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Chapter one.

Ennui never liked the swamp. She wasn't a girly girl, far from it. But there was always something about the swamps of her home that gave her the chills. Now she knew why. Her blue jeans were sunk up to her knees in muck, and the fog that was settling over the marsh was making it harder to see. It was night already, and she could barely make out her father's back in front of her as they struggled through the marsh. Her mother was behind her, making sure that if Ennui stumbled, she could catch her quickly.

She did stumble, once. Her mother's hand had reached out automatically and caught her. Her father had stopped long enough to turn around and pull her out of the mud. "Don't look back!" He ordered, but it was too late.

Their home was in flames, the smoke joining with the fog around them. Tears came to her eyes as she looked at it. Her father pulled her toward him and shoved her forward, "Keep going" he called. She nodded.

Guns fired behind them, causing her to shriek and jump. Her father cursed and picked up the pace. Her heart stopped when she heard the baying of dogs. They couldn't really want to kill them. That only happens in the movies. Her mother yelled something but the splashing of the water around them and the yells and barking of the dogs drowned her words out.

They reached the river and froze. Already Ennui had spotted three gators. Her father must have seen them to because he turned, standing between her and the direction of the attackers, and prepared to fight. Her mother did the same.

"Get out of here!" Her mother ordered. Ennui looked left and right, not sure where she should go.

"What about you?" she demanded. Neither answered. They both ran forward instead, charging the intruders. Bullets flew out of the smoke and embedded themselves into the chests of her parents. Both fell back into the water, submerging in the thick mud. "NO!" She screamed. She lurched forward, determined to help when a portal opened in front of her. The momentum from her running caused her to fall right through it.

That was the first sensation that hit her, falling. For a moment she was falling away from the swamp. She turned and twisted in the air and in the next second she was falling toward gray linoleum floors in a metallic room. She hit the ground with a crunch and was sure something was broken. She rose slowly, looking around the room.

"Where am I?" she demanded. The room was covered in computers and monitors; to her left was a machine that looked like something from a sci-fi movie with wires connecting to most of the monitors. It was in the shape of a gun, a large five foot gun but the bottom was stretched out to allow a seat. There was a boy sitting in that seat, about her age, with black hair and a mechanical arm. His black eyes were huge.

He touched something on his shirt and said, "Um…Professor. I think you should see this." There was an answering voice, "I'm busy at the moment, Forge. Rogue and I are running some tests to help the headaches she's been having go away." Forge shook his head. "Your gona want to see this." He persisted. The voice sighed. "We are on our way." She sat up, not trusting her legs and directed her question toward the boy.

"Who are you" she demanded. "F..Forge." He replied. She glared at him. The name sounded familiar. She was about to ask where she was when the door behind her opened. She turned slowly to the three men that were walking in. The man on the left was more beast than human, with blue fur covering his entire body, although he was dressed in a doctor's getup and wearing glasses.

The man in the middle was bald, and in a wheelchair, wearing a suit. It was the man on the right that caught her attention. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a black shirt with a cowboy hat. He was chewing on a cigar and his arms crossed over his large abdomen as he leaned back against the wall.

"Grandpa?" she asked. Everyone in the room turned to look at Logan. He looked perplexed as he looked back at the girl. Why didn't he say anything? Just then the door opened again and a young woman walked her. Her brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, except the two white bangs that hung in her face. She was wearing a black cami, with matching gloves and a green mesh long sleeved shirt. Her mini skirt was also black, as were her combat boots. Her legs were covered in black leggings.

Ennui gasped as the woman walked in. Emerald eyes met emerald eyes as the woman stopped at the door. "Mom?"


Rogue didn't move. Her eyes rested on the figure in the center of the room. Slowly she looked around, hoping that maybe the girl was mistaken, or talking to someone else. Forge was sitting in a new machine, eyes wide. The Professor, Logan, and Hank all stood to the side, now looking back at her.

Hesitantly, Rogue turned back to the girl. "What did ya call me?" She demanded. The girl looked confused. She rose stiffly, apparently hurt, and took a step toward Rogue. Rogue, unconsciously, took a step back. "Mom?" the girl asked again, although this time she said it as if she weren't sure.

"Excuse me, miss. What is your name?" The girl turned to Charles and glared at him. "Non of your business" she retorted and Charles took a deep breath. "Mom, who are they?"

Rogue didn't answer. This was too weird. Maybe the girl had a memory lapse or something. "I'm not your mom." Rogue tried again. Charles interrupted before the girl had answered.

"Forge. What happened?" Forge hadn't moved from his seat yet. He looked nervously between Rogue and the girl who was now glaring at everyone, her finger twitching slightly.

"I was experimenting. My new machine should have transported someone to the future. I turned it on, and was about to let the mouse" he indicated to the mouse still sitting in the floor that no one had noticed before, "Go through to see if it worked. But instead she fell through."

Logan swore and Hank shook his head. "So your telling me, she's from the future?"

Forge nodded. "About…Eighteen years into the future." Rogue paled. Charles seemed to notice. "Now Rogue," he tried to sooth. But Rogue wasn't listening. Her eyes traveled over the youth from the top of her head to her shoes.

Her hair had more of a red-ish tent to it than Rogue's did, although it was pin straight like Rogue's. She was about an inch shorter than Rogue, with the same emerald eyes, but not the same face. Who's face was that? The way she stood was like a mirror to Rogue, arms crossed, hip cocked. She wore a black sweater with a hood over a pair of jeans that, from the knees down, were covered in mud. Her eyes rested back on the face and Rogue felt like she might faint.

"Shit" Rogue said, and promptly fainted.


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