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6. Scooby Snacks and Slumber Parties

"This is all your fault." Muttered Yang groggily, glaring sidelong at his insectoid companion. Carl matched Yang's glare with one of his own, crossing his arms over his chest and snapping back a retort. "Yes, because I'm clearly the one dragging us back to my brothers lair to save some smelly, emaciated green bunny."

"That's not what I meant!" replied Yang, voice rising in volume. He quickly shut his mouth, eyeing the pink rabbit leading them apprehensively, before returning to his conversation with the cockroach, making sure to keep his voice low. "If you'd just saved Yuck when we had the chance instead of wasting time showing off your new powers, neither of us would be in this mess! Now I'm being dragged up mountains at the crack of dawn by my sister, still covered in cuts and bruises, and it's all your fault!" Yang finished, turning his head to properly glare at Carl and rubbing a deep cut on his arm for emphasis.

The cockroach looked at him, cocking an eyebrow at the rabbit in a 'not impressed' gesture. "Oh I'm ever so sorry. Of course it was me who offered to come back here at the crack of dawn before you'd fully healed, how silly of me to forget." He muttered sarcastically, smirking slightly at Yang's reaction. The rabbit had deepened his glare, brows scrunched together and lips drawn into a thin line. His expression suggested he was attempting to make Carl spontaneously combust on the spot. All it achieved was making Yang appear about as intimidating as a two year old throwing a tantrum. Carl snickered at this thought.

The three had returned from their trek to Herman's lair yesterday at 11:43pm. After doing their best to treat their various injuries, they finally settled down to sleep at 12:37am. Yin had roused Carl and Yang from their slumber at the crack of dawn, at 4:24am. The two had been less than pleased by this, but had their protests cut short after being hit several times on the head by Yin. They had wisely decided to leave with the pink bunny after that, keeping as far away from her as possible. Yang had noticed his sister's disposition may have something to do with the haunted look she'd had about her face that morning, but he decided it was probably best not to ask, and had taken to arguing with Carl as a means of passing the time till they reached their destination.

Needless to say, neither bunny nor cockroach was in the best of moods.

The three trekked on in relative silence for the next mile or so, with only the occasional angry comment or short lived spat between Yang and Carl to interrupt the oddly deafening quiet. Yin remained several feet ahead of them, eyes fixed determinately onwards, gaze piercing through the early morning gloom as efficiently as the first rays of sunshine creeping over the horizon to the East.

She suddenly stopped walking once the three reached the peak of a large, grassy hill, causing the two boys, who had not noticed that she had stopped until it was nearly too late, to stumble and fall over one another in their attempts to not smash into her. She turned at the noise behind her, and despite being tired and sore from the previous day's battle, could not prevent the snicker which passed between her lips at the sight of her brother and Carl tangled together on the hilltop.


The two tussled and fought with one another for several minutes as each attempted to free themselves from the other, the outcomes of which often left one of them stumbling as they tried to stand and landing the two in an even bigger mess than before. Eventually, after enjoying her fair share of laughs from the sight before her, Yin decided it was time they sort themselves out and get a move on, lest they be spotted upon their vantage point and forced to either fight or make a hasty retreat, neither of which were any of them currently fit to do.

Sighing, she stepped forward and grabbed Yang by the ear, lofting him into the air and prying Carl from him, who had somehow managed to knot his antennae rather tightly around Yang's left arm during the tussle. Once freed, she dumped the grouchy cockroach and wailing bunny ('Ouch! Yin, leggo you idiot! It hurts! Ow ow ow!!') on the grass beside her and shushed them, motioning over the hill to where Herman's fortress could be seen dominating the scenery, its dark aura almost manifesting as a fog about it.

Wordlessly the other two rose to stand beside her, gazing over the crest of the hill at the fortress. Even from this distance they could see the large hole in the eastern wall from last night's escapades, and the four or five large ant soldiers patrolling it. They could tell it would be almost impossible to enter undetected.

Finally breaking the silence, Yang gently nudged his sister's shoulder, trying to capture her attention.

"So Yin. The place looks pretty well secure, how are we supposed to get in?" Yin remained silent for a few minutes, assessing the situation. Finally, she gave a brief nod and turned to face the two boys, apparently decided.

"There's no direct route for us to get inside and rescue Yuck without getting spotted by the soldiers, and in our condition I doubt we can take them all on at once. Our best bet is to create a distraction, that way some of the soldiers will leave to follow it and that should even the odds a little. I'm sure two of us will be able to take out the remaining soldiers and rescue Yuck, and then we'll meet back with the person serving as the distraction later." Yin finished, waiting to hear the others reaction. Yang immediately jumped in, smirking slightly.

"So Bug Boy's the distraction right? I mean, you'll probably need both might and magic, and since you can't be thinking of sending me in there with him-" he motioned to the cockroach dismissingly "then we must be going in there together. Right sis?"

Yin gave Yang an awkward glance and then muttered "Not exactly." Yang looked at her in confusion and she rushed to explain. "You see, in all honesty magic is probably going to be of more use here than might, since it doesn't require direct contact with enemies and may help us sneak in without being noticed. Besides, while I'm freeing Yuck, it's probably better to have Carl around on watch in case Brother Herman drops in on us. Carl is technically the strongest of us after all, so he'll stand a better chance than you or I. And in any case, since you train in might and are therefore more physically fit then Carl or I, you'll be able to outrun them easier."

Yang stared at his sister, mouth agape, apparently unable to process the information that Carl, their enemy, was of more help than him when it came to saving someone. Yin stared at her brother, expression apologetic yet firm. She was not going to change her mind, that much was apparent.

Carl took one look at the dumbfounded blue rabbit and had to force back the tirade of giggles ready to burst forth. He looked so; it had to be said, cute.

"Aww, don't be so blue Yang." He said cheerfully, swinging an arm around the rabbit's slumping shoulders. "Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?"

Yang jumped when he felt the cockroach's arm on his shoulders, and tossed it aside angrily at his next comment. It didn't help that even Yin had let out a chuckle as Carl teased him.

"Hahaha, very funny Carl. Joke all you want, just remember if you get into any trouble I'm NOT bailing you out. As far as I care, you're still our enemy."

Carl rolled his eyes.

"Pfft, whatever sugar muffin. But if I remember correctly, last time it was I who bailed the two of you out, so therefore I think you owe me one."

"In your dreams roach!!" Yang screeched in reply, only to be smacked in the back of the head by his sister.

"Yang, Carl, cut it out! Do you want any patrolling soldiers to hear us?! Now listen to me, both of you. I want to get this rescue over and done with BEFORE everyone in the castle is awake. At the moment, it's only about Six AM, so hopefully a lot of the soldiers, along with Herman himself, are still asleep, and in our current state we could really do with avoiding a fight with Herman and his entire ant army. So here's what we're going to do. Yang, I want you to go down there and attack the ant soldiers guarding the outside of the huge hole in the wall. Then run off through the woods or something, just keep them as far away from the lair as possible, and if you manage to lose them, return to the dojo. It shouldn't take us too long to grab Yuck and get out of there."

Yang opened his mouth to object, but a glare from Yin quickly silenced his protests. Sighing, he ran forwards towards the lair, only to stop suddenly and turn back to his companions.

"Hold on a sec, did Carl just call me sugar muffin?!"


"Agh! I'm going, I'm going!" He replied, about facing and charging towards his destination. Yin and Carl followed at a slower pace, sticking to the early morning shadows to avoid being spotted. Once no more than 50 feet from the lair they saw Yang plow into the first of the ant soldiers, cleaving the head from the body and forcing both parts to separate into the thousands of individual ants that made up the single man-sized soldier. The ants roared in anger, and no sooner had they re-assembled themselves then three more soldiers appeared behind it, charging towards the blue intruder. Yang hacked away at them with his bamboo sword until a couple more had shown up, before finally deciding to take his leave and charging off into the undergrowth, six of the large soldiers hot on his tail.

Once Yang and his band of followers was out of sight, Yin and Carl made their way to the eastern wall, eyes and ears (or in Carl's case, antennae) alert for oncoming enemies. They managed to reach the wreckage of the wall with no problems, and Yin cast her invisibility technique to allow herself to peer inside the dungeon without fear of being spotted. When she pulled back, her face was a mask of confusion, and she looked over to Carl, utterly perplexed.

"There's no one in there." She muttered, gesturing to the room. "No soldiers at all. I was expecting at least a few more than just the six Yang drove off."

"No way!" Carl exclaimed, rudely shoving Yin aside and peering into the room. It was just as she described; the room was bare but for the cells and various torture devices. Pulling back, he stared at her in shock. "This doesn't make any sense. This isn't my brother's style at all. Usually he's all 'unnecessarily heavy security at every entry point' and so on. Six armed guards is no where near his standards!"

Yin giggled nervously.

"Think maybe they're all on their tea break?"

Carl rolled his eyes at the confused bunny.

"Please, Herman's killed his soldiers for less than taking tea breaks. I doubt any of them would risk it. No, I think something's up here."

The two stood outside a few more minutes, listening intently. Aside from the rather strained breathing of the injured rabbit, no other noises emitted from the room, and they eventually decided to investigate.

"I'll go in first," muttered Yin, peering into the room's ominous expanse "and you bring up the rear, okay? We go in, grab Yuck, and we're out again, no dawdling."

"Who exactly do you think you're talking to Princess? As if I'd want to dawdle in my brother's castle. You know we aren't exactly the closest of brothers in case you hadn't caught onto that yet."

Yin ignored the sarcastic retort and cautiously stepped into the dungeon, edging along the cell doors and peering into each as she passed, checking for any soldiers lying in wait. Moments later, Carl followed her, checking behind them and peering into the cells on the right side of the room as they progressed to Yuck's cell. Finally reaching it, Yin stepped aside and waited for Carl to blast the door open. It wasn't the easiest procedure in the world- Herman had taken to purchasing many objects which were exceedingly tricky to open without the key, even with magic –but after several minutes of tinkering around with various spells the lock finally relented and fell from the door, the dusty floor muffling the 'thud' it created.

Once unlocked, Yin easily pushed the ancient door open and rushed inside, gathering the green rabbit into her arms and checking him over. Carl was about to enter the cell himself when he froze, a soft chuckling above him stopping him in his tracks. Slowly, he craned his neck back and peered up, heart thudding harder in his chest as the panic rose.

"Hello, brother."

Standing on several small platforms which hung from the ceiling above them were thousands, hundreds of thousands of ants. And on a platform directly above them all by himself stood Herman, leering down at his roach sibling.

"Herman." Carl muttered, then immediately diverted his attention to Yin who, though unable to see him through the roof of the cell, had heard Herman loud and clear and was staring at Carl in a panic. Wordlessly, Carl's gaze flickered between the pink rabbit, his brother and the exit, trying to think of a way out before Herman and his army swamped them from above.

"So, Carl, we meet again. I knew that the little lass and her idiot brother would return for the green one, but I must admit, seeing you here is quite the surprise. I assumed that yesterday, when you barged your way into my fortress to get your stupid spell books, you were merely using the wee rodents as a distraction. I had no idea you were actually working for them! My my, what interesting turn of events is this?"

Carl glared up at his brother, hiding his fear under the guise of anger.

"Oh shut up. What do you care anyway Herman? You're the one who got me kicked out of home! Mother always did like you better."

The exit was all the way across the other side of the dungeon, but he knew he could make it out before Herman's forces were upon him if he pushed himself. But then that left Yin and the green bunny at the mercy of Herman…

"True, true, she does like me better. But who can blame her when it's a choice between me and you? Wait, does that mean you're living with those Woo Foo brats and that accursed panda?!"

Maybe he could try flying them all out together, but his magic was still depleted due to their attack on the lair yesterday and lack of sleep, and they would never make it to the exit before Herman's forces swamped them.

"Carl? Are you even listening to me?!"

…He could, always, levitate Yin and her bunny friend out. He could see from her state of exhaustion that she would be unable to do it herself or put up a good fight if left to the soldiers, and the green one didn't even look conscious. But then he'd have no time to get himself out, and he didn't know how long he'd be able to hold off Herman's forces in his depleted state…


But why should he save them anyway? After all, he was supposed to be their enemy. But they had taken him in when he had no where else to go…

"Right, that's it. Guards! Seize them!!"

Time seemed to slow down for Carl as the thousands of ants launched themselves from their platforms, raining down upon them. He glanced from the exit, to the falling ants, to Yin and Yuck, and sighed.

"Oh, curses."

Drawing upon his powers, Carl raised an arm and blasted red magic towards the rabbits, lifting them and throwing them out the exit just as the ant soldiers landed. Yin rose from where she had been dumped, staring open-mouthed at the scene unraveling inside the dungeon. Carl was backed against the wall, far from the exit, blasting away each individual ant as they approached. She stepped forward to help but stopped as Carl yelled at her.

"What the hell are you doing? Get out of here! I can hold these morons off, don't worry about me!"

She stepped forwards in protest, already noticing the obvious signs of fatigue displayed by the cockroach, but was stopped once again, this time by a small blast of magic sent at her by Carl which just missed her right ear, singeing the fur.

"I said go, Now!" He roared, furiously blasting the endless tide of ants away. Yin took one last look at Carl before running back to Yuck, scooping him up and running off back to the dojo just as a group of soldiers broke away from the throng and made to chase after her. They soon gave up though and returned to the battle, the pink rabbit too far away to bother chasing after.

Inside the dungeon, Carl was finally slowing down. His energy was depleted and his magic no longer as powerful. After firing a few more blasts and knocking back the next row of attackers, Carl finally collapsed to his knees, exhausted. Before him, Herman halted his soldiers and stepped towards his brother, raising his head with the hilt of his hammer.

"Foolish brother, you know you stand no chance against my army, why did you not save yourself."

Carl glared half-heartedly up at him, eyes foggy in his exhaustion.

"Shut up Herman. Why don't you fight me one on one huh? Instead of letting your little lackeys fight for you. Afraid you'll lose?"

Herman growled and slammed his helmet down, knocking Carl aside onto the stone floor with his hammer.

"Idiot, we have fought many times before and I have won each bout. You really think you could best me one on one?"

Carl pushed himself up and struggled to his feet, leaning against the wall for support as he glared at his brother, fists trembling by his sides. Across from him, Herman laughed.

"Of course you couldn't, but no matter. I actually have a proposition for you brother, one I believe you'll find most agreeable. In exchange for your life, I have a small task I'd like you to perform for me, something very much in your area of expertise."

Digging into his last reserves of magic, Carl shot forth a small bolt of magical energy which hit Herman square in the middle of his chest, blasting the small ant backwards a short distance.

"I'll won't work for you brother, not any more." Carl muttered, smirking as Herman jumped to his feet, wiping the dust from his armor angrily.

"Then you are a bigger fool then I thought, Carl." He growled darkly, then with a wave of one small arm, his troops once again descended on their prey.

Raising his arms above his head, Carl braced himself as the tide of soldiers advanced, surrounding and attacking him.

'Man, I am such a moron. Why did I save that stupid rabbit instead of myself? Herman's going to KILL me!'

Still cursing his stupidity, Carl could only curl in on himself as the ants beat and jabbed at his body. He could feel his mind going fuzzy as unconscious loomed, and he was glad, at least then he wouldn't be able to feel it when the ants finally managed to pummel him to death. But then-

"Chee, Hoo, Waa!"

Carl felt the ants around him stop their assault at the cry, staring across the room at the newcomer. Carl knew, even before he raised his head, who the newcomer was (the battle cry made it rather obvious), but he still couldn't believe it.

Standing panting before the exit, bamboo sword clutched tightly in his right hand, stood Yang, glaring at the soldiers before him.

Carl again pushed himself to his feet, staring at the blue rabbit. Before he could so much as utter a word Yang's eyes had locked on him and he dashed forwards, knocking stunned ants left and right as he approached the cockroach. Mere moments later he was by his side, still knocking back enemies as they attacked the new threat, Herman screaming orders at them from a safe distance.

"I thought you said you wouldn't bail me out if I got into trouble." Carl chuckled, amused despite the circumstances. Yang laughed too, glancing sidelong at him.

"It's a good guy thing, what are ya gonna do?" He shrugged, then concentrated again on the oncoming soldiers. "Uh, Carl? Not that this isn't fun or anything, but do you think there's a way we could get out of here? I'm exhausted from losing those soldiers in the forest; I don't know how much longer I can hold them off."

Carl shrugged, already beginning to notice Yang's growing fatigue as his swings grew slower and his breathing heavier.

"Well, I would fly us out, but I'm kinda low on magic right now. I think you may just have to beat a path through them."

"Easier said then done Carl." Muttered Yang, but began trudging forward anyway, beating away the soldiers by swinging his sword in large arcs. Carl had to practically glue himself to the rabbits back to keep out of the danger zone. Despite Yang's exhaustion, they appeared to be making good progress until, a mere 10 foot from the exit, the ant's about them suddenly dispersed and converged together as a solid wall of insects, blocking their route to freedom.

"Ah, Pellets!" Cursed Yang, battering away at the wall as the occasional soldier broke loose from either end and attacked him as he tried to escape. Carl stuck close by his companion, kicking the ants away as they approached him, assessing the situation. As far as he could see, there was only one thing for it.

"Oh, curse word!" he growled, before roughly grabbing a hold of Yang's right arm and closing his eyes in concentration, delving deep into his almost empty well of magic.

"Carl, let go! What are you-" Yang began, before the wind was knocked out of him as both he and Carl were blasted head first into the wall of ants by a beam of red magic, exploding out the other side of the wall and sailing through the exit, landing in a scraggy thorn bush.

"Ow ow OW!" Squealed Yang, launching himself from the thorn bush and pulling a large brown spike from his rump. Now the searing pain in his backside had dulled, he looked around, realizing that Carl had effectively blasted them out of harm's way, a majority of Herman's soldiers lying unconscious or wounded about the exit. Turning to thank the cockroach- and ask him why he didn't do that sooner –he saw Carl lying flat on his back in the thorn bush, totally still.

"Carl? You okay there dude?" He muttered, approaching his fallen companion hesitantly. For one brief, horrible moment, he believed Carl to be dead, but once he stepped close enough and noticed the gentle rise and fall of his chest, he realized he was only unconscious, and set about unhooking him from the bush.

Once removed from the clingy undergrowth, which had taken a particular liking to Carl's purple cape, tearing several small holes into the fabric ('Man he is going to have a go at me for that when he wakes up.' Yang thought bitterly), Yang dumped him unceremoniously on the hard ground, nudging him in the side with his foot.

"Come on bug boy, get up already." He muttered grouchily.

Once it became apparent Carl wasn't going to be waking anytime soon (though he did still whack him on the head a few more times with his sword to make sure), and that they really should get out of there (Herman's army was beginning to stir a short way off and he wasn't fit for a second battle that day) Yang sighed and bent down, slipping his right arm beneath all four of the roach's legs, and sliding his left around his slim shoulders, hefting him up bridal style and swiftly walking away from the battle zone.

Once he reached the crest of the hill they had been hiding on a mere hour or so earlier, Yang deemed them out of any immediate danger, and slowed his pace, catching his breath and taking a better look at Carl. In the early morning glow it was easy to spot the many cuts the cockroach had received from their tumble into the bush and battle with the ants- his own arms and torso were in a similar state –and the heavy bags beneath his eyes from lack of sleep. One of his antennae was also damaged, bent at a funny angle. Other than that, though, he looked the same as he always had, appearance wise. His expression was oddly rather calm though; lax in his unconscious state, quite unlike the evil sneer or scowl he usually wore.

Realizing he was staring Yang suddenly snapped his gaze up, glaring ahead instead of at his fallen companion.

"It's still all your fault." He muttered grouchily, trudging onwards towards the dojo.

If anyone had asked, he would have denied to his grave that he had been blushing.


"Incompetent fool! How could you let them escape?!"

Brother Herman covered his antennae as his furious colleague berated him through his communicator.

"Ack, stop your whining. I tried to capture them but my idiot brother managed to blast himself and the blue one out, knocking out half my army in the process. Besides, we don't need him right now! This doesn't detract from our plans in the least!"

A bemused chuckle sounded over the line, relieving the short-tempered ant.

"True. Very well, we will proceed as was originally planned, Carl or no Carl. By this time next week, those Woo Foo brats won't know what hit them."


By the time Yang finally arrived back at the dojo, at about 9am, Yin had worked herself up into a state worrying about them. The moment Yang stepped through the front door his sister was literally upon him, crushing the life out of him in a back-breaking hug. When she noticed Carl lying limp in Yang's arms (with a few more bruises then before thanks to Yin's hug) she squealed and ripped him from her brother's grasp, checking for signs of life. Once she noted he was still breathing, she gave a ragged sigh of relief, and carried the unconscious roach to the couch, upon which already rested Yuck, who Master Yo was tending to.

"I wish you kids wouldn't run off like that and not tell me where you're going, what if you'd been killed?! And now I have two casualties to take care of." He growled, motioning to Carl who lay at the opposite end of the sofa. Yang and Yin hung their heads.

"We're sorry Master Yo." Yin muttered sadly "But I wasn't sure what else to do. Yuck was in such a bad state, I couldn't just leave him there!"

Master Yo looked over to the pink rabbit and petted her head sympathetically.

"I know Yin, it's okay. But remember, stunts like this can get you killed. Never run in without a proper plan, no matter who it is you're saving. Understand?"

Yin nodded solemnly, looking over to the two casualties on the couch.

"Are they going to be okay Master Yo?"

The panda grinned warmly, returning to healing Yuck's wounds.

"They should be fine, a little bed rest and they'll be up and about as normal. I expect Yuck to wake up in the next day or so, but he'll need plenty of food, this level of starvation really is unhealthy, and it'll take a while for his bones to heal properly, we'll need to put that arm of his in a splint. And Carl will probably be out for a couple days. His magic resources are utterly depleted, I expect from getting the two of you out of there Yang, so he'll need a couple days R&R to recuperate."

Yang nodded as Yin glanced over at him curiously.

"That reminds me. How exactly did you and Carl escape Yang? When I left with Yuck Carl was backed into a corner and you were hiding from soldiers in the woods."

Sighing, Yang recounted his and Carl's escape from Herman's lair.

"Ah, I see, no wonder he's so exhausted. Well, while I'm sorting these two out, I suggest you two sort out your rooms."

When Yang and Yin looked at him quizzically, he sighed tiredly and elaborated.

" I don't care how much you two enjoy the idea of one giant slumber party, there is no way all four of you are going to fit in that room of yours."

"Oh, right." Muttered Yin, walking out of the room and motioning for Yang to follow.

"So, Yang. I think you should go in the spare room with Carl."

"We have a spare room?" Yang muttered quizzically, before absorbing his sister's words "Wait, you want to put me in with Carl? Are you completely insane?!"

Yin shushed him angrily, then elaborated.

"Well, we can't put those two in together, they're technically supposed to be on the side of evil and we can't risk them plotting. And I think I should go in with Yuck since he'll probably need the most attention, since his injuries are more severe than Carl's and I actually know some magic that might help. Besides, you and Carl seem to be getting on pretty well recently." Yin answered, giggling at her last comment.

"Carl and I are NOT getting on well." Growled Yang "Besides, even though that all makes sense, why are you sticking the two of us in the spare?"

"Oh, that's simple." She replied "The spare room is rather small, compared to ours anyway, and a double bed takes up most of the space. There isn't any room for another full-sized single bed in there, and since Carl's the smallest, his is the only bed that will fit. Therefore, Carl is going in the spare. And wherever Carl is sleeping, you're sleeping. Besides," Yin smirked at him slyly "that way you two can always share the double if you want."

Yang's jaw dropped about a meter at his sister's last comment, utterly shocked.


"Please, I saw how you were carrying him. Does Yang have a little soft spot for Carl?"

Yang sputtered in shock, glaring at Yin.

"I do NOT like Carl!"

Yin could hold her giggles no longer and burst out in a fit of laughs at her brother's reaction.

"Calm down Yang, I was only joking." She giggled, before walking off to what was now hers and Yuck's room, leaving her stunned brother in the corridor.

Nevertheless, Yin's joking comment had at least served to ease the tension in the two rabbits from their morning rescue.


And they all lived happily ever after.


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