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Sakura collapsed on top of the large bed, the fever having come back since an hour and a half ago. Her face was badly flushed and her muscles felt so damn numb, head spinning and eyes un-focusing.

Though... she just couldn't shake Itachi's presence, she would surely have nightmares sooner or later about him.

It made her quiver just thinking about it!

Her mind was in such a haze that she swore when Sato Masaki entered the bedroom, it was truly Uchiha Sasuke...

A lone tear slid down her cheek as Masaki climbed into bed next to her and brought her close to his heart. Something Sasuke did whenever she was feeling lonely or sad or even scared. dammit! He'd even do it for the hell of it!!

'Sayonara Sasuke-kun...'


Uchiha Sasuke sat upright in his bed, looking to his side and hoping to find a pink haired beauty asleep next to him; he did not however...

Never again would he see her...

Well he'd be damned if he was going to let some stranger whisk Sakura away against her wishes and he didn't give a damn if her father kicked him out! He was going to be reunited with Sakura no matter what!

No matter how much shit he was going to get himself into! He didn't care anymore if he lost his entire reputation, he wasn't going to let her get away!!

'Aishite Imasu...'


Main Character Ages

Uchiha Sasuke ---20

Haruno Sakura --- 18

Ishikawa Haru --- 36

Takahashi Kazuki --- 25

Uzumaki Naruto --- 19

Hyuga Neji --- 21

Hatake Kakashi --- 26

Uchiha Itachi --- 24

Yoshida Deidara --- 23

Miyagi Sasori --- 23

Tanaka Hidan --- 25

Ichiro Hikari --- 19 (NEW)

Satsuke Izumi --- 19 (NEW)

Mayu Kaori --- 18(NEW)


Author's Note: Sorry about the slow update!!


Take # 12: And That's A Wrap!


'Stupid Airports..'

Uchiha Sasuke rushed through the airport searching for the boarding plane for flight number 28 C; he couldn't afford to miss it!

Settling into his seat, Sasuke gripped the armrests with his hands and awaited the plane to finally take flight and arrive in Shanghai..

One way or another.. He was going to get her back!


"What do you think about this one?"

Sakura looked over at the blonde haired girl, showing her a very elegant wedding dress, she yawned in complete boredom, eyes staring out the front window of the store..

"It's okay..."

The blonde haired woman frowned, this was taking far too long for her liking!

She had to admit that Sakura was being a little.. well, picky and it was driving her completely insane!

They had already gone through many dresses but none were to her liking! There would always be one little thing wrong with it and she would simply say no...

She ran a tired hand throughout her hair, sighing and watching as Sakura neared the front door to the bridal shop.

"Where to next?" The blonde haired woman, Yuki tried saying in her cheeriest voice even though she was annoyed on the inside.

"Back to the manor."

Yuki put her foot down, "But Sato-san won't be too please about his bide-to-be not having picked out a wedding dress.."

Sakura huffed and continued out the door.

"Like I give a damn!"

Yuki growled, "Sato-san has specifically told me to make sure you have a dress by the end of today."

Sakura once again continued to walk, now exiting the store and walking towards the limo parked outside.

"Well, the day isn't over yet!"

Wanting to rip out the hair from her head, Yuki held back a comment of some sort and just caught up with Sakura, walking beside her and slipping inside of the limousine.

"Where to?" The driver asked.

Yuki rubbed her temples, "Back to the manor I suppose.."


"What are you doing here?!" Sasuke practically screeched.

Naruto and Neji gave him a glare.

"Helping you get Sakura-chan back!"

Neji nodded.

Sasuke just sat back in his seat, "You didn't have to.."

Naruto frowned.

"Maybe we wanted to."

Sasuke raised a brow.

"Is that so?"

Naruto stomped his foot down.

"Yes dammit!!"

Neji sighed.

"Keep your voice down, baka.."

Naruto glared hard at the brown haired male.

"Who are you calling an idiot!?"

Sasuke pointed out the obvious, "You."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at the male before putting on a serious face.

"So, what's the plan?"

Sasuke tapped his fingers against the armrest.

"Well.. I was just going to go in and take her back."

Naruto sighed loudly, "You call that being romantic?!"

Sasuke nearly choked, "Who said anything about being romantic about it?"

Naruto let out a short breath.

"Haven't you watched any chick-flicks?"

Sasuke chuckled, "Not particularly."

Naruto shook his hands in front of him while Neji slapped himself in the forehead.

"Hinata-chan wanted to go see- oh fuck it.."

He sighed in defeat while Sasuke laughed.

"So you have no clue where she is, do you?"

Sasuke turned his head away, "I know that she's in Shanghai."

Naruto nearly fell over in shock, "You mean! You don't know exactly where she is?!"

Sasuke shrugged.


Naruto looked around, "I need to get out of here!!"

Neji laughed, "The plane already left like an hour ago.."

Naruto scratched the back of his head, a sheepish smile gracing his lips.

"He he, oh yeah.."

"Dumbass.." Sasuke mumbled beneath his breath.

"Hey I heard that, teme!"

And that my friends, deserved the loud-mouth a smack in the back of the head..

"Just shut up already!"



What the fuck did she just hear coming from Sato Masaki's mouth?!

She pressed her ear more firmly against the main dining hall door and listened again for what Masaki had said!

"So you had no intention to marry her?"

That was... Itachi's voice?!

"Oh no.. I had every intention about marrying her but.."

There was a long pause as Sakura listened further.

"I don't really love her.. I'm going to drain the Haruno enterprise dry and take everything for myself."

Itachi chuckled, disgusting Sakura to no extent!

"And..?" Itachi pressed on.

Masaki took a sip of his wine before answering, "You can have her afterwards.."

She heard the clinking of glasses and the room filling up with laughter that bounced off the spacious room from beyond the double doors.

Sakura backed up, nearly smashing into Tsuki and knocking her to the floor.

"Oh! Haruno-san, gomen I didn't see you there!"

Sakura shook her head, "Its okay Tsuki, it was my fault.."

She had just recently met Tsuki to find that she was a young maid hired by Sato Masaki and the two got along like true sisters.

Sakura enjoyed Tsuki's company and vice-versa.

She smiled sadly, "Is something bothering you, Haruno-san?"

Sakura gripped the girl's wrist, Tsuki was only a year younger then she but she acted mature for her age..

"Tsuki, you must know.."

The girl raised her brows, "About.."

"Masaki's plan for our marriage."

Tsuki looked downcast, "I have heard him speaking with Uchiha-san about.. things..."

Sakura placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I need to get out of here, you understand that right?"

Tsuki smiled, "I know you are un-happy."

Sakura looked saddened for a moment before sighing.

"It's utterly hopeless.."

Tsuki smiled brightly, "We'll find a way, Haruno-san!!"

Right when Sakura heard Masaki's voice calling to her, she pushed Tsuki away and told her that she'd be fine.

"Where are you, love?"

Sakura grumbled something under her breath.


She nearly smashed into Itachi's chest, "Gomen."

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her away from the dining hall, brining her towards the front door.

"Where are we going?"

Itachi chuckled, "Masato-san has asked me to personally bring you dress shopping."

Sakura removed his arm from around her shoulders, "Your a man.."

He smirked, "And I can't help you pick out a wedding dress?"

Sakura ignored him and just continued out the door, Itachi hot on her heels.


"Are we almost there?!"

Sasuke grumbled something and rubbed his aching temples.

"For God's sake Naruto! We're about to land!"

He jumped slightly, "Man! Calm the fuck down!"

Sasuke was about to speak but the plane began to jerk and lurch forwards, signaling the passengers that they were currently in the middle of landing the plane.


Naruto looked at Neji and stuck his tongue out, "Oh shut up, Hyuga!"

The male growled, "You wanna try and make me?"

Sasuke gripped both of their shirt collars.

"Will the two of you, shut up!"

They were all showed the exit of the plane with Sasuke nearly ramming into people and shoving them aside as he traveled out of the plane and down to the ground of Shanghai.

"Wow.." Naruto exclaimed with a bright smile.

"Its nice here."

Sasuke waved it off, "Yeah, yeah whatever.."

'Now to find Sakura..'


Sakura read the front of the magazine: Attack of the heiress revealed!

Quickly snatching it from the shelf, Sakura flipped through the pages and began to read every little detail about her attempted murder.

"Hey! I know her from somewhere!"

She read the name at the bottom of the picture, Mayu Kaori from split-up band 'Aoi no Kanashimi'

Sakura raised a brow, "And I thought she was my friend.."

Flinging the magazine down, Sakura quickly paid for the can of pop as Itachi hovered close behind her, almost too close for her liking..

Whenever his hands lightly ran along her hips, she would shudder in pure disgust and merely shove him away while sending him a warning glare.

She exited the store, Itachi hot on her heels, eyes roaming all along her backside before landing on that tight little ass as he liked to call it..

"Stop staring."

She was fed up with that sick minded pervert! She wasn't afraid of him any damn more! She was just extremely pissed right the fuck off!!

She had learned to cope with him however and knew exactly what to do if he tried to rape her again like the times before..

'Kick him in the nuts and run..' She reminded herself with a slight smirk.

Before she knew it, she was being pulled in a back alley, hand clamped over her mouth.. It was already dark outside and would be hard for anyone to really know what was going on.

The dagger that came extremely close to her chest and neck made her cringe, she tried to bring her knee up and get him right in the groin but he advanced and managed to stop her attempted kick.

"Get. The. Fuck. Away. From. Me."

She heard him chuckle against her neck.

"I just want a taste little Sakura.."

She scoffed at the name, "No!"

He pressed the dagger close to her throat again, breathing down her neck as he did so.

"I'm the one with the weapon remember?"

She gulped down the saliva forming in her throat.

Taking in a deep breath, Sakura summoned all the strength she had and shoved Itachi away from her as hard as she could which to her surprise worked out pretty well. He almost tumbled backwards over some trashcans which gave her the opportunity to start sprinting for her dear life.

She ran for her life, as fast as she could, not stopping to take a breath or to rest her tired legs.

She knew what she had to do and escaping was her very first priority!

When she turned a sharp corner and ended up colliding right into someone while knocking the person over, Sakura grumbled something under her breath and said a quick sorry while removing herself..

Before she could run, her wrist was gripped and instead she was forced to turn around and what she saw made her cry in joy as she flung herself at Uchiha Sasuke..

"You came!"

Sasuke held her close, whispering sweet nothings into her ear and telling her how much he loved and needed her.

"He's coming!"

Sasuke gripped her shoulders, "Who?"


Naruto laughed, "That sorry-excuse for talent?"

Sakura nodded her head, pointing to the corner she had just ran around. Naruto peered around the building and sure enough he saw the male running through crowds of people and before he knew what was going on-

"Close hanger!"

He was out as soon as he hit the ground.

Neji stared in awe, "That was... kick ass!"

Naruto smirked, "Yeah.. I know.."

And finally, the rain fell endlessly down upon the lands of Shanghai; causing people to run and try to escape the rain while Sasuke and Sakura merely pressed their lips together and savored in the feel..

Slowly, Sakura removed the ring Masato had given to her and tossed it carelessly to the ground while Sasuke slipped on her new one, kissing her knuckles in the process.

"Will you marry me?"

She jumped into his open arms and kissed him soundly.

"Yes, oh yes!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head while he watched the two embrace and kiss one final time before-

A loud sneeze sounded from both Naruto and Neji as they shivered.

"Now can we go somewhere dry?"

"And warm!" Naruto quickly put in.

Sasuke took her hand, "Uchiha Sakura, I love you."

And he sealed it with a final kiss in which Sakura was more than happy to oblige to as she opened her mouth and welcomed him in.

"Hurry up!"

They laughed, entangled their fingers and began running down one of the busy streets in Shanghai, leaving Itachi to eventually catch pneumonia..

As long as they had each other, they were happy...



"And that's a wrap everyone!"

Clapping and whistling from the cast and crew as everyone cheered. Sasuke cracked his knuckles and walked over to his trailer with a very giddy pink haired girl following close behind him..

Sasuke turned his head to look at her.

"You still think I'm annoying?"

Sasuke laughed, cupped her cheeks and kissed her gently.


She giggled and latched onto his right arm, "Wanna get some coffee?"

Sasuke smirked, grabbed his coat and walked out of the studio with Sakura pressed right beside him, walking out into the cool December evening.

Her cellphone rang loudly and with a sigh she answered it, "Yes, Takahashi-san?"

"Princess, are you forgetting that you have a new album to record today?"

She laughed, "No I didn't forget, I'm just choosing to postpone it.."

Takahashi-san began to panic, "But, but.. we-"

"Bye-bye Takahashi-san!"

She turned her cellphone off and continued to walk with Sasuke towards the coffee shop in downtown Tokyo.

"You still love me, right?"

Sasuke smiled, "How many times do I have to say it?"

He gently took her left hand in his and brought it up so that the sun gleamed off of the diamond ring adorning her fourth finger.

"I. Love. You."

He kissed her lips and before she knew it, a snowball collided with the side of her face! Wiping the snow from her face, Sakura growled and made one of her own, chucking it at Naruto and instead ended up smacking Neji in the chest.

"Okay! Someone's dead!!"

They all joined in on some good old snowball war but Sasuke all of a sudden found himself staring at that same billboard containing a picture of Sakura holding a bottle of her newest perfume line, 'Delicious Addiction'..

He smiled while speaking to himself, "Its you that addicted me, Sakura.."

"Snowball to the face!"

Grumbling, Sasuke chased after Sakura until eventually he managed to pin her down in the snow and claim her lips for the umpteenth time that day..

"How many times are you going to kiss me?"

Sasuke chuckled, "Get used to it, Okusan.."

'Get used to it..'


Author's Note: Yeah, I know I suck! But c'mon it HAD to come to an end sooner or later!! Uhh.. let me clarify a few things for you! This ENTIRE story was a play/movie that all of the characters were staring in! They still have their original roles but they were cast in a movie called: Delicious Addiction

So that WAS officially the LAST chapter to 'Delicious Addiction' and i am pretty happy with the outcome of the story, ne?

God! I hoped you ALL didn't hate it BUT thank you SO much for all your support with this fic! I will always remember it :P

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