Angel: Hi!

Aki: I thought you were gonna write a chapter of The Prince and a Sevrant! Not a one shot

Katie: This is a two shot

Aki: Oh who cares!

Angel: Sorry I'm having some writer's block and one shots help me get through them

Katie: Two shot


Katie: Oh just get on with your story

" What's Happening "

" Inner Self "

" Self talking to inner self "

Stupid Email

" Are you sure about this?" Tenten asked Ino while staring at the laptop

" Trust me, it helps a lot " Ino said full of herself

Tenten and Ino were at Hinata's slumber party. Tenten was in a pink tang top with green army pants. Ino was wearing a light blue T-shirt-shirt and blue short shorts with cloud on them. Hinata was wearing a long purple night dress. Sakura was wearing a huge pink T-shirt-shirt.


The four girls were in Hinata's room laughing. Sakura was ontop of Hinata's queen sized bed playing games on her laptop (AN: Now before you go " They don't have those types of things " think about the theme song after Sasuke leaves. It has a picture of Sakura talking on a cell phone, I don't care that it's not the manga, but who reads the manga anymore!?") while Ino, Hinata and Tenten all sat on the ground playing Truth or Dare. What they didn't know was that a group of very stupid and yet smart at the same time idoits were watching.

With the Boys

Neji hated it when Hinata had sleepovers. Cause it meant that Sakura would be talking about it all week and Naruto would get the same stupid idea too watch and learn more about the felmale mind! It always ended with one of them falling into a bush. Last time, it was Kiba who fell.

" Alright, guys you know the plan? " Naruto asked

" Hai " Kiba, Shino, Lee, Shikamaru and Neji said

How Naruto got Shino into this Neji will never know.

" Alright then let's move!" Naruto whispered

Everyone went to their places at that point. Naruto was on ground surveillance pretending to work at a guard for the Hyuuga heir. Kiba Shino and Lee was going over to Hinata's room to act like something important was happening in the Main house. While Neji was once again in the trees watching everything go down.

With the Girls

" Ok, Tenten truth or dare? " Ino asked

" Well let's see knowing you if I pick dare I would end up screaming through the Hyuuga compound " HYUUGA'S SUCK LONG LIVE SASUKE!" so it's safer for my health to go with truth. " Tenten said

" I wasn't going to say that, but thanks for the future dare idea!" Ino cheered happy " Ok, I know this is like really cliche but who do you like "

Tenten blushed at that " I...d..don' "

" You lying, and you know what happens if you lie in our truth or dare games " Ino said smiling

" You have to eat my family's soup " Sakura said pulling out a small cantee and opening it up so the foul smell would enter the room

The girls covered their noses in digust, " Put that down!" Ino shouted

Sakura closed the stink boom and went back to her labtop.

" Well, who do you like? " Hinata asked

Inside Tenten's head

" We've got three choices " her inner said

" Are those are?" Tenten asked

" One, we tell the truth " her inner said


" Two we deny everything " her inner said

'' Please, Ino would most likely go inside my head when I fall asleep and figure out for herself if we lie to her again " Tenten explained

" Ok that leaves us with choice number three " her inner said

" Which is?" Tenten asked

" RUN!" her inner screamed

Real World

Tenten didn't really know what happened after that. It was like one moment she was on the ground at the next she's running across Hinata's bed room. None of the other girls knew what she was doing cause it took them two second to process it and another two second to grab her by the waist to stop her from leaving the room.

" Oh, no you don't!" Ino yelled dragging her across the room back to the Truth or Dare circle

With Neji

Neji was on the edge of the tree branch waiting for Tenten's answer. There was no denying that he always had a crush on Tenten but he knew she would never like him back.

During his little pity party he never heard the branch under him being to break due to his weight.

With the Girls

" Please Tenten tell us!" Hinata pleaded

" I'm sorry guys, I just can't!" Tenten said

" DON'T TELL ME IT'S LEE!" Sakura shouted


(AN: Leeten scares me)

" Oh thank God, so it's not Lee " Sakura said

" No" Tenten said " I really like, heck maybe even love N...

" WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!" the girls screamed

" It sound like it came from outside my window " Hinata said

Ino marched over to the pure white windows and threw them open " HELLO ANYONE OUT THERE!"

Ino looked all around Hinata's window but all she found was that right across from the window a branch fell and that's what likely caused the boom

" I think it might have been a branch or some raccoon " Ino said closing the windows

With Neji

Neji had just learn an important rule of watching someone, always make sure your branch can support your weight. Oh well the good news is that he heard the first part of her answer N and there was only one N name he knew of.

" Naruto " Neji growled getting up out of the bush which for some reason Ino didn't see

With the Girls

" Well with that done, tell us who you like Tenten!" Ino said getting right back into the game

" I really like N...

" I AM SO TIRED OF THESE INTERUPTIONS!" Ino and Sakura shouted

Hinata being one of the few sane people left in the room went to go answer the door. When she opened it she saw Lee, Shino, Kiba and a guard outside her room.


" What's wrong!?" Hinata asked worrly

" ARMY!" the guard yelled

" CHOCOLATE!" Lee shouted

" CATS!" Kiba yelled

" YOUR DAD!" Shino said

" Excuse me?" Hinata asked confused

" Don't just stand there " Kiba said " There's an army of chocolate covered cats heading straight for your dad!"

(AN: Now that doesn't scream crazy!)

" Come one we have to go!" the guard yelled grabbing Hinata's hand and dragging her out of the room " I'll take her to her fathers room "

Hinata had no idea why but when the guard took her hand she couldn't help blushing. Usually she only did that around Naruto and sometimes Kiba, so why was blushing at this stranger? Kiba saw how Hinata was blushing cause of Naruto's touch and felt just a little bit jealous. I mean he tried to tell Hinata that he likes her, but she likes Naruto who likes Sakura who liked Sasuke before that emo bastard left for power. It's a really cruel cycle which he'll most likely end up alone in.

" Wait up guys I'll go with you " Kiba offered

" Ok " Hinata said before running off to her father's room

With the Girls

" Ok, Tenten before anything else happens, just tell us who do you like!" Ino begged

" Yeah Tennnie, just spill " Sakura said

" First never call me Tennie!" Tenten barked

" Fine " Sakura said

" I really do like N...

Well there you go

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