As promised, here it is! The second installment of Max's Revenge! This will probably be the end, my friends, because my muses have booted Barney out of my brain.

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We were in the air again, flying over London on our way to the airport. I had, while in possession of the laptop, booked another plane trip back to the US via my Max card. Right now, Fang had the computer, supposedly fixing the counter thingy on the blog, but more likely watching Potter Pals from the way he was cackling. I had no idea how he could fly, laugh and not drop the laptop all at once.

"Hey people, we're getting close. Try and look for somewhere to land." I called. Fang put the laptop away and scanned the ground, still smiling with laughter. Or was that smirking? Wasn't smirking Iggy's job?

One hour later, we had made it through security and were sitting in extraordinarily cushy seats, being educated on all the possible ways we could die on a plane, and how to stay alive if any of them happened. It was incredibly boring.

"Hey, who has the iPod?" I whispered. Fang silently handed it to me. A tiny flicker of a smile crossed his face, so small I wasn't sure I hadn't imagined it. I put the head phones in my ears, turned it to my playlist and hit play. Instead of Liam Rooney however, Fang's metal blasted in my ears. I hit pause, put the volume down, and put it to my playlist again. This time, the screaming was even louder. I stopped it, and went through the list of songs on my list. Then I gasped in horror. All of my favorite songs had been replaced by metal. Now I knew what Fang was doing with the computer. I glared at him and punched him in the arm.

"Computer, now!" I mouthed.

Fang looked as though he was trying very hard not to laugh. "What? You don't like my music?" he whispered.

"If you could call it that. Now give me the computer!"

With much amusement, Fang handed me the laptop. I plugged the iPod in, and got to work.

It was two hours into our plane ride that Fang finally took the bait.

"Max, can you pass me the iPod now? You've had it for two hours."

Looking as grumpy as possible, I handed it to him. "Fine." I said, trying to conceal my glee. "Have it." I watched his expression as he scrolled down the menu, finding his own playlist. Cranking the volume, he settled back into his chair, until…

"Max! What did you do?!" he was practically shouting.

"What?" I asked. "Britney not your thing?"

He scowled at me, while the rest of the flock laughed.

It wasn't until we landed and were safely tucked away in a park when I realized my mistake in humiliating Fang.

"Hey Max, can I talk to you for a second? Privately?" He asked. I, naïve as I am, didn't see that he was out for revenge, and so, went. Fang led me a short distance away from the others, sitting down on a park bench. I joined him.

"What's up?" I asked.

Fang grinned. "Revenge." Then, he kissed me. It was just a short kiss, but it put me completely in shock.

"Th-this is… revenge?" I asked.

He smiled again. "More like insurance. If you try anything else, then I get to tell the flock about this little meeting. Deal?"

"Deal." I agreed. "You don't tell if I don't humiliate."


From underneath the bench, a wolf whistle sounded. "Just wait until I tell Angel!" Total exclaimed.

Fang and I spoke at the same time. "Crud."

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