Okay. This page will answer any questions ya'll have.

First question I've gotten is how to pronounce Ennui. Anway is actually how you pronounce it. It's literally means trouble. I never gave her an actual birthday because I didn't think I would get that far in the story. The important one was Etienne because he was the oldest.

Chapter eight.

"Etienne let go of your sister's hair!" It never amazed Rogue how patient Ennui had become. She was fourteen now, and little Etienne was only eight months old. Currently, Ennui had been sitting on the couch in the Rec Room, next to Uncle Kurt when Etienne had climbed on the back of the couch, god only knows how, and pulled his sister's hair. The screech had called the attention of everyone in the mansion, save Scott and Jean who were having baby troubles of their own.

Kitty and Rogue sat around the small table in the rec room, going over bridal dresses for Kitty. Rogue had suggested that Kitty wear Rogue's wedding dress, and then had remembered that she had already given it to Remy's sister-in-law Mercy to give to her daughter. She should have kept it for Ennui but Ennui said she'd rather pick her own.

Instead of releasing the hold on Ennui's hair Etienne pulled harder. "MOM!" Ennui screeched. Rogue took a deep breath. "REMY!" She yelled. Remy, who was playing poker with Logan, Pyro, who had just joined the team, and Evan looked up. He sighed, excused himself from the game and picked Etienne up off the couch.

Ennui rolled her eyes. "Little rug rat. He was much more fun when he was older than me." Rogue laughed at that.

"Sorry, Petite" Remy chuckled. "But you and you Frère are gona have to get along." Ennui rolled her eyes. Remy dropped Etienne in Ennui's lap and turned back to the game. "Mom, he's doing it again." Rogue glanced over from the bridal books to see the pillow Etienne was holding glowing. Ennui touched Etienne, absorbing the power back from the pillow and into her.

Both of Rogue's children could touch, and both had the same power. The absorbed energy though touch, and transmitted it back the way Remy did. Ennui's didn't manifest until she turned fifteen. Etienne's was already stronger.

"He'll be fine, Petite." Remy assured his daughter and returned to the game. Ennui shrugged and turned back to the TV. The clock chimed for ten o'clock and Rogue yawned. "Time for bed" she instructed. Ennui whined and little Etienne sat up, reaching his hands into the air toward his father. "Ya know ya have a mom" she mumbled as she passed him. Remy smirked as he picked the child up.

"Yes, chere. But he likes moi more." Rogue rolled her eyes. "Not when he gets older," Ennui mumbled and Remy frowned. "What's dat suppose to mean?" he demanded but Ennui had already caught up to her mom and was walking arm in arm with her. Rogue waved over her head, smirking at the look of betrayal on his face. Slowly the family ascended the stairs to the large apartment like room they occupied. It had everything, save a living room and a kitchen, although it did have a reading room and an extra bedroom attached to Etienne's room which was beside Rogue and Remy's room.

Ennui kissed her parents goodnight, and then Remy and Rogue tucked Etienne into bed. He kissed his dad and smiled when his mom kissed him on the forehead. "Mom." He said and Rogue gasped. "He just said mom" Remy shook his head. "I don't tink so. It sounded more like Mon. Like my." Rogue glared at him.

"He's eight months old. He doesn't know how to speak French yet, and your just mad cause his first word was mom." Remy pouted as Rogue kissed Etienne's head and, humming, went back into their bedroom.

"He still like Remy more." Remy mumbled and followed his chere.