Chain of Night

Chapter 6- Shopping Apology

Yami slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair, a growl building in his chest.

"WHAT?!" He thundered, making the werewolf guards, flinch.

"T-The princess is missing. The window was opened slightly-" The guard repeated.

Yami gritted his teeth. "Bakura."

"What should we do?" Malik asked, scratching his right ear with his back paw vigorously, before putting his foot back down, and looking at Yami. "Seto knows we're not vampires. I'm not sure about Bakura, but if I'm right about what I know about Kaiba. That bitch has already, or is going to, rat us out to him."

Yami sat hunched in his throne. As King of the Werewolves, he had a lot of power. But in situations like this- he doubted his leadership- even his decisions at some times.

"We have to retrieve her-" Yami said quietly.

"You can't be serious! My lord, an army of werewolves won't stand a chance against Bakura! He's probably taken her as his mate by now." Malik protested in outrage and disbelief. "He's going to put up 15 times the fight now that she's his mate. Forgive me, mi lord, but that makes it impossible- even for you."

"I'm not going to attack him- that would start a war. Something that will obliterate the Ebony Empire, altogether. Vampires go straight for the families- they eliminate loved-ones first- then the target." Yami said, closing his eyes. "We'll have to wait, until Bakura comes out into the open- away from his mansion."

"That won't be happening soon, Milord. If they're mates, she's his one and ONLY, food source. He no longer has a reason, to hunt, or leave his 'fort' for that matter. Unless she wants to go some where-"

"Then we have time to plan." Yami said seriously, determination sparkling in his purple eyes. It wouldn't be long, before a severed the girl's bond with Bakura. Not long at all.

It was morning, and yet, Bakura, was still asleep. Clairabell, in the kitchen. She sat in a chair at the small table. The only phone in the entire mansion, in her possession.

Seto sat across from her, monitoring her, listening to the bits and pieces of her conversation. He'd tell Bakura, when he woke up. She continued to talk on the phone, keeping her purple eyes, on the brown-haired vampire.

"Don't worry, I'm fine... no, I'm fine, really... I'm safe... I don't know exactly, where I am, but... no, I haven't been hurt at all!... yes, but there are two other people here..." She was quiet for a while, before she looked at the table, her pupils shrunk. "Why? Don't do that! They're really nice... well, one of them is sitting across from me... Don't do that, please. They've been really good to me-...I forgot your number, and there were two other people here, but they left... ok- I'll call you next week. Bye."

She removed the phone from her ear, pressing a button, before getting up, putting the phone back on its hook with care.

"Who was that? Why did you tell them we're taking 'good care of you'?" Seto quizzed, she cast him a side glance, looking at him, until he had finished speaking, in which she turned half way towards him.

She kept her mouth shut, giving hima look that told him he was nosy, before Bakura sleepily walked into the kitchen, letting out a yawn, his right palm rubbing the sleep out of his right eye.

"What's going on, Seto?" H questioned sleepily.

"Your little play thing, made a call to someone, and hung up less than a minute ago-"

"Kaiba!" Bakura growled angrily. "How dare you speak that way about my mate! Apologize." Bakura hissed, giving Seto an angered but some-what smug, sneer. Seto hastily apologized to her.

"Clairabell- right?" Seto asked, she nodded. "How about I take the Lord's woman out shopping to apologize? You'll be staying here, won't you?"

"Yes, she'll be staying, Seto." Bakura said in a calmer, tone looking at her. "Who did you call, my dear?"

"My sister." She said smiling at him. Bakura nodded, and lead her back to his- no- their chambers, to change for the day.