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Chapter 9: Letters

RECAP: Cornel shoke his head, "Lucian she forced herself on me!" Now Lucian shoke his head, "tell it to someone who cares!" And with that he walked away, away from his brother and trying to walk away from his problem.

Dear Daddy,

I miss you. How is everyone? Mummy? Ben? The twins and Baby Vicky? How about everyone else? Hope you are all good!

Here at Hogwarts everything isn't as good as I wish it could be. I don't know what Henry has been writing to you (if he has been writing to you) but it is probably a lie. If he has been telling you things are fine, they really aren't. And it all started because of two idiotic people who won't admit their true feelings for each other. And I'll tell you who are those people are - Alice and Sam. No shock there though! They've had a big fall out because Sam thinks Alice likes Kevin or he said she did to someone else. Something like that! But, I just don't think that is true. Do you remember when I was little and I told you I could hear all those voices in my head? Well lately I have been hearing them again. Yes daddy I have been getting enough sleep and no dad I don't need to go to St. Mungos! The voices keep telling me to "look deeper. Not everything is what it seems. Two good friends of yours are no longer new friends. They have been more for all their lives." What could it mean?

I probably should have shared this story between Alice and Sam with mummy because you think it is too... girly? And then the voices part with you but I sent the whole story to you because you've had experience in this before. Being an observer of a love/hate relationship. If you don't know who I mean I'm talking about Uncle Ron and Hermione! How did you handle their arguments? I could use some advice right now. Alice and Sam's 'fall out' has triggered so many fights. Henry and Molly aren't speaking at all. Henry tries but she ignores him! That's because when Molly found out what Sam had said to Alice she was ready to murder him but Henry stopped her saying that more shouting won't help. I think she thought he was taking Sam's side. Also Hogwarts hottest, semi-together, couple Kevin and Ophelia aren't exactly hot anymore. Apparently Kevin received a letter from an old school friend and hasn't been that close with Ophelia because of it. And she believes that Alice and Kevin like each other and that's why he isn't close with Ophelia anymore. Kevin is in some sort of depressed state and it is as if he is having a big conversation with an inner voice, I know it. Also I know he and Alice don't like each other, I just do. Like I knew Auntie Angellina was pregnant again with Laurence, when I was nine, and they hadn't told anyone. Uncle Fred hadn't even told Uncle George by that time. And like I knew that mummy needed to phone Auntie Fleur and 3 o'clock in the morning when I was five because I knew that someone was going to try and break into a fault at Gringotts in the next hour and Uncle Bill was working a night shift and could stop them. Daddy I just know and I don't know how.

Daddy what's happening? This can't just be those hormones you told me about! Can it? If it is I don't want to become a teenager! The only happy person out of all this is Donovan, and that's only because no-one is eyeing Ophelia anymore. I forgot to mention, Cornel and Lucian had a horrible row a few weeks ago. I don't know what about though, but that means us cousins are torn between the two! I can't wait till the Christmas break. Only four days to go!

Oh and Henry has become seeker again this year! And Kevin is keeper this year; he beat Travis Bowles who has been keeper for two years in a row. Sam is beater again along with this girl called Rosie - it was the only time he came out of his dorm the weekend of tryouts, except for food. Cornel and Donovan are chasers and you will never guess who the third is. It might be me! Cornel, because he is captain, hasn't decided yet. It is either between me and Martha Wood, a 5th year. Cornel has told us he will tell us on the Hogwarts Express but I think Henry is telling him not to allow me to play because "Quidditch is a rough sport." Well yeah, I know that! But I'm not a little girl anymore, you'd let me play wouldn't you?

Need your advice ASAP!

Can't wait to be home. Tell everyone I say hi. Miss you.

Lots of hugs and kisses, Lilly xxx

P.S: Can I have you permission to knock all the losers' heads together?

P.S.S: I'm writing this at Lunch and all I am looking at are miserable faces. Why are they all sitting together if they are fighting? And especially, why around me?

After sealing the envelope and addressing it to her father's office, Lilly looked up to the depressed faces around her. Her brother and Sam were sitting next to eachother, Henry hadn't eaten anything and Sam was playing with a sausage on his plate. Ophelia was next to her sister Mae and brother Donovan, her face in one of her mother's, Luna's, books Mythical Creatures; The Proof. Donovan had a smug grin on his face while Mae was giving a begging glance towards the teachers table where her father mirrored her look. Alice sat next to Molly who was stabbing her chicken breast with such enthusiasm it looked as if she was pretending it was someone, one guess who. Alice looked intent, as of she was holding a conversation with herself, as did Kevin. The rest of the Weasley's were all around, looking glum, amongst them were Cornel and Lucian. Lucian whom of which was using the opportunity to stare death glares towards his older brother, Cornel.

Rolling her guys, Lilly made a loud sigh and stood up from the table. Taking her book bag and letter to her father, she left the great hall without a single look back even though she had a hunch that all of her family and friends were watching her leave. And she was correct. Had she finally got through to them? Thinking it over, she continued her walk to the Owlery.

"Hoot?" Lilly made a tutting noise to get the attention of her brown barn owl, Hoot. "Where are you?" When there were hundred of owls perched on ledges, feasting on their lunch or flying over head it was hard to find the one you specifically wanted so it was a good idea to teach your owl to come to you when it hears its name. "Hoot?" And suddenly out of nowhere a chocolate coloured owl came flying through one of the empty windows that made the Owlery so drafty. The owl landed on the out-stretched arm of Lilly's. "There's a good boy," Lilly cooed while stroking the top of his head. She pulled out her father's letter, planted a small kiss on the front of it and began strapping it to Hoot's foot.

"Why are you sending a letter at this time of year? I wanted to send one yesterday but Sean said there was no point as we are going home in four days." A boy emerged from the shadows. Lilly's heart sped up because he had caused her to jump, but then returned back to its normal heartbeat when she saw who it was. "Merlin Rory, you scared me..." She regained her breath and carried on, "Do you always do what your brother says besides it isn't any of your business who I am sending a letter too." Lilly looked at the boy who seemed to be turning around to leave, "but if you must know it is an urgent letter to my father."

Rory looked back at her over his shoulder. Turning on his heel to face her he ran his hand through his light brown hair, "Oh ok, sorry." Lilly spoke to Hoot, "Ok boy, off you go," and Hoot flew back out the window he had flown in on. "It's ok; just don't scare me like you did!" Lilly now turned to face Rory. They stood, meters apart for as long as a minute. Just looking at each other. Rory began to walk to her, "I'm sorry about that." He apologized, when he had reached her.

"About wh- oh yeah," Lilly snapped out of her dreamy state and punched Rory in the arm, "you should be." Rory fell to his knees in mock agony, and Lilly giggled to herself, "Oh stop being such a drama-queen!" The boy stood up, "Queen? I beg your pardon but I am a male so that makes me a drama-KING!"

Lilly giggled again, "your weird Rory," she said as she walked past him to the Owlery stairs. The boy laughed, turning his body to follow her, "yeah well, so are you Potter." Potter was the nickname Rory gave to Lilly and she would retort using his last name. "See you around Finnigan," Lilly continued walking but looked over her shoulder to give him a wave. He nodded back, and once she was out of earshot he whispered to himself, "hopefully."

Dear Lilly-pad,

We all miss you too, so much. Everyone is great, me and mummy are good. Ben and the twins are very excited about Christmas as all the family are going to be coming over - the twins keep asking for Uncle Fred and George so get ready for a michevous Christmas and a very stressed Grandma. The magical extensions to the house worked well so now there is enough room for everyone, though I was hoping some of you kids could share. Hermione and Alice are going to be coming to stay as well, so you may need to share with Alice or Henry can. Vicky has been brilliant, the checkups at the St.Mungos have been going good and they say she is fit and healthy. But, as you know, Vicky had a tuff of bright red hair when she was born, well now her hair is raven black like mine and her eyes change colours at different times of the days; from brown to green. I will explain more when you come home but the Healers have said they have had experience of baby witches and wizards hair changing colour (their first sign of magic) and the eyes just may look different in the kind of light. No need to worry though, she isn't ill.

Henry has written. Well only a bit, he replies to the letters we send him. He told us things were 'fine' like he normally does when he doesn't want to talk... I'll corner him when he comes home. Alice and Sam, eh? Well I'm not surprised. Alice's letters to Hermione have been a bit... dull to say the least. They are normally very long but recently they have only been two, maybe one sided! This rumour about Alice and Kevin, them two would never happen. Believe me. I agree with you and like I have said before, trust those voices inside your head - they know what they are saying. You'll find out soon why you can hear these voices and the only way to figure out what they mean is too look inside of you. I cannot help right now. Sorry.

I'm glad you have trusted me with this Lilly-pad and no it is not to girly for me. With Uncle Ron and Hermione, I just let them sort it out. But sometimes I did try and sort it out for them if they were being stubborn. Whenever Uncle Ron would say something about it, I would tell him how pathetic they were being or how he needed to sort this out if he wanted to be friends with her. I would do the same with Hermione too. I know you Lilly; you'll be able to do something. I think all the relationships happening between them lot are to do with jealousy and confusion darling, it could be hormones you never know. About you becoming a teenager, if you could stay my little girl forever I would be set but as you can't and you will become a teenager just promise yourself and me that you will never have a boyfriend until your 40!

I know your gonna find out sooner or later but it slipped out at last weeks 'parents dinner' that Lucian and Cornel have had an argument so now Uncle Charlie knows. Auntie Nina didn't seem to mind so much as they always fight but Uncle Charlie wants you to tell him everything that you heard (and just so you know he seemed quite happy about the situation of corse your mum told him to wipe that smirk of his face).

The Gryffindor Quidditch team seems like a winner this year sweetie. Henry had told be briefly about it, but not about YOU maybe becoming a chaser! Well done - your most likely right about Henry trying to keep you off the team, even though you two fight he loves you. Cornel is probably not sure because he wants you to be safe as well but I have a hunch you'll get it baby, you've always been a little chaser since you could ride a broom. Good luck, I'll be asking for the results as soon as you step off that train.

Can't wait for you all to come home. Everyone says hi and see you in two days.

Lots of hugs and kisses too you to Lilly-pad, Daddy xxx

P.S: You have my permission to crack some knuckleheads together.

P.S.S: From Uncle Ron. By the way, is Martha Wood, Oliver Wood's daughter? Just out of curiosity. If so, I'm rooting for you to win chaser. If not, Quidditch is really rough, your dad nearly died on several occasions. Wait until you're older to play. See you soon sweetie.

Laughing to herself, Lilly placed the letter back into the envelope and replaced it into her bag. "Here you go Hoot," sitting on a low ledge of the Owlery, Hoot sitting on her arm, she feed him some of his favourite treats. She ruffled his feathers and places him next to her on the ledge. "Oh Hoot, what am I going to do? I wish you were a human and then you could help me sort these freaks out!" Hoot gave her a quizzing look, his head tilted to the side. Lilly laughed under her breath, "seriously Hoot," she threw him a treat and he caught it in his beak, "dad said that I'd be able to do something, but what? And he didn't think I was going mad. I knew these voices mean something - but what?" Lilly leant her head in her hands and she rubbed her eyes, sighing.

"You like this place don't you?" A voice said from the shadows. "It's my fav-" Lilly's head shot up, "wh-who's there?" Rory walked out from the shadows like he had done the day before. "Just me, Rory Finnigan. At your service." He bowed low to the ground and rose when he heard her giggle.

"You're such a loser," she said in between laughs. "Thank you, thank you very much," he said in an Elvis Presley accent. Lilly began laughing and hopped down from the ledge to walk over to Rory. He held out his arm and she hooked hers through his, giggling again. They began walking, "you're not just a loser, Finnigan, you're also a gerd."

"Gerd?" Rory looked, trying very hard not to burst out laughing, "I dunno if I should take that as a compliment or an insult!" He couldn't help it so he began laughing. Lilly un-hooked her arm and used that hand to punch his arm. "It is a mix between geek and nerd." Rory gave her a shaking, "ok" through laughs. She started walking again and he sped up to catch up with her. After seeing her face, he stopped laughing. "So, Potter, we have your favourite lesson next, Divination." He grinned at her. She smiled back, linking arms with him again and the resumed walking together, "yes we have. We are doing Dream Interpretations today!" Lilly looked ahead, her eyes shining like the brightest star in the sky or did it just seem like that to Rory? After not getting a response she looked back at him, catching him staring at her he blushed pink and looked ahead.

"Er, yeah, I like it too. Though Sean says that it is a silly lesson. He dropped it after his O.W.Ls. Divination was my mum's favourite lesson too," he spoke quite fast. Lilly was shocked, "How could your brother hate Divination?! It is the best! Sean probably said that because he failed it." Rory shoke his head, "no Sean said-" Lilly smiled at Rory, "you look up to your brother. That's really sweet." Rory blushed pink again and cleared his throat.

Lilly gave a little smirk, "anyway my dad told me that your mum was very good at Divination, along with the Pavarti Twins. I'm sure Professor Trelawney remembers them." Rory gave a shrug, "dunno when we leave she will remember you, though. Your brilliant," Lilly looked at him, "-at Divination." He quickly added on. She gave him a small smile, "thanks Rory."

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