chapter three: lifting off.

disclaimer: I do not own anything but this story

It was the next day and Spongebob was in his room play on a game boy. He has not ever heard of that before. He made it from the maker. He asked for a game for boys and that showed up.

"Boy this sure is hard" Spongebob said.

"What kind of name is Tetris" Spongebob asked him self.

Then all of a sudden the ship stared to shake and the game boy fell out of Spongebob's hands.

"God" Spongebob said.

Beep beep "ship taking off" beep beep.

"The ship is taking off, cool I got to go see the window" Spongebob said running to the window.

He saw the waste land for a couple of minutes and then the red sky but he could not look any more. It was just to sad for him to see this destroyed world.

"Maybe seeing Patrick well make me happy, Yay that well make me happy" Spongebob said starting to feel better.

So Spongebob went running over to Patrick's room. He did fall once but he got back up.

So when Spongebob went in to Patrick's room he was surprised to see hes entire room full of chicken legs. WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO" Spongebob yelled.

"What"Patrick said waking up.

"Your entire room is full of chicken legs" Spongebob said.

Patrick started to get up and all of the chicken legs bursted out of his room into the hallway and a couple of fish men walked out of there rooms shocked.

"What the heck happened"one fish said.

"Um"Spongebob said.

"Well" the fish said.

Spongebob ran into Patrick's room.

"Patrick what the heck did you do" Spongebob said.

"All what I did was ask for a life time supple of chicken legs" Patrick said.

"Do you know what that is a little funny" spongebob said starting to laugh.

Then the shaking finally stopped.

"Are we in space now" Spongebob asked Patrick.

"I don't know" Patrick said.

Spongebob ran to the window.

"Cool we are in space" Spongebob said.

There was no talking for a little bit.

"Do you know what is weird" Spongebob asked Patrick.

"What" Patrick said.

"Why don't we have uniforms" Spongebob asked Patrick.

"Maybe we have to earn then" Patrick said.

Spongebob's stomach growled.

"Boy im hungry, Patrick can I use your maker" Spongebob asked.

"Sure" Patrick said.

Spongebob ran up tp the maker.

"Can I have a krabby patty" Spongebob said.

Then a krabby patty formed and Spongebob started to eat it.

"Hey Patrick what about we ask some one about how to get a uniform" Spongebob asked Patrick.

"Ok" Patrick said.

"Hmm...Patrick ill be right back ok" Spongebob said.

"Ok Spongebob" Patrick said as he sat on hes bed.

Spongebob went into hes room and went to hes maker.

"Can I have a clock"Spongebob said.

A clock formed.

"Oh so that's what time it is" Spongebob said as he put the clock on hes dresser and then ran to Patrick"s room.

"What did you make" Patrick said.

"A clock" Spongebob said.

" Ok so now lets go find out how to get uniforms" Spongebob said.

So they walked out of Patrick's room and in to the hallway but say no one so they walked throw some more hallways until they saw a fish.

"Hey do you know where to get a uniform" Spongebob asked.

"Well you have to make it form your maker, ask for a first uniform" The fish said.

So Spongebob and Patrick where in Patrick's room.

" I want a first uniform" Patrick said.

And then a little circular red thing came out on top of the maker and scanned Patrick and then a uniform was made that said first crew Star.

"Wow it thinks im a star is it stupid" Patrick asked.

"No that's your last name" Spongebob said.

"Oh" Patrick said.

"Ok now let me try, I want a first uniform" Spongebob said.

So he did the same thing and Spongebob got hes uniform and both Spongebob and Patrick put on there uniforms.

"Cool" Patrick said.

"Hey Patrick" Spongebob said.

"Yes" Patrick said.

"The caption said we have to fight aliens in shuttlepods so shouldn't we learn how to fly one" Spongebob said.

" Wait fight aliens, shuttlepods, learn, fly" Patrick said.

"Yes but still shouldn't we get someone to teach us how to fly a shuttlepod " Spongebob said.

"Ok" Patrick said.

So they went throw some halls and found a fish.

"Can you teach use how to fly a shuttlepod" Spongebob asked.

"No sorry I cant you have to ask the caption" the fish said.

"Where can we find him" Spongebob asked.

"At the bridge" the Spongebob said.

"No the bridge" the fish said.

"What" Spongebob said.

"Just take this map of the ship it well show you" the fish said.

"Ok" Spongebob said.

Patrick looked at it.

"Cool there is a arcade" Patrick said.

"Patrick we have to learn how to fly a shuttlepod first and then the arcade, but if there is no good games then im leaving daaaaa" Spongebob said.

"Oh boy" Patrick said.

So Spongebob and Patrick followed the map and went through lots of halls and a cafeteria until they reached the bridge and saw the caption in the middle on a seat and in front of him was to guys pressing buttons and to the left was a guy and to the right also.

"Captain we need to learn how to fly a shuttlepod" Spongebob said.

"Well I see you got your uniform" Caption Squarepants said.

"Ok um second commander Rics can you show them how to fly a shuttlepod" Caption Squarepants said.

"Yes sur" Rics said.

So he brought them to this room that had this long thing coming out of the ceiling and this table that had a lot of buttons.

"What does that do" Spongebob said.

"Well that well put you into to a simulation of a shuttlepod so we can practice it" Rics said.

"Cool" Spongebob said.

"Yay" Patrick said.

But than something bad happened

Beep beep "Warning we are under attack" Beep beep.

Then spongebob and Patrick say a lot of fish running and a fish stopped at the door.

"Hurry go to your shuttlepods" The fish said and ran away.

"Oh boy" Both Spongebob and Patrick.