Dear fans,

I feel so wretched to be writing this note. But i have to regret that i have decided to once and for all STOP writing this fan fiction. I just cant write it. My inspiration is gone completely. And it is pointless for me to write something that will sound horrible because of my non-inspired mind about the way Edward and bella are going.

Please feel free to write me any comments about what i have done. I know a lot of u guys will be completely pissed at me. But im sorry. If only u knew. Sighs

but i am writing another fanatic XD it is going to be about Jacob. I know a lot of u are team Edward and i was at first but i just cant keep that mutt out of my head! LOL. I haven't decided what it is going to be about or if bella will star in it. I may write about what happened after eclipse. Or i may write that bella chose him. But i really don't know. I'm soooo confused!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! lol.

Thanks again for all of ur guy's support. Know that i love everyone of u and ur comments.

Thanks XD

and i hope u loved the last bits of Piano Lessons. Because it is finally over.

Emily Norden