The Future of the Earth

chap. one teleported

disclaimer: i do not own anything but this story

Spongebob was walking out of his house when you heard a loud BOOM. He ran to where he heard it and he saw a huge hole. he looked down to see a spaceship. Then he said "WOW a spaceship.""PATRICK." He went running to Patricks rock to find him asleep. 'Wow patrick is a heavy sleeper" Spongebob said to himself.

"What who said that"Patrick said with hes eyes popping open and getting a pillow ready to beat someone with it.

"Patrick its me"Spongebob said getting scared.

But patrick ignored spongebob and started to hit spongebob with it.

"Ow patrick stop." "patrick stop." "PATRICK STOP!!"

Patrick fianlly stoped and looked at spongebob.

"Oh hi spongebob"Patrick said

"Patrick why did you hit me"Spongebob said.

"I didnt hit you but i did hit a zombie in my dream,boy was it scarey"Patrick said.

"Patrick you hit me not a zombie." Spongebob said starting to get mad.

"Oh" Patrick said.

"oh right i just rememberd i say a spaceship earler" Spongebob said.

"Do you mean like the one that is taking of right now" Patrick said.

"WHAT" Spongebob screamed.

So spongebob went running over to the spaceship.

"Spongebob wait" Patrick said.

So he went with spongebob to the spaceship and spongebob started to wave hes hands in the air and said"Wait take me with you" and then a beam shot right at both of them and they were teleported somewhere.

Authors note:What do you think. Tell me if its good or not. Also its ok if you dont like it cause i can understand.