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Hermione Granger sat in the room she shared with Ginny Weasley in the Burrow. From her position by the window she could see Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Ginny, Fred and George Weasley having fun in the backyard. Her ginger cat, Crookshanks, sat on the dresser looking at Ginny's Pygmy Puff, Arnold. An Order of the Phoenix meeting was going on downstairs but the teens had chosen not to join in this particular meeting.

Harry Hermione, and Ron were leaving the following week to hunt for Horcruxes, but had wanted to spend time with everyone else for the first two weeks of summer. Harry had even gone to the Dursley's for the first week to explain, mostly to his Aunt, and await his seventeenth birthday.

Currently Hermione was reading the new edition of the Daily Prophet. Nothing new had happened since yesterday, a few more deaths sadly, but nothing new. She jumped a mile when a hand closed over her mouth. Bill, the eldest Weasley stood behind her grinning. He put a finger to his lips and motioned Hermione to follow him.

Hermione released her grip on her wand and nodded. She didn't see the smirk that graced Bill's lips nor the fact that Crookshanks followed them out. Once outside Hermione spoke, "Bill where are we going?" He only shook his head and smirked at her. The smirk seemed so familiar it sent shivers of fear down her spine but she ignored it. That was Hermione's biggest mistake.

They arrived at by a clear lake surrounded by trees after ten minutes of walking and Bill motioned Hermione forward. That would be mistake number two. She looked around in awe of the beautiful place she'd never seen. The lake water lapped gently against the rocks forming the beach while the sun reflected off the water shining on the trees.

A painful groan came from behind her and Hermione whipped around but saw no one. "Bill?" She called out her voice echoing. A hollow laugh assaulted her ears and caused her brain to scream RUN! at her. She moved to obey but found herself frozen by the full body-bind and as she opened her mouth to scream no sound came from her.

To her shock and utter horror Lucius Malfoy stepped out from behind a tree and into her line of vision. He was laughing at her feeble attempts to move. "Miss Granger, I am deeply surprised to find that you fell for my trap so quickly. And here I thought it would take much more than a Polyjuice Potion and Petrificus Totalus to get you to come along with me. Pity."

He had walked over to her and was circling her as he spoke. He looked at her like she was his prey and he the hunter. Her chestnut hair was more wavy than bushy now, her hazel eyes followed his every move, she seemed to have grown a foot since he last saw her at the Ministry and now sported a curvy figure.

Lucius drew his wand and pressed it against her chest, over her heart as he spoke, "Now, Mudblood I am going to remove the silencing charm on you. If you so much as open your mouth I will kill you!" He removed the charm and Hermione spoke at once, "What do you want with me?" Lucius sighed dramatically instead of answering. "Stupify!" Hermione pitched forward as the world around her went blank.

That had been three (or four) days ago. When Hermione regained consciousness she found herself alone in a dark cell with only a distant torch, shining through the small window in her cell door, for a light. The only other thing occupying the cell was a small, old cot with a thin sheet. Hermione was feed a small amount of bread, cheese and water twice a day.

On the third (or fourth) day two Death Eaters entered her cell. Hermione looked up at them as they each grabbed an arm and proceeded to half drag, half carry her from the room. They led her up many flights of stairs, down hallways and through numerous doors until they tossed her to the floor of a particularly dark room. She looked up to see Death Eaters all around forming a circle watching her as she tried to stand.