Chain of Night


She stood there in horror, looking at all the royal guards as they lay on the ground in their own pools of crimson blood. The creature that had killed them stood in front of her, a smirk on his face. The vampire had long and untamed white/ silver hair and cold mahogany eyes, his cape wrapped around him like a tight blanket.

"Now, miss. If you would come here, I can fix this entire mess up. What do you say?" He asked her, extending his sharp clawed hand towards her frightened form, as a gesture of offering his hand to her.

She just looked at him, saying nothing. She went behind the throne, looking past its side to keep watching the handsome vampire. He retracted his hand and vanished as she blinked.

"Come along my princess, time to go back home."

Before she could whip around, the vampire snatched her up bridal style by surprise. He dashed to the open window he had breached the castle from and stood on the very edge of its ledge.

"I wouldn't look down, pretty miss."

She looked down anyway. Her pupils shrunk in fear. The kingdom down below looked so small, the people looked like moving dots. She clung to the vampire's neck, making him chuckle.

"I told you not to look down, my dear. But don't worry, I won't let you fall." The vampire said, smirking amusedly.

He stepped backwards onto the ledge and set her on her feet. Keeping an arm around her waist, he covered them with his cape, murmuring something in another language.

There was grey smog at the vampire's feet, and they were gone.


"You brought take-out?" The brown-haired vampire questioned.

"She's not take out you dumb ass!" the white-haired vampire retorted.

"Then what is she?" The tan vampire questioned.

"She's-my girl friend, ok?! So that means you can't eat her!" The white-haired one stated sternly.

"She looks good- I want to taste her first." The spiky haired one stated.

She was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall of where ever the hell that she was. A tan male with spiky sandy-blond hair bent down next to her. He grabbed some of her hair and smelt it.

"She smells like candy- I change my mind, I want a taste first!" The male said over his shoulder and turned back to her, leaning in dangerously close to her lips, the male's dark purple eyes full of lust.

The spiky, long, white-haired vampire whipped around, his mahogany eyes filled with rage, a deep growl escaped his chest that scared the girl a little. He grabbed the tan one and ripped him off of her, slamming him against a wall, and let him fall to the ground. The white-haired one bent down and gently took her wrist, pulling her up into his arms, he sent threatening glares to each one of the other three vampires.

"She's mine! No one is to touch her! No exceptions!" The white-haired one snarled dangerously at the others in her defense.

"Jesus, can't you share her, Bakura?" The tan one asked, now standing up, brushing the dust off his navy blue shirt.

"No! If you want one, you can go out and get your own, damn it!" Bakura snapped back sharply.

He retreated with his 'prize' to the end of the hall and made a pair of sharp rights before stopping. He released her; they stood there in silence before she broke it.

"T-thank you, for saving me from that other man-"

Bakura looked down at her.

"Marik had no right to touch you. None of them do." Bakura said.

To his right was a tall flight of stairs that split up into a 'Y' shaped hall. Bakura picked her up bridal-style and carried her up the flight of stairs, setting her down at the top of the stairs.

"Stay here." He ordered and glided down the left hall, leaving her there.

"You lost?" A voice came.

"Eekkk!" The girl cried and jumped back out of shock, landing on her rear on the ground.

One of the three male vampires from before was standing where he once was. He had spiky multi-colored hair. This one didn't look as cruel as the others, but he was the one who said he wanted to 'taste her' first. He walked over and offered her a hand.

"I'm sorry; I forgot how frightened the normal human is. Let me help you up, Miss." He said and pulled her to her feet. "My name's Yami."

Before she could say something, Bakura was there. Here cleared his throat loudly, announcing his presence. Yami let go of her hand.

"Sorry to interrupt the moment, but she needs to go to bed, so stop flirting (freaking 'A')" Bakura said and took her wrist and lead her away.

Yami just stood there but turned to watch. She turned back and waved to him. Yami waved back before she vanished down the dim hallway.