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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful, sunny day in July when they decided to set off towards California. They packed into an SUV, taking turns at the wheel.

They'd been out of high school for 4 years now and plenty had changed. Haley and Nathan were still blissfully married, with a four year old son. James Lucas Scott, who'd been born just after their high school graduation. Brooke and Chase broke up after about a year, the distance between North Carolina and NYU proved to be difficult. Peyton had left for her internship in LA a month after they graduated without a goodbye, and hadn't been heard from since. Lucas and Brooke, both heartbroken patched up their relationship and have been going out for 2 years. Rachel, Bevin and Skills went to USC and kept in touch with the rest of the crew. Karen and Lily were still living in Tree Hill. Lily grew to be a beautiful and bubbly little girl who liked nothing more than to play basketball with her big brother. Deb had stayed clean and was working with Karen again, while her ex-husband was given life in prison for murdering Keith.


"I miss James, can we please turn back" Haley whimpered at Nathan.

"Babe, he's with Karen, he'll be fine. You need to relax and enjoy yourself!" Nathan wrapped his arm around his petite wife.

As they drove down the sunny highway, they passed a sign which said "Los Angeles 20 miles" The moment Lucas read the sign, his mind was filled with the image of the curly haired blonde who'd broken his heart with her abrupt departure.

Brooke looked at Lucas, who looked distressed and maybe even mournful.

"Hey broody, what's the matter?"

Her voice shook Luke back into reality. "Nothing, nothing" , he smiled at her.

Lucas pulled over to the side of the road and turned to face Nathan. "Your turn", he grinned.

They all switched places, Nathan driving with Haley beside him and Luke and Brooke behind.

"Hey Tigger, how're you doing?" Haley leaned back against her seat.

"Not too bad, I'm totally sick of driving, but just think! Shopping on Rodeo Drive!"

They all sat in awe and silence as the skyline of the City of Angels became visible. And soon enough, they entered the city, passing famous landmarks they'd only ever heard of. Haley and Brooke filled the the car with their squeals as they snapped pictures of Mann's Chinese Theater. Lucas rolled his eyes,



It wasn't much longer before they pulled up to the beach house in Venice Beach, which would serve as their home for the next week.

The house backed onto a beautiful sugar white beach, and a stunning view of an expansive turquoise ocean, that lapped at the edge of the sand. Palm trees adorned the row of houses and the area surrounding.

Brooke ran for the house, while the other three went to check out the beach.

By the time Lucas, Haley and Nathan had joined her inside, Brooke had claimed one of the 3 bedrooms for herself and Lucas and unpacked.

Standing in the doorjamb, Nathan smiled, "Enough clothes there Brooke?"

"Very funny Nathan Scott! But we're here for a week, and you never know what I might need, I mean, what if...Orlando Bloom asked me out for dinner?"

"Alright then! I'm going to find Haley, maybe she'll show me some love"

Haley was unpacking her clothes when Nathan's arms snaked around her waist. She jumped in surprise and playfully smacked him away.

"Hey! Are all girls against me today?"

"Aww sorry baby, you just scared me! Will a kiss make it better?"

Haley and Nathan started kissing passionately, and as Nathan tried to take her tank top off, Haley breathed, "We can't"

"Why not?"

Haley smiled "We're going out for dinner in a few minutes with Luke and Brooke!"

"C'mon, they can wait, we won't be long! Besides, knowing them, they'll be doing the same"

Sure enough, Brooke and Lucas couldn't resist temptation in the room below. But 20 minutes later, both couples were dressed and ready.


After deciding on a little French bistro down the road, they sat down, ordered and began to reminice.

"Luke, you've been quiet ever since we got here! We're on vacation! What's the problem?" Haley asked, putting her arm around her best friend.

"It's nothing! Honest!" Lucas plastered a smile on his face to reassure the blonde beside him.

Haley didn't press him, but she knew it was nothing.