-1This is a poem in Bella's POV. Just read it, it is better than it sounds.

Disclaimer: Stanza 6, lines 1 and 2 are a part of an old song by Donnie and Marie Osmond, called Deep Purple. I do not own them. The Lights above the horizon

Float like an eagle in the sky.

They shimmer and they sparkle,

Those do not lie.

When I look at them

My mind spins out of control.

Those dark, bright, brilliant lights,

Have the right of all control.

The lights above the horizon,

There brilliance reigns over all.

They shimmer in the sky,

Take me away , I call.

They answer to my praise:

Child grown tall,

You take my breath away,

You deserve it all.

Through the lights radiance, birds

Sing, dance, and fly sky high.

Mortals look up at the luster,

They sing and dance at for the lights do not lie.

When Darkness falls over sleepy garden walls,

And the stars begin to flicker in the sky,

I puzzle with myself to figure out

Why I see a dark figure standing high.

Then I finally realize,

The beautiful light in the sky

Is the reflection

Of your magnificent, radiant eyes.