"Come its time for dinner. I'll introduce you too the royals." We left his room I tried my hardest to stay away from him but he kept pulling me closer. First we went into a large kitchen. There were maids walking back and forth from counters and stoves. He walked up to a maid with a red dress, she had curly blond hair.

"Oh Conrat-dono! May I help you with something?" The maid asked when she saw Conrat.

"Yes, this is Inu Weller. He will be joining us for dinner from now on." He smiled at her before answering her question.

"Ok well have a place made for him." She smiled brightly and started rushing. We left the kitchen three female maids were staring at our backs. The blond spoke.

"I wonder who he'll fall for?" Her fellow maid with a green dress smirked at her.

"It'll be for Gwendal for sure." The last one in blue shook her head.

"Nah it'll be Conrad. Their already hanging off each other." The blond spoke again.

"Want to bet?" The other two were already bouncing off the walls.

"Sure!" They said together and starting pulling out note pads.

We walked for a while again. Going threw the maze of a castle. We stopped at a large door that had the smell of food coming out of it. It reminded me of how hungry I was. I hadn't eaten since two days ago. He opened the door and lead me in.
Inside were seven people some I already met. Conrat stopped at the door so I had to look around him to see why he stopped.

"Mother! I didn't know you were here."
A Blond woman went up to him and hugged his arm. She had Huge Boobs! I've never seen such a beautiful woman in my life! She had long golden locks of hair that went down her back. She looked back at me. I blushed fully. She saw me and her eyes widened.

"Conrad who might this be?" Her eyes became stars.

"Oh yes. This is my little cousin, Inu Weller. Starting today he is my personal servant." I bowed thinking it was the right thing to do at the time. And I didn't want anyone to see my red face.

"Inu this is my mother and former Maou, Cecilie von Spitzberg." He introduced me. I looked up at her. Next thing I knew there were I couldn't see a thing and I was being crushed by a hug.

"He's sooooooo cute!!!!!! Just like a girl!!!" She turned her head to look at Conrat.

"Na? Promise me you'll let me borrow him sometime! I'll just love to dress him in something I have. He'll look so cute!" I stayed there not knowing what to do. I was scared I couldn't breath. The person named Yuuri came up to us and taped Cecilie timidly.

"Celi I think your choking him."

"Really?" She looked down at my crushed face.

"Oh!!! I'm sorry!" She let me go and I could breath again. I stumbled a bit backwards.

'Sweet, sweet air!' I thought taking deeps breaths

"Its ok Celilie-dono." I felt Conrat place his hand on the middle of my back to help me.

"Wow so polite! Please just call me Celi." She smiled so bright I thought my eyes would fail me.

"Um dinners ready now." The girl/guy said sitting down at the large table. The table was laden with sliver ware and candles. White creamy plates were placed neatly on the table.

'Man those maids know what their doing.' I thought as I followed Conrat. We all sat down. Me next too Conrat and Yuuri. Conrat leaned toward me and whispered.

"The purple haired man is Gunter von Christ, the Adviser of the Maou."

'So he is a guy…' I thought my eyes wandering the people in front of me.

"The man in the green suit is Gwendal von Voltaire, he's the Commander of the Demon Army and my older half brother."

'That man is very intimdating. I wonder what he does to keep the army I line?' Gwendal felt me staring at him and turned to stare back. I quickly turned my face down to stare at my food.

"The one that you saw earlier, the Blond. He's Wolfram von Bielefield, my little half brother and fiancé of the Maou Yuuri."

'That's the Maou!?!?!' Just because I was kept in the dark all the time doesn't mean I didn't know what the Maou was.

"Over there the other black haired boy is the Great Sage."

'Great Sage uncle!!!!! ITS DAIKENJYA!!!' I stopped eating and dropped my fork. The whole table looked at me. I sat in a daze. Never in my life did I would ever see him.

"My Uncle." Again they all stared at me. I was staring at Daikenjya. Yuuri waved his hand in front of my face. I took no notice.

"Me? An uncle?" Everyone turned to him.

"Now that I think about it. I did have a sister before." Everyone turned to me.

"That would explain the Black hair and eyes." Everyone turned to him with a questioning look.

"He is a descendent of Soukoku. As am I. That's why I had Black hair and eyes." Everyone looked at me again. My eyes were glazed over while I thought to myself.

"But neither of his parents had Black hair or eyes."

"They really don't need too. I remember in Biology we had to learn about genes. As long as someone else in his ancestors had Black hair or eyes he could have them too."

"So I'm related to a Soukoku?"

"In a way yes. This is the first time I've really seen one of my kin since around 200,000 years ago." And for the first time there I smiled a true smile, thinking.

'Coming here might not be so bad after all.'

After dinner they all went to get ready for bed. Well all except one. After dinner Murata Ken went straight too the soul of Shinou.

"This is your doing right? You brought my own Niece here!?!? Let alone a niece I didn't know about." He whispered the last part.

"So what if it is. But I need to say, he really looks like you! Very cute!" Daikenjya blushed.

"Your getting off topic!" Shinou sighed.

"I need him for a, project."

"What project?"

"You'll find out soon enough my dear strategist."

"One day you'll be sorry about keeping secrets." He walked out and went to bed leaving the Original King to think by him self.

'This will be an interesting year…'

After dinner I followed Conrat out into the hall and back to his room. He led me in and told me to wait at the door. I watched him go around the room looking for something. My mind wandered.

'I wonder where he'll let me sleep…' Conrat came back carrying a black cloth and some of his clothes, and a white dress?

"Come, we have to get you clean. It looks as if you haven't taken a bath in days." He grimaced.

'I haven't really well if you count that unexpected dip in the river a few days ago a bath then, ok.' He again led me to the back of the castle. Finally we got to a door that had fragrances of roses coming from it. He opened the door and pushed me in and followed shortly after. I stood in aw of the place. It was a huge bathing room with fountains and beautiful fragrances everywhere. While I was in my daze I didn't notice Conrat, by the time I came to my senses he was already naked and in the pool like bath. He looked back at me.

"Coming?" I blushed because he was looking at me, like he was waiting for me to take of my clothes. I sighed in relief as he turned around a closed his eyes taking the hint. I slowly took off the uniform he had given me. After I took it all off I undid my hair he had put up and slid into the bath far away from Conrat. Hearing me get in Conrat opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Come over here." He motioned for me to move closer to him. I looked at him a bit scared. I moved over to him slowly. As soon as I was as close as he wanted he wrapped a arm around my waist. I flinched and stayed as still as possible. I could feel his breath on my ear as he talked.

"You really are so much like a girl you know." He moved his hand up and down my side feeing my curves. He grabbed a wash cloth from the side, he turned me around and started washing my back gently. After he was done he stopped. He put the cloth away and just sat there. A little later two voices could be heard. It was the Maou and his fiancé. They had come to take a bath. Upon seeing us they waved and came in with us. They all exchanged their hellos and started talking. I just stared and listened. Yuuri looked at me for a bit. And then as if something sparked he said.

"Inu you look like a girl!" I blushed from embarrassment and anger.

"YUURI!!!" He looked at me and then as if he changed his mind about being mad at Yuuri said.

"He does. More then I do." He admitted nodding at me.

"HA! You just admitted you look like a girl!" Yuuri pointed at his fiancé and started laughing at him. Wolfram hit him over his head. I sunk my head into the water leaving only my eyes out. Trying to be as small as possible and to cover up my blush.

Yuuri and Wolfram left later on and only me and Conrat were left. I was about to put on the clothes he had given me before, but Conrat stopped me and threw the white dress on my head. He also tossed the black cloth to me. I clutched the white dress to my trying to cover up.

"The black cloth is the official underwear of the royals. You have to wear that now." I held it up to my face it was really nothing but a black cloth.

'Ok, now I'm sure I'll never forgive myself for coming here.' He continued.

"And wear that dress to bed from now on." I spoke for the first time in a while.

"But guys aren't supposed to wear dresses!" Ok never mind a long time. My voice was a bit sore.

'Wow he can talk.' He thought as he gazed over me.

"Well then we just have to show you some guys that do wear dresses." I put on the dress with a lot of fussing. It was a dress with frills at the ends and a little blue bow on the front(think about Wolframs pink dress). Conrat led me too Yuuri's room. He knocked on the door and asked if we could come in. Yuuri called from the inside telling us to come on in.

"Hi Conrad! What do you need?" The younger boy smiled brightly at the older man.

"Its nothing Heika. I just wanted to show Inu something." I peeked over his shoulder and sure enough I saw Wolfram in a pink nightgown. Similar to the one I was wearing. He had no problem wearing it in front of other guys. Conrat pulled my arm so I was in their sight. I blushed a deep red while they looked at me. They white dress really brought out my black hair and eyes(not that I know anything about fashion or anything. I'm really dumb in that area for being a girl that's sad.) Yuuri looked a bit shocked and Wolfram was wondering where I got the dress.

Conrat looked down at me.

"Happy now?"

I nodded and quickly went out of the room. Conrat thanked Yuuri and followed me out. I was blushing all the way back too Conrat's room. Lucky enough for me no one was in the halls. Or so I thought. The dress made me feel girly, I felt enough already. He led me into the room closing and locking the door. I looked around the room, waiting for him to do or tell me something.

After the door closed the three female maids peaked from the corner they were hiding. The one in blond spoke.

"I told you it was going to be Conrat." The other two glared at her. Till the one dressed in red spoke.

"We wont know until we change the sheets tomorrow." The other two turned pink until they were all laughing together and went back to their duties.

Conrat stood looking at me then sighed and pulled me by the arm too the bed. Pushing me down on it.

"Sleep. We need to get up early tomorrow." He ordered me. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes hoping tomorrow would turn out better then today. Just before I fell asleep I heard him say something.

"Good night my Okami."