A/N: This is my June entry for Cullen's Bullpen Challenge. Since I've been up to my ears in angst back there in Vegas, I decided to play the humour card in this "experiment". Hope you enjoy!


The early morning sunlight filtered into the bedroom through the thin curtains, casting an eerie light onto the small figure huddled under the covers. The vigilant form of his father had patiently waited until he was asleep before leaving his post next to the bed. When he was sure, by the even and deep breathing pattern coming from his son that Parker was, in fact, deeply asleep, Booth got up to leave the room.


"Yes, Parker?"

"You promised you'd stay until I was sleeping."

"I thought you were sleeping already, bub."

"I can't sleep."

"And why is that, Parker?"


"Hmm… perhaps four slices of pizza and a double sundae have something to do with it, what do you think?"

"Nah… I've eaten more and my tummy never hurts"

"Did you go to the bathroom before coming to bed?"


"You're not thirsty, are you?"


"Are you uncomfortable cause it's not your bed?"

"Nope. Dr. Bones's bed is nice. It's bouncy, too!"

"Is bouncy a problem?"


"Are you missing Mom?"

"A little. But she says me I'm a big boy now and that I'll see her in four days…"

"Mom is right. You're a big boy now. Big enough to tell me why you can't go to sleep…"


"What is it bud? You know you can tell me anything, right?"

"It's Doba… I'm worried about him"



"Parker, I must be getting old and forgetting things like Grandpa Bailey… care to remind me who's Doba?"

"Doba is my monkey."

"Aha. I see. A monkey…"

"He's my bestest friend in the world Dad…"

"Hmm. And where is Doba now?"

"I thought I had left him in Mom's car…"

"You thought?"

"Yeah… but then I thought I saw him at your house."

"Well, Parker if you saw Doba back home perhaps you didn't leave it in Mom's car…"


"Well, now that you know where Doba is you can go to sleep, right? You're not worried anymore."

"I… guesso…."

"Well then, if you don't need anything else…"


"Yes, Parker?"

"Do you remember that before we came to Dr. Bones's house I asked you for a pb sandwich?"

"I remember. I also remember telling you that you couldn't have one 'cause we were coming for dinner with Bones."

"Well, yeah, but the sandwich wasn't for me…"

"Parker? What do you mean, son?"

"Remember I told you I thinked I saw Doba in your house?"

"Are you trying to tell me that Doba was who wanted the pb sandwich?"

"Yes! You're smart Daddy…"

"Thanks, son, but back to Doba… did you tell him that no sandwiches allowed before dinner?"

"Well, I tried, Daddy…"


"He was very hungry, Daddy! Mommy forgot to put his lunch in my lunch bag in the morning and then Nanny Sam wouldn't give him a second serving of sp'getti and I didn't know if Dr. Bones would invite him for dinner and… and…"

"Parker… did you make a pb sandwich for Doba?"

"He was hungry…"


"Doba did it for himself, Daddy. He's a very smart monkey…"



"Smart enough to clean up after making a pb sandwich?"

"Well… he's a very small monkey, Dad… and Mom has told me not to use knives, so we had to use a spoon…"

"Parker… what happened in my kitchen?"

"It was Doba, Daddy! And the spot on the counter isn't that big… and we tried to clean up the jelly on the fridge door… but we couldn't reach the water… so we had to climb on the lower drawer… and… and…"


"I swear Daddy, that's how my monkey got the peanut butter all over the kitchen!"


A/N: Grammar mistakes on Parker's side of the dialogue are totally intentional. If you find one on his dad's, however… well, me bad. I had to change a bit the final phrase in order to fit the story.