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Author's Note:Last chapter we saw what Kuki was thinking about. Now let's see what Wally is thinking about. Yes… he still uses crud and cruddy. I might make them curse in later chapters, but then I have to raise the rating to M. Or I don't have to?

Summary:It's the summer time!! See how Sector V spent it! Actually more like see how the couples spent it. That is if they will admit their feelings or not. Follow their summer adventures as they go on missions and… to the beach.

Summer Fun

Chapter Four

A Boy Thoughts

By Cyrix

Wally walks into his room and slams the door shut.

"Ah! Why did I say that?! Why did I have to open my cruddy mouth!!" he tells himself angrily.


"Uhh… we really fooled them huh?" Kuki giggles and asks him.

"Yup, we did. They probably think we are a couple, ha like that's ever going to happen!" Wally replies back to her with a chuckle.

"Uh… yeah… right…" she stops smiling and said to him slowly.


He then begins to punch his punching bag over and over again. Finally he punches it really hard sending the bag over to the door. Unfortunately, Hoagie had to open the door at the same time. Luckily, he ducked just in time.

"Whoa! Dude! What the hell was that for?" He asks Wally as he got up from the floor.

"Sorry Numbuh Two. I am just really angry at myself that's why" Wally tells him and lies on the wrestling mat. Hoagie climbs up to the mat and walks up to him.

"Really? Why?" Hoagie asks Wally and sits down next to him. Wally looks at him and from that look Hoagie knew why he was mad at himself. "You messed up again huh?" Hoagie asks him. Without looking up, Hoagie knew Wally was nodding his head.

Hoagie sighs and asks "What you say or do to her this time?"

"Nothing… I just said…" Wally starts to say.

"Yeah?" Hoagie said and waits for his answer.

"Well… I… umm… I kind of… told Numbuh Three, that her and me being a couple will never happen" he tells Hoagie while scratching his neck on the back.

Hoagie slaps his own forehead and while getting up from the floor said to him "That is like… the worst possible thing you could say to her!!"

"Yeah! I know! So how do I fix this now?" Wally questions Hoagie and gets up from the floor.

"Well… this worse than the other things you say to her, so it might be harder to fix it" Hoagie tells him and paces around the room while thinking.

"Ah, what's the use? Kuki probably hates my guts now!" he shouts out and climbs down the wrestling mat.

"Maybe… Wait! I got it! I know how you can fix it!" Hoagie tells him excitedly and follows him.

"What? What?" he asks Hoagie hopefully.

"Simple, she thinks you don't want to be a couple with her right?" Hoagie asks Wally.

"Yeah! I just told you that!" Wally replies back angrily.

"Well… then just tell her how you really feel and… problem solved!" Hoagie tells him while smiling. Wally stares at him like he was stupid or something.

"NO WAY! I can't tell her!!" Wally screams out.

"But you have to! Before it is too late!" Hoagie protests back.

"No, I can't! What if she rejects me?" Wally asks Hoagie.

"Think about it, why would she be disappointed when you said that? She probably will say yes!" Hoagie tells him and walks to the door.

"What if she doesn't? I will look so stupid!" Wally replies back following him to the door.

"Trust me Numbuh Four, she won't. Just tell her when you are on the date. You will never know if you never try!" Hoagie tells him and leaves the room. Wally watches him leave and then walks over to his closet and looks at the clothes inside. He tries out different clothes in front of the mirror and then throws down the clothes in frustration.

"Ah, I can't do it!" he shouted out. Hoagie's voice echo in his head.

"Before it is too late…"

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