Four years later, the Scotts and co. decided to take a road trip. This time would be very different from the one that four 22-year-olds had taken previously. Yes, this trip would be much more memorable and everyone would be going with holes filled and heavy hearts & minds were banished.

Their family had expanded and now three cars moved in a convoy towards California. Brooke and Chase, with their son Ryan were in the first one. They had chosen not to get married right away, but they adopted Ryan as a baby just 2 years earlier.

Peyton and Lucas had their ups and downs, more significant and frequent then most, but everything seemed to be smooth sailing since they welcomed their second daughter Kylie. The trip was to celebrate Lucas's 4th book reaching the New York Times Bestseller list. Despite the occasional wail from the baby, there was no false happiness or forced smiles.

At the end of the line was a black Escalade, which could only belong to NBA superstar Nathan Scott. And indeed, there he was in the driver's seat, one hand on the steering wheel, and the other on Haley's shoulder. In the back seat a minor squabble had broken out between Jamie and Alexis.

Peace reigned for now, all underlying problems ended. But nothing stays quiet for long for the people of Tree Hill.

The End