You have brought a happiness into my life that I never knew could happen. I love you and...I never want to lose you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

Their relationship was suddenly catching up to her very quickly as if a wind of memories were flying straight through her. All of the laughs they had shared, the long nights of performing for each other, and even some tears she had shed whenever she spoke about her father. She knew what this all meant. He was just what her father always wanted for her and just what she had always dreamed and there he was before her, offering her his life. She didn't know whether to smile or cry and even considered both before she flew into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and laughing.

Letting out a half-laugh he asked, "So is this a yes?"

Pulling away slightly she looked into his sparkling eyes, "Yes Raoul," she leaned into kiss him, "I love you! Yes!"

He stood up, taking her in his arms and spinning her in a circle. "I love you too, I love you too!" They laughed wonderfully together and as he put her down he took the ring he had been holding and placed it on her forth left finger. It looked stunning. "All for you, beautiful. It was my great-grandmothers. And now it's all yours."

"Thank you Raoul, it's so beautiful!"

"I'm glad you like it."

"Yes I do! Raoul I'm so excited! I always wanted to be with you, always!"

"Well I'm glad we feel the same way about things."

"Oh me too!"

He leaned down to kiss her as the ring sparkled majestically on her finger, the bright New York skyline behind them from across the Hudson River.

Christine smiled into her sheets thinking about it. Soon I'll be living with him and not Meg… oh I'm going to miss you Meg! Raoul's parents had a pent house in the city in which Raoul stayed in most of the time. He was far wealthier than most of those at Juilliard who either had scholarships for being from abroad or were already in dept up to their eyes. She, luckily, had been sought out for various scholarships, so many in fact, that the fifty grand a year had been completely paid off. Without such funds, she would have hardly been able to move to New York. And now Christine would be living with him! Her one and only love, she would finally be with him always.

Sighing happily, Christine turned in her bed to lie on her side. She heard what sounded like paper crumpling. This caused her to wonder. She had always kept her room very clean…

She turned on a desk lamp nearby. It was a square piece of solid fabric paper with burnt tips innocently tucked under the corner of her off white pillow. Odd. She picked it up hesitantly and turned it over. Red ink in old cursive writing spelled the following words:

Dearest Christine,

Your four-year term has finally ended at Juilliard. Now that your training is nearing completion, it is time for me to come for you. I will give you the next four days to settle anything you wish to settle with your current existence, more importantly, to say goodbye. I anticipate your arrival.


Looking from side to side, behind her, even thinking of looking under the bed, but refraining, she crunched the note in her fist and eventually froze looking forward. The note wasn't there when I first lay down.

Her breathing was light and sharp and managed to withhold making a sound in the once comforting room. Fight or flight was not even an option as her muscles couldn't have moved even if she had willed them to. She had thought she was alone. The apartment had never been broken into before. And she would have surely heard something if it had been! Could she have been mistaken about the letter mysteriously appearing there? No, she was focused on pulling the sheets down, she definitely would have noticed something off.

"Raoul!" The name fell out of her unmoving mouth without thinking. Hearing herself she realized that he was what she needed at that very moment and said loudly, "Raoul!"

Flight was completely winning over fight as it always had as she frantically got out of bed and ran out her door into the hall. She started to pound on the door beside hers. The poor girl, her thoughts dedicated to finding her love, didn't even think to check her surroundings even out in the open hallway.

Please Jenny, open your door!

She knocked again until the door was unlatched and opened. A hunky looking man opened the door and looked down at Christine. He wasn't wearing his shirt and his chest hair was the first thing Christine saw as he stood at the entrance.

"Jenny's asleep." He said, a bit peeved from all her racket.

"I need Jenny! I need a phone!" she stumbled to get out as she realized that this was the man who must have been Jenny's date for the night.

"There are phones downstairs you know." He said with a yawn.

"Ted, who is that at the door?" came Jenny's sleepy voice from inside the room.

"Jenny! Please can I use your phone?" Christine was trying desperately to peek around the bulky man to grab her neighbor's attention.

"Christine? That you? Wait hold on, let me get some clothes on…"

Christine was accustomed to Jenny always having men over, but it made her gasp all the same every time. Meg always said that people got diseases by doing stuff like that too much and told Christine not to get too comfortable with Jenny for that very reason. Jenny slid up drowsily to the door and held out a small cell phone.

"Here girl, what's wrong with you?" the attractive late-twenties blond asked as her eyes started working with her again. She exchanged her phone to Christine and the girl took it with shaking hands.

"I just need to talk to Raoul. I need to talk to him now."

Christine turned her back at them to look at the hall. She dialed his number with shaking hands and put the phone up to her ear. One ring went by slowly.

"Baby, isn't that my phone?" Christine heard Ted ask Jenny behind her.

"You get free after nine, I don't." she yawned.

"What old ass plan do you have?"

Two rings.

"Hello?" asked an uncertain voice rasped tiredly on the other line.


"Christine? It's late, I didn't think you stayed up to this time – "

"Raoul, I – something happened, please, please come over, I can't go back to my room."

The man on the other end immediately sounded more alert, "Christine, what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"Raoul, please, just come, please, please…"

"Alright I'm on my way now. Whose phone are you on?"

"Jenny's friend's."

"Oh another friend of hers?" he joked casually.

He was acting too calm for her to feel safe and she spoke sporadically, "Yes, OK please Raoul hurry."

"I'm on my way, honey. Just calm down a bit more. I'll be there in fifteen minutes, OK?"

"Oh Raoul, I can't be alone! Raoul hurry!"

"Fifteen minutes tops, hon, do you want me to stay on the phone with you till then?"

"Oh Raoul, please, I can't be alone – "

"OK, OK, I'll just stay here on the phone with you. Can you tell me what happened?"

"Christine, we're going back to bed," Jenny called behind her, "Just slip the phone under the door when you're done, K?" Christine hadn't noticed her talking at first. Jenny repeated a bit louder making the shivering girl jump, "K?"

"Oh! Jenny, thank you, yes."

"Yeah, no problem babe. Take it easy."

The door was shut softly and the light under the door was put out.

"Raoul, are you still there?" she whispered.

"Yes, now can you tell me what happened?"

Christine told him in prompt words what had just happened in such a soft tone that he couldn't hear everything she said. He, of course, had never heard her anywhere close to the state that she was in now and it made him punch through a yellow light. She heard the faint roar of his engine on the other side of the phone.

"It wasn't you was it, Raoul? You wouldn't do that would you?" she cried to him once she had finished.

"Honey, you know I wouldn't do that. Hey, I'm at your place. I'll see you in two minutes – "

"No don't hang up!" she squeaked.

"I – OK I'll stay here with you."

The next morning, Meg stumbled into her apartment with every understanding of not being able to making it to her room and having to collapse on the couch. Unfortunately, for her slightly stumbling, now barefoot, feet, she would have to walk just a little bit farther, for curled up on the couch was her sweet little roommate, purple PJ's and all, tucked under Raoul's arms. It was a cute sight for Meg, but still a very sad sight for her aching feet and looming hangover.

The next day Raoul took Christine to the police. He wanted to take her the night before but her panic attacks wouldn't have let her out in the dark street. Besides, all the police could only say that it was a 'harmless joke', but they'd check into the case all the same. They found no fingerprints and they knew no one of interest with a name beginning with E. There was Meg's boyfriend Evan, but he would never do that. He wasn't the note type, texting as minimal words as possible to get by. Besides, he was an artist, and didn't know a thing about music. He was also seen out with Meg and her friends all night and had been the one to take her home.

Poor Christine didn't know what to do. She had no one to turn to but Meg and Raoul now that the police didn't see her letter as a real threat and more of a joke than anything.

"Raoul, I don't know what to do!" she said that day at lunch, her hands wrapping into her hair.

"Well, don't worry, you can come live in my pent house for a little while until you and Meg move to the other apartment. I'm not about to leave you, baby."

"Oh Raoul, I don't want to go back to that place now. I'm going to miss it, it's just, I can't stand to be in there alone again and I can't ask Meg to stay with me all the time."

"You won't be alone anymore, I'll be there will you. And we can start moving your things out today."

"Yes, yes, that would be good."

The next two days were spent with Meg, Evan, Raoul, and Christine moving into their apartment. Christine slept in a separate room from Raoul at his pent house along with Meg. She agreed to sleep in the same room with Christine like she always had, and she wasn't about to give up an opportunity to sleep in the lap of luxury that the pent house offered. Even as Meg and Evan were not unaccustomed to sex, neither of them liked sleeping in the same bed. That made things assessable for Christine and Meg to occupy the same room for so long.

"Besides, you know I don't have much family either." She said one night, "At least not family that I really care about anyway. I've always slept in the same room with you, and I can't go back to that apartment without you. It's just not the same!" She hit the bed with a thud and was swallowed up in it, "This bed is so awesome! I wish I could afford something as soft as this! You're sure going to be lucky to be living here, Chris."

By the time the forth day came around, Meg and Christine were fully settled into their new apartment with Colleen. Christine had felt better to know either Meg or Raoul would be with her at all times. It was about 11:30 that night when Meg quietly got up out of her bed.

"Where are you going?" Christine asked suddenly.

"I thought you were asleep." She yawned.


"Well, I'm just going to take some pain meds. My arms are killing me after all this moving."

"Don't take long, Meg." The girl pleaded, knowing that the forth day was not yet over.

Shaking her head, "I won't, babe,"

"I love you Meg." She all but whimpered.

Meg let out a soft laugh.

"I love you too, Chris."

Christine smiled and Meg walked out the door. Light from the living room streamed into the bedroom. Colleen was still up watching TV. I'm fine, I'm fine, Meg will be back in just a moment and –

Her thoughts were cut short by the slamming of the door cutting off all the light. Christine sat straight up in her bed with a yelp of fear. Second later, she heard a voice speak from the wall behind her. A cool, eerily calm, beautiful voice whose sound alone seemed to purr over each letter and syllable in an unearthly sort of manner.

"Thinking you could escape me, Christine? My, my you have moved quite a bit in the last four days."