I ran to the side of the dirt path, hiding behind some trees. People were coming. And if I guessed right it was them. Conrat. I would get him. After all these years of training I would finally get him.

The wind was soft. The grass was green and swayed softly in the wind. A field was to be seen about three meters away. Then just as I suspected Conrat and some other people came riding up on horses. I readied myself unsheathing my sword. My sword was my pride and joy. All I worked with. Toning my skills to defeat him. I also touched my necklace. It was my source of houseki. I was a powerful houseki wielder. And also a powerful maryouku user. From both of my parents.

As I was pulling my sword out they rode up to the tree I was behind. I quickly took the chance to stab Conrat from the tree.

"What?" Was the question that came from two boys that were with him. Just as I got close Conrat pulled his sword out of its sheath just enough to block my attack.

I jumped back away from them. Their horse's spooked and all of them backed away from me. Conrat jumped off of his horse. While as a taller guy wearing a green suit went to the boys side. The guy wearing white also went along with the blond boy.

I jumped forward toward Conrat, our swords clashed. Sparks could be seen. I used my chance to summon fire and tried to burn him.

Lucky for him he jumped back and slid a bit.

"CONRAT!!! FIGHT ME LIKE A TRUE MAN!" I shouted at him running at him again.
I noticed that the men in front of the boys had gotten their swords out.
I jumped back knowing that they might be Mazoku I took out my houseki stone from my shirt and pointed it at them. Forgetting about Conrat.


Just as I was going to attack them, I was tackled from behind my arms were pulled behind me. I looked up to meet the eyes of Conrat.

'Damn! Damn! Damn! I'm never going to hear the end of this!!!'

"Gwendal!" Conrat shouted at one of his companions. The oldest man wearing green from the group came running with rope in hand.

'Just great. Now its all over.'

I struggled as best as I could. But Conrat proved to be stronger... and heavier. I gave up as soon as they had my hands bound behind my back.

There I sat against a tree in between the person named Gwendal and the purple haired guy. My hands behind my back and Conrat staring at me like a hawk.

"So... Just who are you? And what do you want with me?" Conrat asked his eyes never wavering. I sneered.

" What don't recognize me, cousin?" I asked him.

Well I wasn't surprised at that. I mean the last time I saw him I was what... 5? I was taller, but he was still a lot taller then me. I had grown my hair out. My long hair was past my butt. I always had it up in a pony tail. Or people would think I'm a girl. I must admit myself that I do look like a girl in some angles. It was really black, but I used my houseki to turn it brown. I just guessed it was a trait from my mothers side of the family. She was a Soukoku. But the funny thing about her is that her ancestors or her never had black hair and eyes till me.

I wore a loose ragged white cotton shirt that looked like it hadn't been washed in years. It really hadn't. It even had some holes here and there. My pants were loose too, with a belt to hold it up. It was a dark shade of tan.

My late father had never paid much attention to me. He was always looking for a way to bring my cousins family down. So he kept me locked in the basement so I couldn't get in his way. That's where I got to do all my training. Down in that hell hole I also learned I could use maryouku and houseki. I trained every day till I was up and till I fell asleep or fainted. I could never tell when it was day or night, due to the lack of light. All I could do was wait. Sometimes my father even took out his anger on me. I even had some scars to prove it. So you could say I was an abused child. I would never believe it though

I was there till I was about 14. A maid had come down and let me out. Telling me that my father wanted to see me. When I got there I found out that he was on his death bed. I felt sad. He was the only family I had. The only one who knew I was there really. He told me that it was their fault. Conrat and his family. I remembered then that I used to have an older brother. He was the pride and joy of the family. He was strong and handsome. A perfect man. We were all happy then. Me my mom, dad and brother. Till Conrat came to visit one time. I was just a mere 5 years old. Conrat was kind then I could tell. But all thoughts of him being kind ended after my brother challenged him.

It was a nice day. We had all gone out to a field to have a picnic. Then my brother had made a challenge to Conrat. He never lost a match before. So he was confident. The fight was long. It lasted 2 hours. It ended when my brother was knelling panting with Conrat's sword pointed at his neck. He was so devastated. Conrat just acted like it was nothing. Smiling at us. It made me sick. 2 days later, my brother killed himself. And after that my mother went into a withdrawn state. She didn't eat or drink anything. She died shortly after. My father became a mad man wanting to out due his brother and his family.

Now it came down to me. I wanted to avenge my brother. So while I was locked down in the basement I trained my hardest. But after my father told me something I felt like it was all useless. He told me that he had given up. There was nothing else he could do. He was giving me too him as an apology. For trying to out due them. So now I was to be his. A slave no more.

So now I'm fifteen sitting here in front of the man that made my life hell. All I had with me was my sword and houseki stone. I left my bag near a stream.

'Oh god, I forgot my bag was over there. And those two boys went to the stream!' I thought starting to panic. In my bag I remembered the contract that gave me to him was in it. Just then as I remembered the two came back out of the bushes.

"Hey Conrat! Look what me and Wolfram found! Someone left their bag at the steam." The boy with black hair came up to us. He lifted up my black bag that I left. I panicked. They noticed.

"Hey what's wrong with him? He seems worried." The blond asked staring at me.

"Yuuri. Give me the bag." Conrat ordered the younger boy.

"Ok here." He handed it over.


I tried to get up and get the bag, but Conrat's friends pulled me back. Holding me there.
Conrat searched threw the bag. There wasn't much in it. Just food water and the scroll. The one that would give my life to him. He pulled it out. I was trapped. He opened it and read it. As he read it his eyes widened. I dropped my head in defeat. Knowing that this was it. I even let my houseki let up, my hair changed color from brown to black. They gasped. Conrat spoke.

"We must go back."


They all got up and gathered their stuff. I sat waiting for him to give me an order.

"Stand up."

Conrat was leading his horse to where I was sitting. I stood and looked straight at him, not letting my fear show. He quickly picked me up by my waist and put me on his horse. I was shocked for a while and didn't notice him getting on after me. I came back to life when I felt him put his arms around my waist and grab the rains.

'Why do I have to ride with him.' I thought while he started riding away towards where Conrat lived. I blushed when I felt his arms wrap tighter when we jumped over a fallen log.

'NO Bad ME! BAD, BAD, BAD!!! I can't fall in love with the enemy!' Lucky enough for me none of them noticed. I took this chance to look over the people traveling with Conrat.

There was a Blond riding close too the one with Black hair like my self. The brown haired guy that Conrat called Gwendal. I think I heard my father say that name before while he was down with me once. And last there was that purple, long haired Girl? To tell the truth I couldn't tell. I had been isolated from the rest of the world for at least 10 years. At first I couldn't tell if the blond was a girl or guy. Till he started glaring at me. Most girls I passed on my journey always started swooning over me. Soon I could see buildings, I guessed that we were getting close too where Conrat lived.

The farther we went the more and more buildings I saw, there were more and more people. I never took notice but, after a while I realized that people were waving at us. Well more at the Black haired guy. They were also pointing at me. It kind of made me mad. I mean who would point at people they don't even know? We went on and on and on. It felt like forever. Then we started going up a hill and threw a large gate. That's when I realized that we were at a Castle! I've never really been to one before. They all got off while I was staring at the huge castle. I felt someone pick me up and started struggling. I turned around I found myself staring into Conrat's eyes. I stopped and let him put me down.

"Come." He went straight to the point. Not giving me a chance to disobey.

Someone took his horse from him before we walked away. While the others went off somewhere. I followed Conrat into the Castle. We passed a lot of castle guards and maids. The maids really scared me. They looked as if they were going to pounce on me and take something. Not that I had much to take. We walked for a while until we came to an office. We walked in and he went in back of the desk that was in the back of the room. I stood in the middle with my hands still tied.

"Sit." I sat in one of the two chairs that were in front of the desk.


"Well what? You're my Master now." I kept a straight face. He looked at me and took out the scroll.

"You know you could have prevented it. You could have run away. Not even showing it to me."


"Fine. I'll sign it then(he has to sign it to make it permanent)."

He took out a pen and signed it. As soon as he finished the last letter I felt a burning on my arm. I shut my eyes tight. Slowly a long line crept up my right arm. From my palm to, my shoulder, it circled my neck and stopped. It was a pitch black snake with red eyes. On its back was the crest of the Weller family. Conrat's eyes were a bit wider but his face didn't change. The pain was unbearable. As the pain went away I looked down to my arm.

'Great, first I become his slave and now I get a tattoo. What next!?'
"The contract is sealed. You Sir Inu Weller, are now my personal servant." He smiled at me.

'Great. My life is over'

"Come I'll show you where you'll be staying." He came over to me and untied my hands knowing I couldn't run away anymore either way. I dropped my head and followed him out. We walked threw another maze of halls. I wondered where we even were. I've never been out much so I didn't know where or even if there were any castles around. I noticed one door that was open that we passed. In it were the Black haired boy and the Blond. They looked like they were arguing.

"YOU WIMP! HOW COULD YOU!" Never mind they were fighting. I stopped walking becoming interested in their conversion. It seemed that they were talking about their relationship. Conrat had kept walking.

"Were almost there." He looked back at me.

"What are you looking at?" He walked over to me and looked in the room.

"ITS NOT MY FAULT HE CAME ON TO ME!" The Black haired boy was covering his head with a pillow and the Blond was hitting him with another. Conrat walked into the room.

"Heika? Is something the matter?"

'Heika? This kid is royalty?'

"Conrad! Conrad how many times do I need to tell you. Call me Yuuri!" The blond walked to stand next to the wall.

'July? Conrad?'

"Yes Yuuri. Oh and this is my new servant." He motioned for me to come in. I walked in keeping my face straight.

"Servant? Since when did you take servants?" He looked at me.

"Oh! Aren't you the person that fought Conrad? You seem really strong." I looked at Conrat. I had no right anymore to talk to the royals without permission from my Master.

"Yes this is him. His name is Inu."

"His name is dog?" I nearly burst from anger. How dare he call me a dog! Even if I now have a Master. It doesn't mean I'm a dog.


"Yea, in Japanese."

"WIMP WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" The blond was yelling again. He seemed to have a short fuse.

"Its the language at my home." Yuuri explained.

'His home? Is he not from here?'

"Yes I see. Now if you'll excuse us. I have to show him around." As we left I could hear they start arguing again. We took a few more turns. He stopped at a door and opened it. I walked in after him. It was a room that was like fit for a prince.

"This is my room. You'll be staying with me so I can keep an eye on you."

'HE MUST BE JOKING!!!' I looked at him. He was already looking at me. He went to the door and locked it. He walked up to me.

"Sit on the bed." He ordered.

'Well this is getting odd.' I sat down and stared at him. He walked over to me and looked into my eyes. I looked away not wanting to look at him. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

"I am your Master now. So you have to do everything I say." For some reason I swear I could see evil burning right under his eyes. I started glaring at him.

" I'm going to tame you. Whether you like it or not." He pushed me onto the bed.

'What is he talking about?' In a second before I could find out what he was planning. He kissed me! I gasped when I felt his hand going up my shirt. He shoved his tongue in my mouth after I gasped from his hands brushing over my chest. I closed my eyes in fear. I couldn't do anything. He was my Master. I could never do anything. I could feel tears start to come out of my eyes.

He withdrew. I was panting under him from lack of breath. Tears staining my eyes. He drew up his hand and wiped them away. Caressing my cheek.

"I'm not going to take you till you love me back. My little dog."

'LOVE!?!? I'LL NEVER LOVE HIM! Is it just me or does he have a lot of mood swings?' He got off me, leaving me shocked, scared, and confused.

"Here." He tossed me some new clothes. It was the same blue uniform that the Blond was wearing.

"Change." He thankfully turned around to give me some privacy

"You will be accompanying me now. So you will have to wear that." I finished changing and he looked at me. He went to a dresser that was in the back of the room. He came up to me and made me turn around. He brushed my hair threw till it was as smooth as silk. He pulled up my hair and tied it with a black ribbon he had grabbed.

'He loves me? Since when?'