Title: Summer Heat

Rating: M

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Summary: Twoshot, SLASH. Remus turns seventeen and goes into heat for the first time...lucky Sirius.


Sirius gritted his teeth against his own body's wants.

"S-sirius! P-please!"

He pulled his pillow over his head, determined to block the sound coming from behind the closed door…which was held shut by the coffee table and a chair, just in case.

A whimper. "Pads!" More canine, sinfully sweet whimpering.

The furniture he had placed against the door was more to keep Sirius away, than Remus.


Sirius threw the pillow off his head and sat up on the couch that served as his makeshift bed. Heart pounding, pulse racing, dick aching…Sirius waited with bated breath until he was positive Remus had given up.


Sirius froze, his eyes growing wide as Remus's voice carried through the barrier Sirius had created. Remus's breathing was heavy, uneven and rapid. He gasped and groaned, whimpering Sirius's name amid the din of obvious hunger. That kind of hunger.

Even with the pillow over his head, Sirius could still hear Remus's soft murmurs and desperate, seeking pleas.


Remus was not the kind of outgoing boy who would chase after someone. No, that was always Sirius or James. Not him. He wasn't the one you'd expect to see clawing down a door to get at a girl. And he was certainly not expected to be seen literally clawing at his own door to get at a boy.

But Remus, for the first time in his life, couldn't care less about what he should or should not be doing. He couldn't be bothered to spare a thought on whether this was right or wrong, or even allowed. But he knew, beyond a doubt, that he had to do this. He HAD to have this. For perhaps the first time in his life, there was no question about his own desires.

Remus Lupin wanted nothing more than to have Sirius Black fuck him straight through the floor and into his blasted cement basement.

Yowling in sexual frustration and need, Remus kicked at the door and moaned even louder. He pressed himself entirely against the door, crushing his hips against the doorframe in desperation. He couldn't stand the fire coiling inside of him. A throbbing, pulsing pain filled his loins, and the only thing he could think about was that he needed to ease it. Crying out for Sirius, knowing in the back of his mind that the other boy could hear him, Remus rocked his hips against the door frame.

"Sirius! I need you! Please, it…it hurts, Siri…"

His sensitive ears caught the sharp intake of breath from the other side of the door, followed a suffering, angry moan.


Sirius was a masochist. A great big, bleeding, God-damned masochist. Despite himself, he couldn't stay away from the delicious sound caressing his ears from the direction of the door. It was impossible to keep his mind out of the gutter, so to speak, so he compromised and tried valiantly not to picture Remus, naked and writhing under him.

He was doing a terribly job.

Sirius knew he was putting Remus's honor (cough, cough) at risk, but he couldn't help himself. He sat down gingerly on the coffee table, which was still pressed against the door. The door that served as the only thin barrier that was keeping him from jumping on the young lycanthrope. Sirius whimpered softly as he leaned his forehead against the door, listening to Remus's moans and whines.

Remus's voice was getting huskier than it had any right to be, Sirius thought, once again thinking with his dick.

"Sirius! I need you! Please, it…it hurts, Siri…"

Yep, definitely thinking with his dick. Sirius had to physically restrain himself from reaching down and touching his throbbing member.

A new noise added to the mess of delightfully arousing sounds. Sirius frowned, hearing a fast thud resound against the doorway. The sound repeated itself, again and again and again…As the sound picked up speed, so did Remus's cries.

And then suddenly, it was as if someone had switched a light on in his brain…

"Oh. My. Bloody. Merlin…." Sirius whispered slowly, his eyes growing wide with each word as realization finally struck. Sirius let out a whimper of his own. Remus…he was…no, not sweet, innocent little Remus…surely no… oh, god, he was…

Remus Lupin was humping the bloody door frame!

Sirius found his breath was coming in very short, uneven and hurried puffs. Almost without being conscious of it, he leaned his back against the door, stretching his legs out over the coffee table. His eyes closed and his head tilted back as he lost himself in the sound of Remus trying desperately to deal with the need to mate…

That thought was almost too much at the moment.

Sirius groaned, not even paying attention to the little part of him that told him this was wrong. His hands slipped down, his legs opened wider, and in next to no time, his pajamas were open and his erection jumped free.

He bit his lip to keep from groaning loudly as he touched himself. The fingers of his left hand curled around his shaft, flexing around it pleasurably. The appendages of his right hand danced around his balls, weighing the heavy pouches as they massaged lightly. A moan slipped past his tightly closed lips and his hips began to move of their own accord. He began to thrust up as his hands tugged at his lust filled body. All too easily, his mind conjured the image of Remus, so close in reality. His hips moved faster as he imagined Remus on top of him, riding him long and hard.

Remus, still rubbing himself achingly against the door frame, moaned louder still as Sirius's own groans joined his.

It would be so easy, Sirius told himself in a daze as he squeezed the head of his penis. All he had to do was stop masturbating for a moment long enough to push the blasted coffee table out of the way, throw open the door and jump on Remus.

Sirius moaned wantonly. The idea was becoming more and more appealing. Screw honor and 'doing the right thing,' he wanted Remus, and he wanted him NOW.

It seemed Remus wasn't the only one losing control tonight.


Remus could hardly breathe. His voice was get hoarse from all his groaning and otherwise noise-making. He was beginning to ach from holding this position in the unlikely hope of finding some kind of bizarre relief. Oh, and that was a whole other matter in and of itself…

Remus had had his share of erections. But he had never, NEVER, had one like this. It was painful, and no matter what he tried to think of, or what he did to it, It. Would. Not. Go. Away.

The fact that he could hear and smell Sirius, not even a stone's throw away, masturbating, wasn't helping at all.

Remus could feel tears, of pain, desperation, rejection, and need all at once, streaming down his cheeks. He threw his head back and let out a very howl-like sounding moan. His own voice ringing in his ears, Remus hardly heard any indication of the coffee table being dragged out of the way. He caught on to what was going on, though, when the door suddenly flew open.

Remus stumbled back, his eyes glowing bright with lust and animalistic need. He stared through the door way, where Sirius stood in all his beautiful glory.

Sirius had quite literally torn his pants off, and had nothing covering him but a opened button up night shirt. Remus whimpered, licking his lips obviously, and stared at Sirius with unhindered lust. The sight of his best mate/star of his wet dreams standing naked in front of him, cock large and ready for him, was almost too much for Remus to take.

"What are you waiting for?" Sirius nearly growled. "Get your arse in here!"

Remus didn't need to be told twice.

The two boys fell to the ground in a tumble of limps when Remus tackled the taller boy. They landed spread on the floor, Sirius flat on his back, with Remus straddling him. His logic lost in his lust, Remus's instincts didn't allow for him to rationalize and figure out that it'd be best if he shucked his boxers as quick as possible. As soon as he had Sirius under him, Remus began frotting, rubbing himself against Sirius as hard as he could, tossing his head and moaning as he did so. Good Merlin, it felt SO much better than the door…

Sirius gripped Remus's hips tight enough to bruise. He arched off the floor as Remus ground down on him. But Merlin, he just wanted those blasted boxers GONE.

"Off," Sirius commanded harshly, tearing at Remus's undergarment. Remus got up on his knees so Sirius could slip the offending piece over his bum. The moment the shorts vanished from Remus's legs, the werewolf found himself pinned to the ground with a very excited Sirius Black leering over him.

Remus whimpered. "Please, Sirius…" he gasped, opening his legs wide.

Sirius had to remind himself to breathe again as he looked down at Remus's beautiful, imperfect, but very, very beautiful body. Shaking his head as if to bring himself out of a dream, he steadied his gaze on Remus's face. His lips were moist, open and gasping for breath, with a soft, pink tongue peaking out from between them. His amber eyes were glowing spectacularly as the wolf in him struggled to sate it's own animalistic needs.

"Remus," Sirius whispered, making the other boy whine and shift some in anticipation. "Remus, I want…I want to kiss you, first."

Remus's eyes widened, dimming slightly to a more human color. Of course, the wolf wouldn't understand something like a kiss. But Remus…he understood the significance of such a simple thing, versus mere sex.

"Yes, Sirius." He whispered back, the most normal his voice had been for the past hour. "I want you to…" His breath tickled Sirius's lips as they stared deeply at each other.

In the next moment, their lips were molded together, softly nipping, licking and grabbing at the other's lips and tongue. Before long, Remus let out a feral, needy growl, and Sirius looked to see his eyes were glowing again. The wolf would not be swayed from what it wanted right now. And it seemed both Remus and the wolf wanted Sirius.

"Okay," Sirius said with a lecherous grin. "Okay, I'll give you want you want, Moony,"

The lycanthrope gasped and twisted under him, eagerly waiting for his soon-to-be mate's touch.

Sirius was true to his word. He slid his hand down the scar-roughened expanse of his torso and cupped Remus privates. Remus dug his nails into the carpet, arching into Sirius's hand. Sirius kneeled between Remus's spread legs, using both hands to stimulate the werewolf even more, if it were possible.

Remus's cock twitched under his mate's ministrations. The painful ache wasn't letting up, but the wolf in him recognized that his mate was here, ready and willing to take care of that.

Remus's lust-clouded eyes snapped open and he looked down when he felt something wet replace Sirius's finger on the head of his dick. He almost lost it when he saw Sirius swiping his tongue along Remus's length. The werewolf whimpered, almost panicky, as he watched and felt Sirius use his mouth on him. Those sinful lips placed a small, open mouthed kiss on his hip, his inner thigh, the thin line of golden brown pubic hair, the underside of his shaft…

Sirius pressed his tongue to the head of Remus's penis, hard, digging the tip of his tongue into the slit. Remus howled, in more ways than one, and thrusted his hips upward. However, Sirius had anticipated this, and had one hand pinning the other boy's hips to the floor. This only made Remus hotter.

Sirius brought his free hand to Remus's knee. Slowly, he dragged his fingers up the inside of his lover's trembling thigh, toward hi package. Reaching their destination, his fingers curled around Remus's member, squeezing just enough to make Remus gasp. Then, before Remus could find his voice to whimper or moan, Sirius brought the tip of his erection into his mouth. Sirius clamped his lips around the organ in his mouth and gave a hard, slow suck. Remus's breath hitched and he bucked against Sirius. Once again, the hand on his hip prevented it. Then, quite suddenly, Sirius began sucking feverishly. Remus dissolved into a pile of senseless moans and pure need as he felt Sirius's teeth rest against him, his tongue muscle rippling, and the pure, harsh suction of his mouth. The pain of his hard-on from hell was coiling and starting to diminish from the heat of his pleasure.

"Yes! So close!"

"No." Sirius said, breaking away from Remus's cock. He licked some of the werewolf's pre come from his lip, as well as saliva, and he got up.

Remus whimpered in needful pain. "Sirius, please! I need--"

"I know what you need," Sirius said, kissing him. He whispered in his ear. "You need me inside you, taking you like the submissive you were born to be."

Remus shivered in delight. A blush graced his entire body, making his lover laugh.

"Yes, please! Sirius, take me!" Remus abandoned his embarrassment. He was ready to ramble on and plead as much as he had to, no matter what it took to get Sirius inside of him.

Sirius kissed him again and rested himself comfortably between Remus's legs. Cradled by his lover's hips, Sirius slowly, leisurely rocked against the body beneath him. As he did so, he brought his hand up to Remus's mouth. He wiggled two fingers at him.

"Suck," He said, dropping a kiss on his lover's neck. "Get them good and wet."

Remus eagerly took the fingers in his mouth. Eyes rolling back in pleasure, Remus laved at the appendages, rolling his tongue around them in much the way he was rolling his pelvis against Sirius.

It wasn't long before Sirius slipped his fingers out of his mouth and reached down between their bodies.

He kissed Remus deeply as he paused with his hand in front of Remus's entrance. Remus moaned into the kiss and lifted his bum, encouraging Sirius to penetrate him with his slicked fingers. Without any further fuss or hesitation, Sirius pushed his index finger inside. Remus broke the kiss and gasped.

"Okay?" Sirius whispered, pressing their foreheads together. Remus breathed deeply and nodded. Sirius smiled and wiggled his finger, making the other moan again. "Good boy," he said teasingly.

Remus was too far gone to blush.

Sirius inserted the second finger, letting out a whimper of his own as he felt Remus's anal muscles clenching around his fingers. Merlin, he couldn't wait to pound into this tight, hot ass.

He apparently wasn't the only one.

Remus gripped Sirius's shoulders tightly, leaving deep half-moon marks. "Sirius, I-I'm r-ready. P-please…" He broke off with an intense moan as he arched off the floor, pressing his body to Sirius's fully.

"Okay, I hear you," Sirius whispered heatedly. Scissoring his fingers a few more times just because, he slowly pulled them out.

"Sirius!" Remus moaned, his voice hoarse and needy.

Sirius silenced him with a kiss, his cock twitching in excitement for what was happening now. "Merlin," He breathed.

The animagus aligned his penis with Remus's entrance. Remus shifted, the wolf erasing any sense of doubt in his mind. Sirius swallowed Remus's cry as he slowly sank into his body. He pressed in, groaning in pure lust as Remus's heat enveloped his straining member.

Remus forced his body to accept the intrusion. He relaxed and willed his tears not to fall. Sirius kissed him, soothing the pain quietly as he began to pull out, only to slid back in a second later. Remus whimpered.

"Easy, love" Sirius murmured, laying kisses at random as he set a steady, slow rhythm. "You'll be fine. Just wait…"

The waiting took less time than Sirius thought. Being a submissive wolf, Remus was made for this sort of thing. It took a surprisingly short amount of time until the lycanthrope was thrashing and writhing along with Sirius, urging his mate to go faster, thrust harder.

And Sirius did. Every time he pulled back, Remus's ass clenched and practically dragged him back in. With each snap of his hips, Sirius felt himself coming closer and closer to the brink of sanity. Remus was just so tight and beautiful and…

"Sirius! Please!" Remus cries as Sirius's cock crashed into his prostate repeatedly.

Remus's cock stood rock hard, leaking proudly. The light brown curls around the base were dark with sweat from both of their bodies. Grinning mischievously, Sirius braced himself with one hand, and grabbed Remus's hand with the other.

"Remus, do this with me," Sirius said, his voice husky.

Remus gave a delirious nod, and the dominant of the two dragged their hands down between their writhing bodies. The Lycanthrope gave a shuddering gasp when he felt his dick pressed against his own palm. Sirius's hand held his, and his fingers threaded through his own so they too could touch the hard flesh.

Sirius was whispered in his ear, his breath hot. "C'mon, love. Touch yourself. Show me how you like it."

And it was with both of their hands on him, Sirius thrusting furiously, and his smutty, heated words, that Remus felt the coiling heat in the pit of his stomach finally burst.

Sirius cried out as Remus's walls clamped down on him. With a few more hard, deep thrusts, he spilled everything he had into his lover's body. The two continued to push and grind as they rode out their orgasms.

At long last, Remus collapsed, the pain in his groin gone, and Sirius's comfortable weight on top of him.

Sirius kissed him softly, doubting if he would be able to keep going like this for the entire mating season. He raised himself up, removing a good bit of his weight from Remus's chest. He looked down at his mate. His mate. He liked that.

Remus was nearly glowing in his post-coital high. He smiled up at Sirius, his hair sweaty, cheeks flushed and eyes slowly returning to normal. He was beautiful.

Biting his lip as Sirius stared at him, Remus chuckled to break his own nervousness. "What? Why're you looking at me like that?"

Sirius shrugged. "I just…think you're beautiful like this."

Remus's entire body flushed red.