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"Tsunade-baa chan!" Naruto yelled, slamming down his hands on the 5rth hokage's desk. "What kind of stupid job do you want the future hokage to do for an obaasan like you? Last time it was a C-ranked mission to get a cat off a tree, and before it was a D-ranked mission to pick weeds from a hag's garden! For god's sake, I'm already chuunin level!"

"NARUTO! SHUT UP AND LET ME TELL THE TEAM!" Tsunade roared, punching Naruto in the face. "AAAGGHH!" Naruto slid across the floor and smashed into the wall. "Ok, Ok, baa-chan! Don't get all crazy and stuff…baba" Naruto said the last word under his breath, picked himself up from the floor and rubbed his cheek.

"Anyway, now we're rid of DISTRACTIONS," Tsunade said, shooting a look at the blonde haired boy with the cracked cheek, "Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, I hereby order you four to go on an extremely important S-rank mission accompanied by the rest of the rookie 9 and the Sand Siblings."

"What's the mission, Tsunade-sensei?" Sakura asked, a worried look plastered all over her face.

"The mission is – What ARE you reading, Kakashi?"

"Hunh?" Kakashi looked up from a certain orange book. "Its…nothing, NOTHING! Really, hokage-sama!" He hid his book behind his back. "I thought so, Kakashi. Let me continue. You're going to protect a boy in a world different from our own. His name is Harry Potter, and judging from your shinobi training, you all know how to speak English, correct? Judging from the language lessons the other jounin gave you all..." Tsunade asked, raising an eyebrow at the team.

"Hai, hokage-sama."

"Good." Tsunade smiled. "It seems Orochimaru found his way into this void, and teamed up with another powerful snake-man. You have to protect this boy, under all circumstances, you are never to leave him un-protected, understood?"

"Hai, hokage-sama."

"Excellent. Now, the rest of your companions are already here and informed." Tsunade explained. The door opened as if on cue, and the rest of the rookies stepped in. "So I suggest you better get going." Tsunade stood up, and made a series of complex signs. Immediately, a large blue sphere appeared in the air. "Ok, this lasts for only about three minutes! All of you get in pairs and jump in now!" She yelled over the noise of the void.

Sasuke grabbed Sakura and jumped in. Neji wrapped his arms around Tenten and jumped in too.

"I-I'm scared, Naruto-kun!" Hinata whispered, looking up at Naruto. "Its alright, Hinata-chan! I'm here, datte-bayo!" Naruto grinned down at her. "Let's go, Hinata-chan!" Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand and leapt into the void. Kankuro and Temari, Ino and Shikamaru, Chouji and Lee, Gaara and Shino, Kiba and Akamaru soon followed.


"SASUKE-KUN, DON'T LET GOOOOOO…" Sakura screamed, clenching Sasuke's hand so tightly he could hear his bones crack.

"SAME GOES TO YOU, NEJI!!!" Tenten shouted, wrapping her arms so tightly around Neji's neck he was choking.

"THIS IS AWESOME, HINATA-CHAAAN!!" Naruto yelled to Hinata, who looked like she was going to die.

"…" Was exchanged between Gaara and Shino throughout the entire trip.

Suddenly…BOOM! CRASH!

"YEOW!" Naruto picked himself off Hinata, who had fainted. "Oi, Hinata? HINATA-CHAN!"

"Sakura, we're here." Sasuke said emotionlessly to the pink-haired kunoichi clinging to his left arm.

"…." Was exchanged between Gaara and Shino.

Once the others landed, along with the Jounin leaders of the former rookie 9, they got up and looked around. Weird looking people with ridiculous hats on their heads were staring at them.

"Bloody hell, where'd you guys come from?"

Kakashi looked up to see a red haired freckled boy ogling at them, his mouth open. "Oh, we're new here. Can you show us around? My students here are going to attend some school called Hog...er…warts?" Kakashi asked, rubbing his head.

"Exchange students? You're…" The redhead looked over to Sasuke and Naruto, who were bickering in Japanese loudly. "JAPANESE EXCHANGE STUDENTS?"

"Um…yes, we are. Can you show us around, then?" Kakashi repeated.

The boy nodded. "Harry! Hermione! Get over here!"

A black-haired boy and a bushy haired girl ran over. "Who're they?" The black-haired boy asked.

"They're new exchange students!" The redhead said excitedly.

Kakashi's one visible eye narrowed. "What's your last name?" He asked, pointing to the black-haired boy.

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter." He said.

Kakashi nodded. "Gai, Kurenai, Asuma! I found him!" He yelled to the rest of the Jounin.

Harry was confused. They found him?

A woman with red eyes came over first. Kakashi whispered something to her. She nodded.

"Well, let's get going!" She said.

She motioned for the rest of the people with her to follow, and walked after Kakashi and the three.

Hermione looked at the exchange students. All of them were different, and it turns out that their looks were completely different from their personalities.

It turns out that she wasn't the only one studying them.

"That boy has a symbol on his forehead and a gourd on his back…He looks so creepy!"

Gaara's eye twitched.

"Wow, that boy with the spiky black hair is SO hot!"

A vein popped in Sakura's head.

"Calm down, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said hurriedly, remembering what Sakura could do.

"Well, do you have your lists?" Harry asked a boy with spiky black hair with a lazy look on his face.

"Lists?" Shikamaru asked. Then he remembered what Tsunade gave him.

"OH! These lists?" Shikamaru pulled out a thick stack of yellowy paper.

"Yeah, that's it!" Harry took them from him. "You buy stuff according to what's written on the list. " He continued, reading the parchment.


The redhead turned around. "Mom!"

A bumbling, bustling red haired woman with a kindly look stumbled towards them.

"Oh my, who are all these people?" She asked, indicating the rookie 9 and their Jounin leaders.

"We're exchange students." Sakura said hurriedly.

"Oh, then welcome to Diagon alley! You must need help with your shopping! Me and my family are happy to help!" The woman said, grabbing Sakura's hands.

Kakashi smiled. "Ok, you guys, split up into 2 teams! One team will follow Ms. Weasley's family (Don't ask me how he knew this! A/N) and the rest will follow Harry and his friends, got it?"

"Hai, sensei!" They replied.

"What does "hai" mean?" Harry wondered.

They split up and continued through Diagon Alley.

"What school did you guys attend in Japan?" Hermione asked, tapping Sakura on the shoulder.

"We attended Konoha academy." Sakura answered, smiling.

"What kind of magic you studied?"

"Magic?" Sakura asked. Nobody said this place was magic!

"Well of course magic! What could you learn instead of magic?" Hermione insisted, getting impatient.

"WE'RE NINJA!" Naruto yelled, throwing an arm around Sakura.

"Ninja?" Ron laughed. "There's no way you guys could be ninja! Ninja don't exist."

Kakashi smiled under his mask. "Oh, we'll provide demonstrations once we're done with this. I assume that your family might let us sleep in your yard." He said mysteriously.

Harry chuckled. These guys weren't as smart as he thought.

(Meanwhile, on Ms.Weasley's end)

"Please give me all the books listed in the list for all the boys here." Ms.Weasley said to the clerk.

"Boys, you're free to look around!" She said, turning to the shinobi behind her.

They immediately dispersed.

Gaara became immersed in a book called "Death and the afterlife".

Shikamaru had his nose in "Universal chess".

Chouji was reading "English delicacies"

Sasuke was reading "An avenger's life" so fast his eyes appeared to be blurred.

(Half an hour later)

"Um…boys? Time to go!" Ms.Weasley called.

"Boys?" Ms.Weasley repeated.

"What are they doing?" Ms.Weasley said to herself.

She walked until she spotted them.

"There you boys are! Time to go!" She said.

Sasuke glared at her.

"I'm not done with my book!" He hissed.

"Oh my…this is going to take awhile…" Ms.Weasley sighed.


(Later, at the Weasley's house)

"Mum, the new exchange students said they were NINJA!" Ron laughed, nudging Naruto playfully.

"Well, we'll see about that later. I would love to address you all with your names, can I hear them?" Ms.Weasley asked.

"Subaku no Gaara." A redhead with a kanji on his forehead stared.

"Uchiha Sasuke." A handsome boy with spiky black hair smirked.

"Haruno Sakura!" A beautiful girl with pink-hair and green eyes smiled.

"H-Hyuuga H-Hinata…" A dark-blue haired girl stammered.

"Nara Shikamaru." A brown, spiky-haired boy yawned.

"Subaku no Temari." A blonde, spiky haired girl with 4 ponytails said.

"Subaku no Kankuro." A boy in a black suit and purple face paint waved.

"Yamanaka Ino!" A pretty blonde girl threw her hair behind her shoulder.

"Akimichi Chouji!" A fat boy with swirls on his cheeks grinned.

"Aburame Shino."

"Inuzuka Kiba!"

"Hyuuga Neji."



"Maito Gai."

"Yuuhi Kurenai."

"Sarutobi Asuma."

"Hatake Kakashi."


"You guys speak your last names first?" Harry asked.

Neji nodded.

Sasuke finally snapped. "You guys don't believe that we're ninja?" He hissed, glaring at Ron.

Ron's eyes grew wide. Weren't his eyes black before? Why are they red now?

"Prove it." Hermione said, glaring back at the angry Uchiha.

"We'll do more then that soon enough." Sasuke smirked.