Title: Summer Heat

Rating: M

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Summary: Twoshot, SLASH. Remus turns seventeen and goes into heat for the first time...lucky Sirius.

Early August, 1975

A loud groan represented the dawn of another…trying day.

Remus sat up in bed; his body aching and sleep all too quickly abandoning his mind. He stretched leisurely, whimpering happily as his muscles pulled and flexed. Leaning back with his palms flat on the bed to support him, Remus looked down…

And was greeted with an all-too-familiar sight.

As was prone to happen EVERY morning in the past week, er…little Remus was adamantly standing proud and demanding attention. The sheets tented rather admirably, Remus flopped back onto the bed. He closed his eyes and willed his erection to go away; he wasn't sure why, but the act of masturbating had never been too appealing to him.

However, the instant his eyes closed, Remus's cock gave an appreciative twitch at the images that were instantly playing behind his eyelids. A smooth, lean body, slick with sweat…the beautiful, seductive curve of a firm ass in the showers at school…dark hair flying free and devilishly soft between his fingers…piercing gray eyes gazing at him mischievously…

Remus shuddered and jerked upright, eyes flying open. "Oh…my….Merlin…" He whispered, shaking.

All of those mental images were unmistakably the same person. The same MALE person. The same male person who just happened to be his best friend…his best STRAIGHT friend…Sirius…

It was no surprise to Remus that Sirius Black was the immediate guy that his hormonal teenage mind had conjured up. Sirius was, in a word, perfect. Sexy, tall, dark and mysterious…he was…delicious. And, if the truth be told, Sirius had been the star of quite a few wet dreams already. Particularly since Remus's birthday, back in March…

Remus threw the sheets off of him and swung his legs off the bed. He froze, his eyes going wide and a terrible shudder passed through his body. He looked down at himself again.

"This is…new"

The slight friction caused by moving his legs had sent a shock through Remus's entire body. A shock that had been started between his legs. What was worse…it was NOT a particularly pleasant shock. In fact, it could even be called painful. No, it was definitely painful.

"Merlin…" He whispered, bordering on frightened.

A knock on his door made him glance up sharply.


'Y-yes, mum?"

"Are you alright?"





Sirius tapped his foot impatiently as his hand dropped form the doorbell. He sighed when the door didn't immediately open to emit him. Honestly, he thought for the millionth time, Mrs. Lupin should really invest in a house elf or two…

It was then that the very woman whom he had been thinking of opened the door and greeted him warmly. "Sirius!" She said hugging him fondly. "It's so good to see you. Remus is out at the moment, but I daresay, I can entertain you with a slice of homemade pie in the mean time."

"Sounds good," he said, traipsing into the house comfortably. However, Mrs. Lupin's comment about entraining him with pie had, as such a comment does, provided him with some rather…troubling thoughts. Thoughts following along the lines of Remus entertaining him instead… better yet, Remus wearing the pie, ooooh, no, Remus wearing nothing BUT the pie…yeah, that was about right.

"…don't you think, Sirius?"

Sirius tore himself form his inappropriate thoughts and focused on the slice of sugary goodness being set in front of him. "Um, yeah, sure." Sirius said distractedly.

Mrs. Lupin laughed, rolling her eyes as she turned to the sink to finish with dishes. "You know…I've been reading…"

Sirius faked choking and looked at her with feigned surprise. "You? Reading? Imagine that…" Let's just say, Remus's love for books was somewhat inherited from his mother.

She laughed. "Now, now…" She shot him a smile over her shoulder, "Remus turned seventeen this past March, didn't you know?"

Sirius, cherry filling dripping from his lips, looked at her with complete confusion. "Wha-?"

"I've been reading," she repeated, leaning on the counter heavily. "Remus is now technically a fully mature lycanthrope."

Sirius swallowed. "Well, yeah…but this isn't exactly news, I mean…nothing's changed since his birthday…" Well, he thought to himself, maybe he's gotten a little…prettier, and his ass defiantly never looked so good, but really… those weren't thoughts Mrs. Lupin needed to know about.

Mrs. Lupin sighed. "I know that. He's still my boy, after all…"

My boy, Sirius repeated in his head. He decided he rather liked that terminology in reference to Remus…and himself.

"But," Mrs. Lupin continued, now facing the young man she didn't realize was presently fighting half-heartedly to keep from fantasizing about her son. "You haven't seen him these past few days, what with the summer holidays and all. He's still the same, but…he's acting different. Not intentionally of course, and it's only subtle, but that's probably because I'm the only one who's been around him much…"

Sirius cocked his head to the side, thoroughly confused. "I don't get it…"

Mrs. Lupin sighed again. "Look, Sirius, I know you care about Remus…."

More than you will ever know.

"And I know he cares about you,"

Oh, if only…

"So I think it's only fair to tell you that he's going through a very difficult time right now…"

Sirius's perverted thoughts came to a screeching halt. "What? Why? What's wrong with him?"

"Well, nothing's wrong, per say." She said, somewhat uncomfortably. "It's just the beginning of this part of his life, and I've read that the first time is rather hard, especially without a mate…"

Sirius wasn't known for being afraid. But for some reason, the idea of Remus having a mate made his blood run cold. The thought seemed to fold back on itself, though, because in the next second he was thinking how absolutely splendid it would be if HE was Remus's mate…

"Er…ma'am?" Sirius thought, wondering what he was getting himself into, "Just what "part" of Remus's life are we talking about here?"

Mrs. Lupin replied: "This summer marks Remus's first mating season as a full fledged werewolf." She supplied. "Now I'm no fool. I've done my research and I've come to terms with the fact that my son is a submissive…"

"Sub-submissive?" Sirius thought, his voice shaking for completely different reasons than the mother across the room from him would have thought. Submissive…so, Remus was…gay? Hell, he hoped so…

She sighed. "Yes…That's why I wanted to talk to you before Remus gets back."

"Me?" He thought, his half-eaten pie forgotten. Mentally, he was saying something more along the lines of: Merlin, yes, PLEASE ask me to be his mate! I'll do it!

Mrs. Lupin nodded. "I have to visit family in Ireland, and I really don't think it would be wise to leave Remus alone while he's going through this. That's why I encouraged him to ask you to come visit. I want him to be with someone he can trust to help him through this…I've raised him to think of sex reverently, but mating season…"

Sex? Sirius thought, I'm all for that…The Remus-dressed-in-cherry-pie-fantasy reared its oh-so-sexy head once more.

"…he won't be able to control himself…"

From the moment the word "sex" came into play, Sirius heard no more…


"Remus, look who showed up while you were out?!"

Remus froze the instant he entered the kitchen. "Padfoot?"


Sirius all but launched himself at Remus…no, wait, he DID do that too. Remus stumbled backward, his grocery bags tumbling to the floor, as Sirius collided with him. They slid across the floor until Remus felt his back slam into the kitchen wall.

"Pads!" Remus cried, moving to pry the over excite teen off of him. On second thought…"Mmm, Sirius…."

Sirius jumped back, holding Remus at arms length. "Remus? Did you just…you did!"

"Did what?" Remus and his mother both said as one.

Sirius just grinned and shook his head. "Oh nothing," but secretly, Oh yes, Remus Lupin, he thought, you most assuredly just moaned my name…"Just glad to see you!" he said, squeezing the breath out of the other teen again.

Remus instantly grasped Sirius's shoulders and held him at arms length. He gave him a somewhat shaky smile. "Yeah, uh…ditto."


Remus wasn't sure if he was relieved or horrified that his mother was leaving him and Sirius alone for a whole week. In a sense, it meant she trusted them and they would have free reign for the next handful of days. On the other hand…there wouldn't be anyone around to keep him from ruining his life by throwing himself at his best friend. When Sirius had hugged him the other day…it had been torture. Almost instantly his body had heated up, his muscles all clenched, his stomach fluttered, his cock jumped in anticipation… he had no choice but to push his friend off of him before certain…areas become too apparent.

And now he was stuck with this problem for the next week. With. No. Interference.



The clock flashed 2:30 a.m.

"Just bloody great," Sirius groaned as he sat up. He was sleeping in the Lupin's living room, this being the second night of his stay. It had been Mrs. Lupin's suggestion that he sleep in a different room than Remus…just in case. To Sirius's disappointment, Remus seemed entirely too eager to go along with that plan.

Moaning and mopping about pain-in-the-ass mothers and too-sexy-for-their-own-good werewolves, Sirius got off the couch and headed for the kitchen, where the cause of his late night sleeplessness was coming from. None-too-subtle shuffles and clinks of utensils and plastics sounded form the kitchen, ringing loud and clear in the silent night.

Sirius entered the kitchen, yawning. "Remus? What're you doing up-- whoa," Sirius suddenly found himself wide awake.

Remus lay on the kitchen floor, a mess of food packages and whatnot surrounding him. He looked up, a spoon clamped between his lips, and looked at Sirius with wide, innocent eyes. His legs were folded, tucked closely to his lithe body. A body which Sirius couldn't fail to notice was covered only by a pair of deep blue boxers.

Remus slipped the spoon out of his mouth with a satisfying pop. Sirius gulped.

"What are you doing?" Sirius said, folding his arms as he looked down at his usually very clean and orderly friend.

Remus smiled abashedly, a bright pink tinting his cheeks in an adorable way. "I'm uh…I don't know, I guess I just…really felt like having a late night snack…" He looked down, still blushing, and stabbed his spoon back into the carton of ice cream he had. "Guess I might have gotten carried away…"

"I'll say." Sirius said, bending down. "Blimey, how much did you eat!? I don't even eat this much!" He was so busy looking around at the mess of now empty food cartons (a lot of them sweets) that he even managed to tear his eyes from Remus's delectable body.

Remus, however, was not listening to him. The werewolf's eyes, unnaturally golden-hued at the moment, were fixated on his dark-haired companion's face and neck. His hands, holding the ice cream and the spoon, were still as he admired Sirius. A pink, hungry tongue swiped across his lips, his eyes never leaving Sirius's form.

"You know Moony…er…" Sirius looked up to see Remus staring at him. "Remus?"

Sirius, as thick as he was at times, was not blind enough to miss the hungry look in Remus's eyes, nor the lingering, seductive way he licked his lips.

"Er…I think I'll just er…" Sirius tried to say what he was trying to think. He wanted to be getting up and leaving, before anything happened. Unfortunately, such complex thought processes escaped him, given the present situation.

Remus suddenly launched into action. One minute, they were well away from each other, the next, Remus was practically in his lap… SNIFFING HIS NECK. The werewolf moaned softly, making Sirius's breath hitch, as he continued sniffing and admiring Sirius's body, all the while never really touching him. Remus's back bent gracefully, his legs drawing close to his body again, and his head moved from Sirius's throat to his chest, to his stomach…

"Whoa! Remus!" Sirius cried, falling back on his ass and pushing Remus away before he started nuzzling his crotch…which was very much active at the moment.

Remus, his face close to the floor, looked up, Sirius's hand in his hair and holding him away from his body. Remus blinked up at him, licked his lips, and sat up some, though still nearly lying on the floor.

"Merlin!" Sirius cried, his chest heaving. "You can't just DO THAT!"

"You're…mad at me…" Sirius gapped. What was he supposed to say to that? "Sirius…" Oh God, he was moaning his name again…

"Sirius…" Remus crawled over to him, pushing ice cream boxes out of his way. Their noses were hardly a breath apart. "Sirius…" Remus's tongue darted out lightly, and Sirius swore he felt it graze his nose.

"Sirius," Remus whispered and suddenly, Sirius found himself with a lapful of teenage werewolf. Remus threaded his fingers together behind Sirius's neck, curling his fingers in his dark hair. "Sirius…" He whispered, his lips dangerously close to Sirius's own. "Touch me…"

And that was it. Sirius shook himself out of his trance-like state and pushed Remus off of him. Remus whimpered as he broke contact with his friend. But he had been so comfortable, feeling Sirius's body against his like that…

"No, Remus…" Sirius said, backing away. "Don't…"

Remus whimpered, unintentionally pouting with his lower lip quivering slightly. "Sirius…please…" Still crouched on the floor, he reached out to tug on Sirius's pant leg, but the other boy jerked out of reach. Not out of disgust though, but out of indecision.

"Don't, Remus. I'm not that strong…" Sirius warned.

Remus reached out again, and now Sirius could see the molten, inhuman quality to Remus's eyes. The werewolf scrambled to his feet, his body moving beautifully and making Sirius forget to breathe. However, Sirius then had no choice but to notice the sizeable bulge beneath Remus's boxers.

"Oh Merlin…Remus…" Sirius could barely breathe. His eyes were fixated on Remus's crotch, incapable of looking away.

Reached out and grazed a hand over Sirius's chest. He moaned softly, his eyes fluttering close in bliss. His lips opened and he whimpered, coming closer. His hand slowly trailed down Sirius's chest…down…

"Stop it!" Sirius, as though someone had suddenly knocked some sense into him, pushed Remus away, turned on his heel, and sprinted out the door.