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Author's Note:Since it is the summer for me and school is over for me, I thought I might as well write about Sector V's summer. Oh by the way, they just finished 7th grade and going to 8th grade. Just so you know, so it won't be confusing later on.

Summary:It's the summer time!! See how Sector V spent it! Actually more like see how the couples spent it. That is if they will admit their feelings or not. Follow their summer adventures as they go on missions and… to the beach.

Summer Fun

Chapter One

Summer Time!!

By Cyrix

Tick tock tick tock, the clock seems to say as it reads 3:30 pm on top of a junior high school. The bell rings, then in the next split second a bunch of kids runs out of the school yelling and screaming with excitement.

Six kids walk out of the school talking to each other. Three boys and three girls, with the boys talking to each other and the girls talking to each other.

The boys from left to right, the boy on the left, Nigel, is wearing sunglasses with a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts. The boy in the middle, Wally, is wearing a Yankees cap with a green hoodie and white boardshorts. Lastly, the boy on the right, Hoagie, is wearing a yellow shirt with blue baggy jeans.

The girls from left to right, the girl on the left, Abby, is wearing a red cap with a white shirt and blue capris. The girl in the middle, Kuki, is wearing a Mets visor cap with a pink blouse and white skirt. Lastly, the girl on the right, Rachel, is wearing a sky blue tank top and white shorts. Of course, the boys were talking about a whole different thing then the girls. Well… kind of different things.

"Sooo… Numbuh One, any missions planned for the summer?" Hoagie asks him.

"Not that I know of. I will check later" Nigel answers back.

"Sweet!" Wallabee said and pump his fists in the air. "Now I have more time to relax and play that new video game I got" he said excitedly.

Hoagie looks at Wallabee while grinning and tells him "You mean you have more time to spend with Numbuh Threeeee"

Wallabee turns pink a little on the cheek and said "What?! I am not going to spend time with her!" Nigel and Hoagie looks at each other, not believing him what he just said.

"Sureee, your not!" Hoagie said to him.

"No I am not! When she asks me later, I will tell her no. Just you guys watch" he tells Hoagie and Nigel.

Meanwhile, with the girls…

"So what are your plans for the summer, girls?" Rachel asks Kuki and Abigail.

"Well… I am going to ask Numbuh Four to go with me to the new amusement park that just opened here!" Kuki tells them happily. Rachel and Abby exchanges look with each other.

"You mean like a date?" Abby asks her.

"Nooo! Like a uhh… friend… uhh… friendly date!" she replies back nervously while blushing a little.

"Uh huh, Numbuh Five got it" Abby said with a smirk.

"Yeah I got it too" Rachel tells her, also smirking. Kuki looks at them knowing what's coming next, so she quickly changes the topic.

"Soo… are you going to ask your boys out to the amusement park?" Kuki asks them and smirks at them. It was their turn to blush as they both try to answer her.

"Yeah, we are going to ask them, right after you ask yours first" Abby replies to her.

"Why am I first?" Kuki asks Abby.

"Because you were going to ask him anyways!" Rachel tells her.

"But, but…" she tries to protest back.

"No buts, Numbuh Three. Just go, trust me he will probably say yes anyways" Abby said to her. Both Abby and Rachel pushes Kuki toward the boys.

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