The New Sannin

Summary: Sakura is kidnapped by the Akatsuki after Sasuke left to heal Itachi's eye's and finds out she doesn't really care. Afew years after she left, Naruto becomes Hokage, and Sakura becomes leader of the Akatsuki. Both are named Sannin, while Itachi is named the 3rd. Sasuke comes back to find everything different. ItaxSaku

Note: Major sasuke bashing. Also, Naruto is not worried and does not look for Sakura because he recieves a letter from her saying she is fine and happy. They keep in touch, and when Sasuke comes back, Naruto invites him along on a visit to Sakura. When they get there, Sakura can't remember Sasuke at all. lol XD.

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, both me and my friends agreed it should basicly go like this story.

"bla" talking

'bla' thought


And Now, On with the story!!

Akatsuki Living Room

Sasuke kept glancing around the room, looking from face to face as to a reason why they had been called here. Deidara had woken him up and 7 am to tell him there was a meeting in the living room and he had to get up and come, thus, Sasuke was sitting, half asleep, waiting for an explanation on the floor with Tobi repeatedly kicking him in the back from the couch behind him. Soon, Sakura and Itachi entered, looking serious and grim. Sasuke guessed it was bad because Sakura was almost never serious. Apparently the rest of the Akatsuki thought the same because the whispering and talking ceased immediatly.

"Akatsuki members, Bob, Naruto, I am sure you are all wondering why I called you all here at such an early time. I have a task for all of us. It will be grueling, hard, possibly painful, but I know you can all accomplish your part." Sakura began in a very, very serious tone which issued serious looks from all.

"Why do you all look so serious? You should be happy! We're going on an all day hike!" Sakura cheered as she threw her arms above her head. This conjured many confused looks, which in turn made Sakura sweat drop.

"Let's try that again. We're going on an all day hike!" she yelled and jumped up and down. This time, many cheered at the prospect of getting out of the base. Sasuke, however, was not thrilled. He saw this as another opportunity to humiliate himself, which was not good. He went to pack anyways since Sakura had to drag everyone along. He some how managed to pack everything just in case he got embarassed enough that he wanted to runaway. Once finished, he walked back out to the living room to see everyone already there. When she noticed him, Sakura spoke.

"Ok, now everyone's here. Let's go!" she finished pointing in the directon of the door. Everyone piled out and arranged in front of the Akatsuki hideout in a line. Sakura, Itachi, Naruto, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu, Tobi, Hidan, Kakuza, then Sasuke, who would be fourth on the way back. They started off and went straight into the woods. Soon, Sakura took a sharp right and went up a steep hill, occasionally stepping on a rock that would slip and hit the rest of them in the head. Up and up they climbed, steeper hill with time passing until they reached a level spot where they stopped to have lunch.

"Hey Bob."


"Why does it look like you packed all of your things in that bag?"

"Because I did?"

"Why Bob?"

"Ok, first, my name is not Bob and second, just in case I get so humiliated that I want to leave." Sakura cocked her head.

"Your name isn't Bob?" then Sakura caught up with the rest of the explination.

"You want to l-leave? W-why? D-don't you l-like me? WAAAAAAAA!!!!" Sakura started crying while Sasuke tried to quiet her down before Itachi came over or he would be dead. Too late.

"What's wrong Sakura?"

"Bob doesn't like me! WAAAAA!!" Itachi comforted her as he glared at Sasuke, who mushroom sighed. Once Sakura calmed down, they set off again, making it to the top of the mountain by 4:30 and then started back down.


They had finally almost made it back to the hideout, but they took a different route so it took a little longer. Sakura seemed to completely have forgotten about what Sasuke said before and was chatting happily with him.

"So then I was like nu uh and she all yu huh, and I was like, no way! and then she was like, oh totally, and that led to a totally different thing with-"

"What was that?"

"Huh? What was what?"

"That thing." Sasuke said and pointed to a lumpish mound. Sakura shrugged and kept walking until Sasuke spoke.

"Now hold on a minute, I want to find out what that thing is."

"Bob, I really don't think that's such-"

"Just let me poke it-"

"Bob, stop, it might be-"

"Just, just hold on a minute and let me-"

"Bob! Come on! Let's-" but Bob -I mean- Sasuke wasn't listening. Now he had picked up a stick and was slowly inching towards the mound. He stretched out his arm to it's furthest length and ever so slightly, tapped the mound. It seemed solid and not dangerous, so Sasuke poked it again, harder. When nothing happened, he wacked it. Hard. He expected nothing to happen. Oh was he wrong. Millions of bugs swarmed out and covered Sasuke, who ran around screaming like a girly man. He spotted the hideout and ran towards it with Sakura calling after him.

"Bob! Stop! Those are termites! They'll eat our hideout! STOP!!" Sakura's calls were unheard by the screaming man, who was still running right towards the front door, with a trail of termites behind him. Once he had ran inside, the termites left him and started devouring the walls. Sasuke ran out just in time to see the entire hideout consumed in termites, which covered every inch. Itachi and Sakura stood on his left, the rest on his right. Seeing their hideout being eaten, Sakura and Itachi turned their heads to glare at Sasuke. Naruto found this the time to speak.

"Well, hehe, we'll just be leaving now...bye!" Naruto said nervously as he grabbed Sasuke's sleeve and ran away from the angry mob. Sasuke sighed. Atleast he had everything.

Me: Well, that's the end. I hope you like the story. i might make a sequal. right now though, I'm starting a new story called Ultamite. See ya! Ani-chan