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A/n: I read a few stories about the trio's children, sounded like fun. This child is Hermione and Ron's child called Alice Molly Granger even though her last name is meant to be Weasly. Alice doesn't know who her father is... you will find out why. She has just finished her 3rd year at Hogwarts and is home for summer. She has befriended to boys, one is Harry's son Henry and the other is Samuel (Sam). Alice doesn't know Henry is her cousin, nether does he, but she treats him like one anyway and she has always called Harry and Ginny uncle and aunt because Hermione is very close to them. You'll find out more later :)...

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter but I do own all students/children (whatever you wanna call them) and the story line.

Chapter 1: Summer!

It's summer! It is finally here... I have been waiting so long to see mum again but I am going to miss Hogwarts and all my classes. Mum said I got that off her along with her fear of heights, brown frizzy hair, geekness and choice in friends. The last one is kind of right, I suppose. Mum told me that she had more friends that were boys than girls and I have to admit, because my two best friends are boys, she is right.

Oh and by the way I am sorry for the messy writing I am sitting on the train.

Well I better go, Henry needs a little help beating Sam at chess, least I am good at that!

Love, Alice.

A bushy brown headed closed a black leather book and shoved it in her rucksack; she sat back up and her hair blurred her vision. She tucked her hair behind her pierced ears showing her deep blue eyes.

Samuel Gareth Russell, Sam; a strawberry-blonde shaggy haired boy with hazel eyes and a rather button nose, glanced up quickly and caught a glimpse of his female best friend across the compartment sitting up and tucking her hair behind her ears. He took a deep breath along with a some dust and went into a coughing fit.

"Mate, you alright?" Henry asked, while Alice got up to sit next to Sam and started patting him on the back. Sam nodded turning a shade of pink, his coughing calming down. Henry laughed, shaking his head and looked back down to the chess board stroking his hand through his black spiky hair, he narrowed his bright brown eyes and concentrated back on the game he was losing.

"Are you sure you are alright Sam?" Alice asked, moving her hand from his back and placed it on top of his hand. He nodded staring at their hands, Alice noticed and quickly moved hers, feebly smiling. He smiled back feeling his cheeks burning.

"Ahem," Henry cleared his throat, loudly. Alice and Sam stared at him, "if looks could kill..." Henry laughed, shaking his head. "Oh, it is your turn Sam."

"Oh alright, ermm..." Sam moved his king, "checkmate." He said like it was no big deal.

"Wha- how you do that?" Henry gazed at the board, wide-eyed and mouth open. Alice got up and moved Henry out of the way.

"Oh move over," (A/n sound familiar? Haha.) Henry did as he was told, "I'll beat him."

"Sounds like a challenge, Miss Alice Lucy Granger." Sam laughed, setting up the board again.

"No... More like the truth Samuel." Alice told him matter-of-factly and she began the game.

At the station

"MUM!" Alice shouted seeing an older looking version of her, hands open wide awaiting a hug. Alice ran towards Hermione and took her in an embrace. "I missed you," she giggled into Hermione's shoulder.

"I missed you too, little one!" Hermione told her kissing the top of her head.

They pulled away, "So how is work?"

"Great, kind of quiet lately though."

"Cool!" Hermione worked a St.Mungo's as head of the Development department.

"Very... we better go see Harry and Ginny; I'd like to see the children. How were Henry and Sam this year then?" Hermione asked her daughter, raising her eyebrow when she mentioned Sam, while they made their way over to a rather large family.

"Boys will be boys!" Alice smiled, Hermione noticed her blush when Sam was mentioned. Snapping out of it, Alice ran over to, what seemed, the mother. "Auntie Ginny," she beamed at the red-headed lady pulling her into an embrace, "oh sorry!" Noticing she squeezed her, "how is he?" Alice asked rubbing Ginny's belly.

"Great actually, been kicking a lot lately," Ginny giggled.

Alice felt a hand on her shoulder, "Uncle Harry!" Alice spun around and smiled at him pulling him into an embrace.

While a little reunion was going on Hermione walked around the rest of the family, Harry and Ginny's children. "Benjamin," Hermione beamed,

"Auntie Hermione," Benjamin smiled, groaning, "It's Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben!" He complained still smiling.

"Sorry Ben Ben Ben Ben," he chuckled and Hermione ruffled his unruly red shaggy hair.

She moved on and bent down to a double pushchair and kissed both of the children sitting in the pushchair seats. "How are my favourite twins?" She asked the two identical, short black-haired, boys. They sat up straight and kissed a cheek each of Hermione's at the same time. She smiled, "Hello Arthur and James," she tickled their bellies at the same time and then stood back up.

Hermione moved over to a shortish girl that looked very pretty, with long bright red hair that hung passed her shoulders. There were to plaits hanging either side of her face. Hermione smiled at her and she smiled back and then they shared an embrace. "How was your first year at Hogwarts then, Lilly?" Hermione asked the girl, pulling away.

"Brilliant! I had the best time; I got sorted into Griffindor with Henry, Alice and Samuel. I was so excited and I met loads of friends. Laura, Jade, Kimberly, Rebecca-" She talked very fast,

"I'm glad you had fun." Hermione said stopping the girl before she described every school day. She was a very pretty girl but as soon as she opened her mouth, Merlin, she would be able to talk for Britain! "Where's Henry then?" Lilly pointed over by the train where Henry was talking to Sam and his family. Hermione walked over to him, followed by her daughter.

"Henry! Look at you," Hermione told him, he turned scarlet with embarrassment.

"Aunt Hermione," he turned around to face her, hugging her and giving her a peck on the cheek. "So good to see you!"

"You too... and Samuel how have you been?" Hermione moved her eyes from Henry to Sam.

"I am good thank you, Miss Granger, how are you?" He smiled.

"Very good thank you Samuel." Hermione answered, Alice nudged her mother in her side. "Oh sorry, I mean Sam."

He smiled at her. "Well I better get going; the girls have already started to moan." Sam told his friends, gesturing towards his two little sisters, Melody and Mia. Hermione had already walked off towards the Potters.

"Oh ok then." Alice said, "We have to meet over the summer - us three."

"Oh don't worry about that," Henry grinned, "Sam is staying over on for 4 weeks in the holidays."

"My parents are going on a job holiday thing and my sisters are staying with my nan. I told Henry and he said I can stay at his house instead of going with my sisters! So I guess you'll see me." Sam smiled.

"Yeah probably, my mum can't stay away from Henry's family for more than a day." They laughed and Alice and Henry said goodbye to Sam.

4th August

"Come on Alice, we are going to be late." Hermione shouted up the stairs, in their terrace house in Richmond, London.

"But I am getting ready," Alice called from the bathroom.

"Alice, get a move on! You've been getting ready all morning, I told Ginny we will be there early so you can practice!" The Potters lived in Lambeth, London about a thirty minute drive. Alice ignored her mother, "Sam will think you look beautiful, whatever you look like and if we don't leave soon you won't get to greet him when he arrives."

Hermione heard a door open and footsteps running, her daughter sped down the stairs. Alice was wearing light make-up, dark skinny jeans and a thick strappy, grey and pink, polka dot top. Along with silver dolly shoes and her hair half up half down, straighter than normal but lightly curled. "Who said I was... getting ready for S-Sam? I wasn't, mum." Alice told her, unconvincingly.

"Uh-huh. Now grab whatever you are taking and let's go!" Hermione grabbed her handbag and opened the door; Alice reached for her book, Hogwarts: a History, and her rucksack and followed her mum, closing the door. They got into the car and began the journey.

"Did you bring you Ballet shoes?" Hermione asked her daughter.

"Yes mum. I remembered."

"Good, good. Remember Aunt Ginny is going out her way to help you finish your final piece, but of course she won't be able to show you the moves, being seven months pregnant."

"I know mum. Don't worry, she has helped me before and been pregnant most times!" The girls laughed.


"Auntie Hermione and Alice are here mummy!" Ben shouted throughout the house.

"Answer the door then," Ginny called from upstairs.

Ben ran from the kitchen to the hallway followed by little brothers, Arthur and James, waddling after him. Ben stood on his toes, opened the hatch and pulled open the door.

"Thank you Ben," Hermione said giving him a kiss on the head. Alice slid in behind her mum, ruffling Arthur's hair on the way. "Ginny?" Hermione shouted.

"Be down in a minute," she called back.

Alice opened the door to the living room and entered. The Potter household was a very hectic place; Alice had learnt to stay out of the way so whenever she visited she would always read in the living room until greeted. She didn't mind of course, reading was her favourite pass time along with dancing. She opened her book and began to read, screams of happiness and laughter were heard all around the house. Alice liked it here, but would never be able to live here, she needed quiet sometimes.

"Alice," Ginny waddled into the living room, "ready to practice."

Alice looked up and smiled; she placed her book in her rucksack and took out her Ballet shoes. She slid them on and stood up. Ginny took a seat on the armchair facing Alice. Their living room was quite big, bigger than her own. Actually the house was big, 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, a converted loft which was a bedroom (Henry's), a basement which was a garage and a study, a big living room and a large kitchen/dining room/play area. The Potters house was so big because Harry's job earned him a lot; he was Head of the Auror Office, setting training courses and assignments, etc. His worked kept him busy but he always had time to be a dad. Alice never knew her father. He left before she was born, but Hermione would tell her the most amazing stories about him and how he was like. Hermione hadn't heard from Alice's father in 13 years.

"Yes, I am ready." Ginny flicked her wand and the Sugar Plum Dance began to play (from the Nutcracker). Alice danced all she knew and then stopped. Ginny helped her with the rest and they practiced from about one till four, when she stopped the music. "Alice, you know this off by heart now, keep practicing if you wish but I think it is about time I pulled your mother get away from my children and prepared dinner."

Alice laughed, "I'm gonna have a rest now Ginny and go find Henry. Do you know where he is?"

"He told me he was going to the skate park." Ginny replied, heaving herself up.

Alice grabbed her hands and helped her, "thank you dear." Ginny kissed her forehead.

"It is ok, thank you for your help on my final piece."

"Anytime." And with that Ginny walked out of the room. Alice changed into her normal shoes and went to find Henry; before she shut the door she heard a shout.

"Bring him in in less than an hour; Sam will be arriving at five!" Ginny called.

Alice closed the door and set of to find Henry

Henry rolled along on his skateboard, Alice walking beside him. "I have a feeling the rest of the summer is going to be great!" Henry spoke quickly because he was excited. Alice nodded, "even better for some people." He murmured.

"What does that mean?" Alice had heard him.

"Oh nothing," Alice glared at him, "well- what I mean is- it is obvious you and Sam like each other, you two are the only ones that don't see it." Alice's heart was thumping in her chest, is it really that obvious? "And," Henry continued. "Spending a whole 4 weeks together should be fun for you two, nothing but hanging out." He gently elbowed Alice is the arm, snapping her out of her gaze. "Eh, eh?"

She shock her head, "oh honestly, you couldn't be more wrong! I mean Sam- Sam- he, he's my best friend along with you and I don't fancy him. What a preposterous idea, for Merlin's sake!"

They arrived back at the house and Alice quickly walked inside, blushing wildly, "fine, ignore the subject. You won't be able to hide it forever." Henry called after her while throwing his skateboard in the shed.

Around 5pm

"So he is arriving by Floo then?" Hermione asked Ginny while chopping some carrots.

"That's what I was told," she replied jerking her head towards her oldest son playing Exploding Snap with Ben on the dining room table. "But then again, who knows when he tells you something."

Alice sat on the couch by the fireplace, reading her book. Lilly was playing with the twins and the dolls house. A few ashes moved around, Sam was about to arrive. Alice took a deep breath, sorted her hair and lay her head back on the couch spreading her legs across it so she was laying down, reading her book. Suddenly and young boy toppled out of the fireplace onto his trunk.

"Ouch," Sam mumbled rubbing his bumped head and Alice smiled to herself, he is so cute!... Huh?! Shut up Alice.

"Sam!" Henry shouted, getting up from the table to help up his friend.

"Hi mate," Sam replied picking up his trunk and brushing himself down. He was wearing straight-punky jeans, a striped blue and grey hoodie and dark blue converses. "Mrs Potter thank you for letting me stay." He told Henry's mother.

"You're always welcome here!" Ginny smiled at him.

"Hello Sam," Hermione greeted the boy, although she was looking at Alice who was peering over her book. Sam hadn't seen her and Sam and Henry started whispering. Alice could make out Henry say "over there."

Sam looked over his shoulder to see Alice lying on the sofa. He and Henry walked over. Henry picked up Alice's legs and moved them, "hey!" Henry made her jump. "Oh hello, Sam." She quickly moved over and the boys sat down. Sam next to Alice in the middle of her and Henry.

"How you doin'?"

"Alright, I suppose, you?"

"I'm good."

The trio sat there in silence for a few minutes, Henry broke it, "dinner isn't gonna be ready until dad gets home so you wanna go up to my room, play some guitar or drums or whatever?" He asked them

"Ok," Alice replied, Sam simply nodded. They strode of upstairs.

In Henry's bedroom

Sam grabbed the guitar of the stand and began to play it. "Pretty good one you got here, mate." He placed it back down and sat on a bean-bag. Alice sat cross-legged on the end on Sam's camp bed where he would be sleeping and Henry sat on his bed.

"What you wanna do?" He asked

"Dunno," Sam replied.

"We could play a game?" Alice suggested.

Henry lay down, "what game?"

"Err..." Sam was thinking.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" Henry sat up quickly causing him to go dizzy for a few seconds.

"Yeah alright," Sam said, Alice shrugged.

Henry grabbed an empty bottle of his desk, "if it lands on you, you have to say which one you want, truth or dare."



"I'll go first," Henry span the bottle and it landed on... Sam. "Truth or dare?"


Henry seized his opportunity, "Do you like anyone at the moment?"

"Err, well yeah I think so."

"Who?" Henry asked.

"One question per round, Potter." Sam laughed with Alice and Henry sighed. Sam spun the bottle.

"Aha! Potter."

"Erm... dare."

Alice jumped up, "I dare you to play my final piece music for my Ballet exam and dance around the kitchen like a ballerina!"

Sam laughed, "no, Alice, no!" Henry argued. "I pick truth."

"You picked dare already now of you go." Sam laughed.

The game carried on like this, it was round 5 and Alice hadn't been hit yet. Until now.

"Truth or dare Alice?" Henry asked.

"I'll say... truth."

"Do you like anyone at the moment?" Henry asked her knowingly.

"Erm... yes." She replied very quietly.

"What was that? A yes?" Henry asked, she nodded her head.

"Hmm..." he laughed. Sam took a deep breath and Alice spun the bottle.

It landed on her. "Truth or dare." Henry grinned and Sam looked away.

"Kids, dinner." Ginny called up the stairs.

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